May 17

Please be sure to check the gradebook daily to be sure all assignments have been turned in.  ALL assignments should be turned in by the end of school on TUESDAY in order to be included in final grades.

7th Grade: This has been a fun-filled week of Olympic activities!  In class, we’ve continued working on our poems.  Of all poems that we’ve done, students should have selected the BEST of their BEST to submit.  I have been so impressed by all of the poems I have read, and look forward to reading the rest of what’s being submitted.  On Friday, students answered questions about “Casey at the Bat” which is a narrative poem about baseball.  This is one of the final grades that will be entered into the gradebook.

8th Grade: This week we have been reading “The Ransom of Red Chief” and completing work relating to the story.  Students should have turned in the purple question assignment today, but have the option to complete it for Monday if they need more time.  We began turning the story into a play, and small groups were each assigned a short section.  We’ll finish performing on Monday.  Also, students will take our quarter 4 Touchstones on Monday.

May 13- Olympic Week!

7th Grade: We have been working hard on different styles of poetry.  Students wrote a 6-word memoir on Wed. (5/8), haikus on Thurs. (5/9), and unique fingerprint poetry on Fri. (5/10) and Mon. (5/13).  If students didn’t finish the fingerprint poems in the 2 class periods provided, they can finish at home and turn in on Tuesday.  We are continuing on with “Odes to our Zip Codes” and limericks on Tuesday, blackout poems (also called ‘found poems’) on Wednesday, and wrapping up our unit with “Casey at the Bat” on Thursday and Friday.

8th Grade: Last week focused on a short story, “Charles.”  This week, we’ll begin a new short story, “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry.  Today (5/13), we previewed the vocabulary from the story by playing a vocabulary Pictionary game.  No homework.


May 7

7th Grade: On Monday, students selected either a novel they have read this school year or Rikki Tikki Tavi as their choice for a book jacket.  Requirements for the book jacket were on a handout and we reviewed as a class.  Completed book jackets will be due on Wed. at the start of class.

8th Grade: Our class read “Charlie” on Monday, which had a twist ending.  Students then practiced their own short story or play with a comedic twist.  We will continue working on these in class, and they are due on Wed.

Tuesday, April 30

7th Grade: Students have finished Rikki Tikki Tavi, and they got to watch the short animation of it. After watching, tthey responded to questions.  Wednesday is the test over the story and vocabulary that we’ve covered.

Feel free to follow this link to reread the story: Rikki Tikki Tavi

Study guides to help: StudyGuide1 and StudyGuide2

8th Grade: We have read and reviewed A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  There will be an assessment on Friday. The class will hear one more reading of the play as students act it out on Wednesday and Thursday.

Rikki Tikki Tavi

7th Grade: We are starting a new unit focusing on a classic short story, Rikki Tikki Tavi, by Rudyard Kipling.  The unit will include a KWL on India, Rudyard Kipling, cobras and the mongoose.  There will also be eight vocabulary words which we will preview before reading the story.  The vocabulary words are:

  1. revive
  2. cower
  3. fledgling
  4. gait
  5. singe
  6. valiant
  7. consolation
  8. cunningly

We will have a vocabulary quiz on the eight words, their definitions, and their parts of speech on Thursday (4/25).  Definitions are linked here.

The final test on the story, its author and the vocabulary words will be next Wednesday (5/1).

8th Grade: Due to Milestones, our schedule did not allow us to meet today (Tuesday).  On Wednesday, we will begin reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare.  Students will have questions to answer about the play, and we will fill out an analysis chart about the characters so we can understand relationships between characters.

April 9, 2019

7th Grade: We are adding a new Greek/Latin root and prefix set to our knowledge base.  Students have a practice page that we worked on during class, and is due Wednesday if they did not complete it.

8th Grade: Please download the Infinitives Power Point and complete the note-taking activity to practice this new type of verbal.  We will have a test on Thursday over verbals (participles, gerunds, and infinitives).  Open:  Infinitives

April 8, 2019

Welcome back from Spring Break!

7th Grade: Students are sharing a few snapshots of what they did over spring break.  There are 3 ‘photos’ that they will draw and then write an accompanying paragraph.  These are due tomorrow.  We will continue working on our Greek/Latin roots and prefixes for the remainder of the week, with a test on Friday.

8th Grade: Today was a great review of participles.  No homework.  We will be taking the RI test tomorrow, then working on infinitive notes.

Wednesday, March 27

7th Grade: The Greek/Latin Roots & Prefixes test is tomorrow (Thursday).  Students prepared a study guide to help with preparation.

8th Grade: A new type of verbal, gerunds, was introduced, and we will continue working on those on Thursday.  Students have a copy of the Power Point which includes practice slides. No homework.

Tuesday, March 26

7th Grade: We added a new set of roots and prefixes to our list.  Students completed a practice page using photo, im, in, and il.  Reminder, our test over roots and prefixes is on Thursday and will include aud/audi, anti, graph, ir, non, photo, im, il, and in.  Students each have a note page with information about these roots and prefixes.  Homework today is only for students who have not completed the pages in class.

8th Grade: Students practiced their knowledge of participles on a practice page.  If it was not completed in class, please complete as homework.  Verb tests from last Friday will be entered into the gradebook, and a remediation option will be available Wednesday for eligible students.

Monday, March 25

7th Grade: We are narrowing our focus on Greek and Latin roots to prepare for a test on Thursday (3/28).  Students learned about aud/audi and anti on Friday, and completed a practice page.  On Monday, students added a new set to their focus: graph, ir, and non.  Practice pages were assigned and will be completed in class.

8th Grade: Our grammar focus continues by adding in verbals.  Participles were introduced, and each student has a copy of the notes to review and practice with.  We will practice these more on Tuesday in class.

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