May 9

Summer Postage $

This is a reminder that summer postage money ($2) MUST be turned into your student’s homeroom by Friday morning. We will not be allowing parents to come in and pick up the end-of-year report cards, so you must turn in your money to receive a report card. Thanks!

May 8

Make-up Tests/Work

Many of you have zeros for tests/quizzes/work that has not been turned in or made up due to absences. The deadline for ALL makeup work and tests/quizzes is FRIDAY, MAY 18. This Friday, MAY 11, I will host a make-up session at 8:15 am for anyone who needs to make up tests/quizzes he or she missed due to absences. Any tests/quizzes/work not made up or turned in by Friday, May 18, will remain a 0 in the gradebook. Thank you for your attention to this!

April 30

Week 34: April 30 – May 4


Shakespeare’s language.

Homework: Study for your vocabulary quiz tomorrow! Quizziz code: 906850


Vocabulary quiz and Parody Play project introduction.

If you were absent, read the play below and brainstorm a list of themes from all of the Shakespeare plays you have read. For example: Forbidden love, betrayal, magic, etc. Bring the play and list to school with you when you return.

Midsummer Night’s Dreaming of College Parody Play-16tqce8

Homework: Study for vocabulary test on Friday (both Taming of the Shrew vocabulary units)


Today we practiced writing with Shakespeare’s language and began working on play scripts.

If you were absent, complete the handout below and bring it with you when you return to school.

R_J Shakespearean love letter and Language (2)-2n6xu0e

Homework: Study for vocabulary test on Friday (both Taming of the Shrew vocabulary units)


Test TOMORROW on both vocabulary units. Final scripts for plays due Monday, May 7. Note on props: NO fake weapons of any kind – light sabers are ok, but no nerf guns, fake swords, etc.


Vocabulary test.

Homework: Finalize scripts and be ready to present on Monday.

April 23

Week 33: April 23 – 27


Today we continued learning about Shakespeare’s history. Students took notes on what they learned as this information will be covered on a learning check on Friday.

Homework: Review for vocabulary quiz tomorrow!


Vocab quiz and finish the history of Shakespeare.

Homework: Finish reading Shakespeare articles and answering questions if needed.


New vocabulary: Taming of the Shrew Vocab Anticipation Guide II-1rkqic0

Homework: Vocab cards due Friday – term, definition, and sentence OR picture.


Shakespeare and vocabulary practice.

Homework: Finish vocab cards due tomorrow and review 2-column notes for Shakespeare learning check.

Important Dates – Tuesday, May 1 = Vocabulary Quiz #2, Friday, May 4 = Vocabulary Test on ALL words.


Shakespeare learning check.

Homework: None. Vocabulary quiz on second group of words on Tuesday, May, 1.

April 19

Week 32: April 16 – 20

Thank you all for a successful week of testing! I know that we only have 5.5 weeks until summer, but the learning has not stopped! Please stay on top of deadlines and assignments as we will continue working all the way up until the end of the year.


We are starting our new unit on Shakespeare! Today we completed an anticipation guide on new vocabulary we will need to understand the play we will be reading, Taming of the Shrew. If you were absent, please fill out the anticipation guide below (the answer key is attached).

Taming of the Shrew Vocab Anticipation Guide I-2lyjuzk

Homework: Vocabulary study guides due Wednesday – you need the term, definition, a sentence and a picture that illustrates the meaning of the word. Quiz will be on Tuesday, April 24.

QUIZZIZ Code for Review: 419481




Today we continued practicing using our new vocabulary.

Homework: Finish vocabulary cards due tomorrow. Quiz on Tuesday, April 24.



Today we finished our choice boards.

Homework: none.



Today we took notes on information about Shakespeare’s life to prepare us for reading “Taming of the Shrew.” There will be a learning check on this material tomorrow.

Homework: Finish leveled vocabulary practice if you didn’t in class. This is for a formative grade. See below if you were absent.

On-level: on level vocab review -1f15bxf

AC: Approximate Analogies (2)-27watxa



April 9

What you need for testing:

We will be testing this week Tuesday – Friday. Students will test with their homerooms. Please bring the following each day:

Testing: 2 or more #2 pencils

Language Arts, Reading, and Math: Pencil and paper.

Social Studies: binder and coloring materials.

Science: binder and coloring materials.

There will be no BYOD activities this week.