17/9 – 21/9 QUIZ Mon & Tues

el 17 de septiembre- Review and discuss countries and cap and locations. HW= Study for geographical quiz of countries and pages 1-3 in pkt.

el 18 de septiembre- Review and complete packet. Take quiz. Review HW. Practice geography of countries. HW= Study for quiz & bring blank flashcards

el 19 de septiembre-  Begin Chapter 1 pkt. vocabulary. Make flashcards for all vocab. HW= flashcards will be due after the break- keep working on them!!!!!!!

el 20 de septiembre- Make dialogues in groups of 3. Practice and rehearse dialogues. HW= memorize dialogue to present

el 21 de septiembre- Practice dialogue and present. No HW have a great vacation!

10/9-14/9 TEST TUESDAY last week has study guides

el 10 de septiembre- Test review day. WS- for review. HW= STUDY for TEST

el 11 de septiembre- TEST all period. HW= look up country to capital listed and do crossword on back. BRING flashcards

el 12 de septiembre- Review HW. Warm up with intro to county->capital song. Discuss continents. Make country/capital flashcards. HW= finish maps and pkt pages A, B, C, D

el 13 de septiembre- Review HW. Practice cards in groups. Review country/caps. HW= WS list countries/cap, label map country->cap and color (Add USA and Ecu. Guinea and caps)

el 14 de septiembre- Review HW. Practice country/caps. Study for QUIZ on Monday over country-capital



el 3 de septiembre- No escuela

el 4 de septiembre- Review and take QUIZ over days, months, seasons. Start p. 13 HW= finish p 13

el 5 de septiembre- Review p. 13 and discuss. Speed date with questions. WS in class. HW= p. 2

el 6 de septiembre- Review HW. Inquiry stations

el 7 de septiembre- 2 Standard Deviants videos about days, months, seasons & capitalization, partner work with WS. HW= Review for pre-1 TEST on Tuesday

review guid pre 1-2hp9apm

review guid pre 1-1ef7deb

pre 1 study guide-q0cydg  

Days, months & seasons PDF-12429bl

Pre 1 chapter questions-28fy3gn 





27/8-31/8 Aug 27-31

El 27 de agosto- review numbers  and number activity in groups. Intro to  days weeks and seasons.  HW= p 1 translate

El 28 de agosto- review HW.  Practice  days weeks and seasons. HW= p 3- 6

El 29 de agosto- Review homework. Practice days weeks and  seasons. HW= 7

El 30 de agosto-  review homework.  Practice days weeks and seasons.  HW= 8, 9, 10 & bring earbuds/headphones for lab review

El 31 de agosto-  Go to lab 6D5. Review homework.   Practice days weeks and seasons as a review in the lab.  HW= p. 11 & 12, finish dates worksheet and Webquest, study for Days of weeks and seasons quiz on Tuesday no school Monday


*The video starts on the wrong day of the week and everything is in caps…


20/8-24/8 (Aug 20-24) QUIZ Tues/# check on Friday

el 20 de agosto- Review colores. Discuss favorite color. Color mixes. HW= p. 4 & study for colors QUIZ

el 21 de agosto- Review and take colors QUIZ. Intro to numbers 0-199. Song video numbers. HW= p. 7 & 8

el 22 de agosto- Review HW. Standard Deviants video explaining numbers. HW = p. 9 & 10

el 23 de agosto- Review HW. Discuss math symbols. p. 11 in groups of 2. HW= study for learning check numbers 0-199

el 24 de agosto-  Review and take learning check.  pkt. p. 13



repaso de color-11gjg7q


13/8- 17/8 ( Aug 13-17) QUIZ on Thurs

el 13 de Agosto- Review vocab lists pages 10 & 11. HW= make 10 more flashcards (Spanish –> picture)

el 14 de Agosto- Practice flashcards in groups of 2. Puedo video and another video. Hw= Practice and review cards

el 15 de Agosto- Review video with Basho expressions. Intro to colors. Basho color song. HW= Study for expressions quiz, color p. 1 crayons and make color flashcards

el 16 de Agosto- Review classroom expressions (pages 10 & 11) and take QUIZ. Review colors. Basho colors video.

Colors video. In groups practice primary, secondary colors and color mixes. Dictionary activity.  HW= p. 2 & 3 AND Bring earbuds

el 17 de Agosto- SGM (Student Growth Measurement) for Spanish in computer lab. You need earbuds. Practice colors. HW= pick a name in Spanish and 1 alternate name

expressiones de la clase-198rxjn 


6/8-10/8 (6th of Aug.- 10th of Aug.)

el 6 de agosto- Review HW. Practice 5 questions on p. 1 of pkt. Intro to the alphabet. HW= pkt. pages 4 & 5

el 7 de agosto- Review HW. Practice 5 introduction questions. Review alphabet, discuss accents. In groups of 2, practice ¿Cómo se escribe/pronuncia…? HW= pkt. p 6- you need to look up a word in Spanish that has 3 or more letters and is a cognate word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Then listen, practice and sing 2 alphabet songs at the top of your lungs.

el 8 de agosto- SRI in 7th commons lab HW= write if you only knew me in English -letter of info to Ms. Thompson

el 9 de agosto- Review questions. Review alphabet songs. pkt p. 8 in groups of 2. HW= p.9

el 10 de agosto- Intro to Classroom Expressions p. 10 & 11. Using your dictionary, look up and translate both pages. Make any 30 flashcards from this new vocab. *Flash cards- Spanish on one side and draw a PICTURE on the other. HW= COMPLETE any work that was not completed in class

1/8- 3/8

El 1 de agosto- Rosters/names/respond- estoy aquí/estoy presente. Respond to 2 questions- ¿Cómo te llamas? =what do you call yourself/ Me llamo ___. =I call  myself___. , ¿Cuál es tu apellido? = what’s your last name. Mi apellido es ____. My last name is ____. Review syllabus.

HW= 3 forms to HR teacher. Cover page for binder. Dictionary by Monday.

el 2 de agosto- Rosters- repond. Review 2 questions. Syllabus signed. Review class rules. HW= Sign agenda if haven’t

el 3 de agosto- Check signed agenda for syllabus. 5 questions pkt. Practice in groups. Intro to the alphabet. HW= practice questions and do pkt pages 2 & 3

syllabus-2018-2019-1lbgzw4 (2)-28dmaq1