Monday, May 11th

Happy Monday and Day 31 of Digital Learning! This week is Virtual College and Career Week. Please see the email I sent to your parents on Friday and the schedule posted to our blog on Friday for daily activities. Today’s theme is: “Your Future Starts Now” – Wear your favorite Pitner shirt. Also tune in to Ms. Perry and Mrs. Whitton’s Virtual Career and College Week Zoom Meet Up for Grades K-2  at 10:00 today. The meeting ID and password were in the email I sent to parents on Friday.

Please tune in to Dr. Hosey’s PNN News -“The Home Edition” here PNN

Open our  2nd Grade Digital Plan May 11-15 here and click on the blue links to open the lessons for the week or visit Seesaw to complete them digitally.

Today is Monday May 11th, the 169th day of school. Can you show a way to make $1.69? It can be by using a coin counter like we did in our classroom, or drawing the coins, or actually using coins. If you make $1.69 today, please email a pic or post it in Seesaw so I can share it with everyone! Thank you Cooper for sharing the way you made $1.68 on Thursday.

Lessons for TODAY:

READING/SCIENCE – We will be learning about the life cycle of a plant this week. Today please read the passage “Plants” and answer the questions using complete sentences. You can print from the Digital Plan above and save or complete in Seesaw.

WRITING –  I’ve enjoyed reading the informational writing about the life cycles of frogs, sloths, King Cobras, and lady bugs. You all really sound like experts on your topic! Please keep them coming and also please share a personal narrative of your weekend news!

MATH – We will continue to practice solving word problems this week. You can print from the Digital Plan above and save or complete in Seesaw.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will be learning about Economics this week. Today log into Clever (or Cobb Digital Library) and access Brain Pop Jr. watch the video for “Goods and Services” and take the quiz.

Super Specials:

Mrs. Bryant’s  Spring Sing-a-Long of songs.

Mrs. Glace- Square 1 Art – Please visit her blog and the site Square1Art to see and order your child’s artwork.  These items make great gifts!

Coach Z and Coach Jefferson have posted a Week of Virtual Field Day Activities on their blog. Check them out here Field Day Activities.

We will have our last Class ZOOM Meeting at 10:00 on Wednesday this week Look for the Zoom Link in an email tomorrow.

Ms. Stanley will have a Pirate themed treasure hunt /scavenger hunt for her last “Thrilling Thursday Read Aloud”.  I will send parents her Zoom link on Thursday, May 14th.

Library Book Drop off May 4-15th   A Library box will be out front of the main entrance Monday- Thursday from 9-12pm. Parents can drop off library books daily.

May 18th -19th  

Parents will drive into the bus port for pickup at designated times. Pick up Stations will be spread out and marked under the Canopy. No one will be allowed out of their cars or into the building

Pick up for Student Belongings at Station 1.   Student Medicine Pick up at Station 2. Library book drop off at Station 3.  Yearbook pick up at Station 4.

Monday May 18th                      Tues May 19th

9-10am- Last name A-F                           9-10am- Last name Q-U

10-11am-Last name G-K                         10-11am- Last name V-Z

11-12pm Last name L-P                          11-12pm- Final Pick up , Yearbook Sales,

Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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