Figurative Language (7th) & The Giver (8th)

7th Grade: The figurative language webquest project was due at the end of class today.  Students are aware it counts as a test grade.  There are 3 Quizizz practice links that students can use to prepare for our upcoming test.  Students must complete at least 2 Quizizz activities this week (for a completion grade!).

  • Go to: and type in one of the following codes. Use your first name and last initial in order to get credit.  You can play as many times as you would like, but need to have at least an 80%.
  • 886912
  • 513630
  • 003241

The figurative language summative assessment will be on Thursday.

8th Grade: This week in our warm-ups, we are focusing on action and linking verbs.  The Socrative skills check this week will be for a participation grade.  We are finished with Chapter 5 of The Giver, and students answered a guiding question.

Important Notes

7th Grade: We are starting a new project this week– an online figurative language webquest!  Students will use their knowledge of figurative language to complete a variety of tasks. 

Some students who did not finish the Sam McGee Figurative Language chart last week (during 3 work days with a group) will need to complete the chart individually and turn in on Wednesday.

8th Grade: Our novel, The Giver, is off to a great start!  We will begin chapter 3 today.  Students who would like an opportunity for a retest from the Socrative test Friday will be given information today.  All students who scored below an 80% should take time to complete the remediation process before Thursday.

7th Grade Test Remediation

7th Grade: Students who scored below an 80% (scores are in the gradebook, and students have their tests) on their Sentence Diagramming Assessment have an opportunity for remediation.  They should bring home a copy of the parent letter with information.  Parents, please sign the letter, and students should return the letter along with test corrections before Monday.  They can earn up to an 80% by completing these steps. (After Monday, no corrections will be accepted.)

8th Grade ELA Review Opportunity

8th Grade: (Please see the previous post for today’s class update.) On Wednesday, Oct 31, I will be available at 8:30am for students who would like to review the material that we’ve been working on with our daily warm-ups and Socrative checks.


7th Grade: We are beginning our figurative language unit, which should be interesting and fun! Today, students filled out a chart that will be useful throughout the unit to help them learn the types of figurative language.  Next week, we’ll introduce a poem that is filled with many literary devices.

8th Grade: Continue to review the warm-up skills that we have been working on. Our periodic Socrative checks will help us see if we are mastering the skills.  We finished pre-reading activities today, so we are ready to begin reading The Giver next week.


7th Grade: Tests from yesterday will be graded soon.  Today, students got to do some creative writing, choosing from 4 different prompts.  We’ll finish them in class tomorrow, but you are welcome to work on the stories outside of class.

8th Grade: We are preparing for our upcoming novel, The Giver, by completing some pre-reading activities. Today, students had a chance to write about a complaint and about a gift they would give someone. We also will debate topics that are related to the novel.  8th grade students should continue to study parts of speech, including prepositions, subjects, and predicates. Review the daily warm-ups to help prepare for our assessments.


7th Grade: You have an assessment tomorrow. Be sure to study the guide that was worked on in class today.

Today in class, we:

  • completed Monday’s writing journal
  • color coded and labeled our study guides for the test tomorrow

8th Grade: Keep reviewing parts of speech, including prepositions, as well as subjects. We will have another Socrative activity this week.

Today in class, we:

  • completed the warm-up for Monday and reviewed the answers
  • wrote a journal entry (Day 3 from last week) about what to rid the world of or add to the world to make it a better place

Conference Week Wrap-up

Homeroom: It has been a great week of meeting with parents! Thank you for taking the time to let me speak with you about your child!

7th Grade: We have really been learning a lot about the parts of speech and how a sentence is structured by diagramming many types of sentences.  On Monday, we’ll review all the parts of the diagram that everyone will need to know for the assessment that will take place on Tuesday. Students, mark your calendars! Study the pages we’ve completed together in class to help you prepare.

8th Grade: The Utopia projects look great, and I’m proud of the hard work that went into their completion! We’ll be reading a novel, The Giver, that ties into the idea of a utopia.  *No homework, unless you did not complete your utopia paragraph during class today.*

Enjoy your weekend!

Conference Reminder

REMINDER for Conferences:

Parent/Teacher Conferences: We are scheduling conferences, and most parents will meet with their child’s homeroom teacher.  My 7th grade homeroom students brought home a letter with information about scheduling a time.  Please read the information carefully and select from the 3 options: Option 1– No conference is necessary at this time; I am aware of my child’s progress / Option 2– Phone conference / Option 3– Traditional face-to-face conference.  Select an option on the letter, and return it to me.  If you choose option 2 or option 3, please sign up for a time using the following link:

The Start of a New 9 Weeks

Good morning! Today is our early release day, so students will be heading home at 1:30.

7th Grade: We will still work on diagramming, because it is helping us understand how each part of the sentence works together to create a well constructed thought.  Today, however, we focused on some common idioms that will give us an overview for our upcoming figurative language topic.

8th Grade: We did not have class today due to the PSAT. When students return tomorrow, we will continue our group Utopia project. Each student has been assigned one part of the project: Government, Education/Family, Economics, Environment.

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