End of the year Projects and Portfolios

Here is a list of what needs to be turned in by the next two weeks for some this will be an easy task for others don’t be surprised in a drop of a letter grade on the projects not turned in by the due date. There will be 5 more mini projects and an overall portfolio review.¬†Final review packet will be handed out by Friday. Everyone will take my final no exemptions.


List of projects for final three weeks…

Final due date, May 21.

Photoshop dispertion

Photoshop fantasy world

Photoshop old picture enhancement

InDesign tabloid numbers 4 and 5

InDesign King Kong Drink ad

InDesign movie poster 1 and 2

InDesign comic layout

InDesign Book cover design

Final portfolio and Materials Check

Review Packet for Final Exam





Graphic Arts and Design

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