23/4-27/4 Don’t forget- final video projects due May 10

el 23 de abril- Review vocab and sequence movie. HW= study for Quiz

el 24 de abril- Review and take quiz. Begin chapter 6 “La ropa” vocab. HW= make ropa flashcards

el 25 de abril- Review and practice flashcards. Practice using indefinite and definite articles and adjective agreement with clothing. Intro to number 100-1.000. HW= pkt numbers

el 26 de abril- Review HW. Watch video over numbers. HW= pkt p.

el 27 de abril- Band/Orchestra/Choir altered schedule day


el 16 de abril-  Testing. Periods 6, 7. Lesson 2. p. 3 in class

el 17 de abril- Testing. Periods 6, 7. Lesson 3. Review p. 3

el 18 de abril- Discuss characters. HW= PP questions 1-10

el 19 de abril- Review HW. Smililar and diff p. in pkt. in groups and discuss. HW= PP ques 11-20

el 20 de abril- Review HW. WS in groups. Wordstorming page. HW= 10-sentence composition