What we’ve learned this week…

7th Grade:  We have been working hard to solidify our knowledge of parts of speech, because this will help us with writing well for the remainder of the year.  Students wrote their own Mad Lib and had to determine which parts of speech were needed for each blank in their story so that a peer would be able to complete this.

Today, 7th graders took a writing pre-test (ungraded) to let us know their baseline knowledge of many areas of writing and the writing process.

8th Grade:  Now that we have worked our way through the journey of a hero, students are preparing to write their own narrative.  There has been some really powerful brainstorming happening during 2nd block– please feel free to ask your child about the hero that they are creating, and what the plot and journey will look like for him/her.  Important upcoming dates for Hero’s Journey Narrative:

  • Oct 1-3: Computer lab to type final narrative.  Completed chart due at end of class.
  • Oct 4: Final Narrative printed and turned in for assessment grade.
  • **Students have the chart with them that includes all specific information.

HAPPY FALL BREAK!!  See you when you return!  



September 13- 7th Grade Testing Week

7th graders are spending the mornings testing, then following a revised schedule in the afternoons.  Yesterday, I met with blocks 3, 6, & 7; today I will meet with blocks 3 & 4.  We are having fun with Mad Libs so that we can practice our parts of speech.  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance this week to write our own Mad Lib for others to try out. 🙂

8th grade: We began reading an excerpt of The Odyssey yesterday to learn about the Initiation phase of the Hero’s Journey.  Students will hear the rest of the story today.

Sept 11

7th Grade:

We’re making our writing stronger by understanding prepositions and prepositional phrases.  Today, we are practicing writing about things in our room using a variety of phrases and sentence structures.

8th Grade:

Today is our open note, open book quiz over the Drummer Boy of Shiloh.  We’ll be continuing our Hero’s Journey unit by looking into The Odyssey this week.

Sept 5

7th Grade:  Students began typing in the computer lab today.  Final drafts should be completed by Friday in Office 365.  If it is not finished after today’s computer lab visit, please finish at home or in the media center in the morning.  Please see Mrs. Dutton if you need assistance with finishing the final draft.

8th Grade: We’re continuing our journey to learn about a hero’s journey. Students began reading “Drummer Boy at Shiloh” which is in the Springboard textbook.  There will be time in class tomorrow to finish reading this. (No homework)

Hello September!

It’s almost midterm already– check grades on Wednesday to see how your child is doing in class.

7th Grade:

We are finishing our narratives.  Wednesday is a computer lab day for our final version.  We will only have 1 day in the lab, so it is important to make sure we use time wisely.  Any time beyond that will have to be completed outside of class.

8th Grade:

We’re going on a journey– a Hero’s Journey.  In class, we’ll be learning about the path that heroes take (there are 12 steps!) and we’ll eventually be applying this knowledge to writing our own story of a self-created hero.

August 27-31

7th Grade:

This week, we are taking our brainstorming that we worked on last week and turning our favorite topic into a narrative.  Students are currently working on an in-class rough draft.  Tomorrow, we will do a quick check of parts of speech that students learned through the menu projects.

8th Grade:

Figurative language is wrapping up, and we will soon move in to our Hero’s Journey narrative unit.

August 20

7th Grade:

Today, we completed a Learning Style Inventory to help determine each student’s learning style.  Many kids are familiar with these inventories, and found that they had similar feedback on prior ones. That’s great!

We are diving into the Writing Process this week, with a focus on Brainstorming! Students received a graphic organizer to help them brainstorm what they could write about for a personal narrative.  (No homework today)

8th Grade:

In Language Arts class, our new skill and topic is figurative language.  We’ll do an overview of the types on which we are focusing as students complete an interactive notes/study guide packet.  We’ll continue this on Wednesday, because tomorrow (Tues) we will make a visit to the library for an orientation of their procedures.

Tests from last week will also be handed back Wednesday, along with a chance to improve their test grade if a student fell below 75%.

Welcome back to school!

I am excited to kick off our new school year together!  This year, I will be your teacher for either 7th grade Writing Success Block or 8th grade Language Arts.  In my free time, I love to read and write, so this year we will have a great time expanding our skills in ELA classes.  Tuesday is our Meet and Greet. I hope to meet all of you as you make your way around to your classrooms.

I am looking forward to this 2018-19 school year!