February 11-15

7th Grade: This week, students are writing a persuasive letter to convince TOMS to partner with their chosen organization.  Photos of students’ models of their shoes will be posted this week- stay tuned! They look awesome, and I’ve enjoyed seeing so much creativity in this project!

8th Grade: ELA class will learn about ethos, pathos, and logos this week.  No homework assignments today, but check online to make sure everything is getting turned in.

Jan 28- Feb 1

7th Grade: The Gallery Hop was fantastic, and everyone really enjoyed all the projects.  Students did a brief presentation in class, too.  Next week, we’ll begin a persuasive writing task, which will involve a real world organization.

8th Grade: We’ve been working on our TLQC structure for embedding evidence in our writing.  This week’s literature covered “Anne Frank” and “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” with one TLQC paragraph about “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” completed in class.  Students are now going to prepare for their embedded assessment which is a writing assignment covering 2 assigned pieces of literature, and responding to a prompt about our light and darkness theme.  A brainstorming/organization page was handed out today, and we will start drafting next week.

January 22-25

7th Grade: Wow! We are seeing some amazing projects being set up for our Gallery Hop!  I am impressed by the hard work I’m seeing.  The essays have been turned in, and will be graded with the rest of the project.

8th Grade: Moving along through Unit 3, we are now learning about Anne Frank.  Students read an article today to introduce the background of the family’s experience.  Tomorrow we will continue learning about her story.

Q3 Week 2: Jan 14-18

7th Grade: We are writing our essay for the World Traveler project.  Students will write 2 pages using the research they gathered in December.  At this point, visual components, brochures, and stamps should be complete and turned in.  The essay will be an in-class assignment Monday through Wednesday in the computer lab.  It will be due on Friday in case any student would like to have extra time to work on it.

8th Grade: Continuing our “Challenge of Making a Difference” unit, students are building their background knowledge of the Holocaust and a specific memorial that an 8th grade class in Tennessee created with paper clips.  Please ask your child about this– I hope the documentary had an impact on their understanding of the ability for students their age to make a difference in the world.  Our class is remembering the children and adults that were victims of the Holocaust by creating a butterfly in their memory.  We are reading poems and excerpts of literature, starting with “Jubilee” and “The Butterfly.”

Friday Wrap-up

7th Grade: Students have been working hard on the project, and we have now moved into our essay.  This was introduced today, and students will have computer lab time next week to continue their process.  All visual components should be done at this point, and brochures should have been turned in.

8th Grade: Our new unit is off to a great start!  Students participated in illustrating a piece of our theme “The Challenge of Making a Difference” and worked with a group to create a poster representing the light and darkness theme.  We are currently learning about the Paperclips project– ask your child what they have learned so far, and what they think about the project.

Welcome back!

7th and 8th: It was so nice to be back in a normal day today, and to see all of the students after a wonderful break!  We spent today reflecting on the previous year/semester, and are working toward setting goals for this new year/semester.  There was no homework for any class.

Additional note for 8th grade: ELA students have an optional assignment that they can complete.  If a student choose to read a novel that relates to our Unit 3 theme of The Challenge of Making a Difference, he/she can complete a reflection page and turn it in with a parent signature.  If he/she completes 1 novel, they earn a 90% for a learning activity grade.  If he/she completes a 2nd novel and reflection sheet, they earn a 105% for a learning activity grade!  (Again, it is an optional assignment. If a student chooses not to participate, it does not change the grade at all.)

Final Week of the Semester

7th Grade:  I have been so impressed by the creativity, talent, and effort that I’ve seen with our World Traveler projects! Wow!!  Students have been creating dioramas, scrapbooks, magazines, digital presentations, and posters.  We wanted to make sure that students weren’t rushed to get their displays set up for our Gallery Hop, so a small change was made to have that in-class event occur in January.  Everyone is still on track to complete their visual component and their brochure this week.  Due to an unplanned absence of mine today (my little one is home sick), students will have another work day added on Wednesday.  I hope you’ve had a chance to see or hear about your child’s project!

With a substitute teacher today, students will review grammar with a new mystery picture. This is not homework.

8th Grade: Our planned Touchstones assessment for today has been moved to tomorrow.  Students have a review page of quotes from the book to work on today, which is not homework.  We have read through chapter 20 of The Giver and will finish it prior to break.

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