August 29

Spelling Week 8/28/17

Hope You’re Studying!!!!!

Link to spelling words:  spelling8.28-wrhrd1


  • In addition, you should be reading a book 30 minutes daily.
  • Wednesday, September 30th is Early Release Day. Dismissal starts at 1:30 p.m.
  • Every Wednesday is Math Homework Night. Make sure you are completing the assignment…it is for a grade and you will miss out on a break-time if the assignment is not completed.
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August 15

Spelling Week 8/14/17

Make sure you are studying your spelling words daily. You can write them down several times, you can have someone in your family call the words out to you, or you can spell the words aloud by repeating the spelling over and over again.

The reason spelling words are so important is because they will increase your verbal vocabulary, as well as, improve your writing and reading skills.

Link to spelling words: spelling8.14-1dwfptx

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August 10

Spelling Week 8/7/17

Students know what color team they are on. Students should study spelling words through out the  week. It would be helpful if someone called out the words to them. They can write them down or call them out verbally when practicing.

Link to spelling words: spelling 8.7-2f6cu96


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