Thursday, May 14th

Happy Friday Eve and Day 33 of Digital Learning!

This week is Virtual College and Career Week. Please see the email I sent to your parents on Friday and the schedule posted to our blog on Friday for daily activities. Today’s theme is:

“College Day” – Wear your favorite outfit representing college, armed forces, or   technical schools

Post your picture to the Pitner PTSA FB page for a chance to win a $25 gift card! It was great to see so many of you at our last Zoom meeting yesterday. You came dressed for success and I KNOW you will all be successful in life! Check out these links to take some college tours – Georgia and the United States.

Please tune in to Dr. Hosey’s PNN News -“The Home Edition” here PNN. You will see a great performance by the Keeleys! 🐛  🦋

Open our  2nd Grade Digital Plan May 11-15 here and click on the blue links to open the lessons for the week or visit Seesaw to complete them digitally.

Today is Thursday,  May 14th, the 172nd day of school. Can you show a way to make $1.72 It can be by using a coin counter like we did in our classroom, or drawing the coins, or actually using coins. If you make $1.72 today, please email a pic or post it in Seesaw so I can share it with everyone! Thank you Brynn for sharing the way you made $1.71 yesterday.

Lessons for TODAY:

READING/SCIENCE – We’ll continue learning about the life cycle of a plant today. Please read the passage “Plant Needs” and answer the questions using complete sentences. You can print from the Digital Plan above and save or complete in Seesaw.

WRITING –  Have you completed an informational writing about a life cycle that you’ve learned about-  mammal, amphibian, insect, bird, or plant? Have you shard a personal narrative about your weekend or what you learned during the month of April? We only have May left to complete in your Monthly Happenings book. I will add the May slide show of pictures to our blog next week.

MATH – We will continue to practice solving word problems today. You can print Thursday’s page #18 from the Digital Plan above and save or complete in Seesaw.

Ms. Stanley is inviting you to her last ZOOM meeting for this school year today at 11:00. I sent the Zoom link in an email to parents today.

Topic: showcasing the book, The Terrible, Horrible, Smelly Pirate by Carrie Muller & Jacqueline Hallsey. Students are encouraged to dress in their favorite pirate wear and be ready to give the group their best Arrrrrg! Stay tuned after the story, there will be a “treasure hunt/scavenger hunt”.

Library Book Drop off May 4-14th   A Library box will be out front of the main entrance Monday- Thursday from 9-12pm. Parents can drop off library books daily. You should’ve received an email if you have not returned your books already.

Have a thrilling Thursday and  come back to our blog tomorrow to get the link for Dr. Hosey’s Friday edition of the PNN News show and Cooper’s Riddle of the Week!


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