el 12 de noviembre- Intro to -ar verbs and conjugations. p. 8 in groups  HW= p. 9 and study for -ar quiz

el 13 de noviembre- Review HW. Review for quiz. Take quiz. HW= WebQuest http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=254692

el 14 de noviembre- Review. Speed date with chapter questions. HW= Review for chapter 2 test

el 15 de noviembre- Jeopardy Inquiry stations to review for test. jeopardy Chapter 2 2018-1ys5deu  HW= study for chapter 2 test

el 16 de noviembre- Chapter 2 TEST all period

jeopardy Chapter 2 2018-1ys5deu


ch 2 study guide-1eeza0v

-ar conjugations pdf-2meq9fb

ch 2 study guide-1rgx5uc

Chapter 2 Test Topics-zcj4kr

Las Preguntas Capítulo 2 PDF-v70pg7

ch 2 classes and adjs-2ocr1gr

indef. articles PDF-y1xrfs 

Qué hora es-xkdabo 







el 5 de noviembre- Review HW. Practice/review and take quiz. Start chapter 2 chapter questions. HW= finish remaining chapter questions

el 6 de noviembre- NO SCHOOL

el 7 de noviembre- Review HW. Intro to subject/personal pronouns. New pkt. HW= p. 1 & 2

el 8 de noviembre- Review HW. Practice and review personal pronouns. Begin work on HW. HW= p. 3-7  & Memorize chart for quiz

el 9 de noviembre- Review HW. Review personal pronouns. Do p. 5 in groups. Take quiz. Intro to -ar verbs and conjugations. Review chapter 2 test topics. HW= p. 8



Image result for spanish pronouns chart






el 29 de octubre- Review HW p 8&9. Watch video over articles. Practice definite and indefinite articles. In groups do pkt pages 10, 11, 12, 13 HW- p. 14 and 15 AND study for quiz- mult choice that includes all vocab from ch 2 and definite and indefinite articles (practice sites at the end of the Blog)

el 30 de octubre- Review and take quiz. Discuss adjectives. HW= chapter questions 10, 13, 14, 18 & 19

el 31 de octubre- Review HW. Intro to time. HW= make clock, practice and do p. 16

el 1 de noviembre- Review HW. Practice and watch video over time. Start p. 17, 18, 19 HW= finish pages

el 2 de noviembre- Review HW. Practice time. HW= Study for quiz on time

*one of the practice sites says that the article is not required with a language class subject

The noun does, so know the article with the noun










el 22 de octubre- Review cards in groups. Intro to ordinal numbers. Make class schedules on pkt p 2. Discuss schedules in groups. Discuss questions 6, 7, 8. HW= pk p 1 & look up chapter pkt p. 2

el 23 de octubre- Review HW. Discuss needs for class ch question 15. practice class supplies. HW= make flashcards chapter pkt p. 2

el 24 de octubre- Review HW. Practice cards in groups. Pkt pages 2 & 5 in groups. HW= p. 6 and study for quiz on ordinal numbers, class schedule and supplies

el 25 de octubre- Color battle schedule. Review and take quiz. HW= Nada

el 26 de octubre- Review HW. discuss definite and indefinite articles. Watch standard Deviants video. p. 14 in groups. HW= p. 11 & 12


EARLY RELEASE all week for conferences

el 15 de octubre- Review HW. Study for Bambi vocab QUIZ Thursday

el 16 de octubre- PSAT in homeroom all day, lunch, and leave

el 17 de octubre- Review HW. Make weather flashcards. HW= study for quiz

el 18 de octubre- Review and take quiz. Chapter 2 pkt.  HW= look up p 1 and bring blank flashcards 6th & 7th make flashcards for p 1 due on Monday

el 19 de octubre- Review (6th & 7th period to theatre for WHS talk) HW= all cards due




el 8 de octubre- Grand review day for the ch 1 test. HW= STUDY for chapter 1 TEST bring a pen and agenda

el 9 de octubre- Chapter 1 test. HW= look up Bambi vocab

el 10 de octubre- Review vocab. HW= Bambi definitions

el 11 de octubre- Review definitions. HW= Bambi p. 3

el 12 de octubre- Review p. 3. HW= Finish all Bambi questions and bring blank flashcards





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