el 22 de enero- Reading inventory test in computer lab.

el 23 de enero- Review HW. Practice vocab. p. 7 & 8. HW= Make 10-sentence composition-last page

el 24 de enero- Review HW in groups. Practice vocab. HW= study for quiz

el 25 de enero- Review and take quiz. Intro to ch 4 pkt. HW= look up food vocab

el 26 de enero- Review food vocab. Make food vocab flashcards. Practice cards in groups. HW= finish cards and pages 1-5

ratatouille – preguntas-1y81put

ratatouille-personajes PDF-2igip7g

Vocabulario de Ratatouille PDF-1yjljpe

Verbos de cambio PDF-1th3tc5



el 16 de enero- Review all vocab. HW= finish p. 6 all questions in complete sentences, in Spanish

el 17 de enero- Review all vocab. HW= Review everything so far. When we get back, I’ll upload all of the PowerPoints so as that you are able to check your work at 100%. (I’d love to upload it now, so as that you all may practice, but I left the flash drive at school). You may continue in the packet if you are bored/want to keep up/ get ahead.

el 18 de enero- Keep reviewing all vocab, definitions, questions/answers

el 19 de enero- Review all vocab, definitions, questions, study and practice everything from the packet thus far













Stay Healthy!

With a second day off, it’s a great time to wash jackets, backpacks, hats, gloves, shoes, etc. You can also wipe down lunch boxes, binders, etc. w/ cleaning wipes. Help us fight illnesses at schools such as colds & the flu! ❄️ 😷


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Dear Dickerson Parents,

Due to inclement weather, CCSD is cancelling ALL after school and evening activities except for ASP for today, Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  However, although ASP will remain open, parents are strongly encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible.  In addition, the district and superintendents office will be monitoring the weather situation and they hope to make a decision regarding tomorrow by 10 pm this evening.  Please stay tuned.


Dr. Carole Brink

Principal, Dickerson Middle School


el 8 de enero- No school

el 9 de enero- Review and take quiz. Begin Ratatouille vocab. Back page and part of front. HW= make 20 flashcards-  Any10 from front and any 10 from back

el 10 de enero- Review cards, vocab and characters. HW= Definitions page

el 11 de enero- Review definitions. HW= Make character sentences

el 12 de enero- Review character sentences. Practice all vocab. In groups- Ratatouille questions 1-16. HW= finish 1-16 questions





el 4 de enero- Intro to -er and -ir verbs.  WS -er & -ir verbs in groups. Review. HW= vocab flashcards

el 5 de enero- Review HW. Practice cards and -er and -ir verbs. HW= study for -er & -ir quiz

  • meaning of 12 verbs
  • conjugations of 12 verbs
  • know who the person is of the conjugated verb
  • respond to questions using the meanings of the verbs
  • translate from English to Spanish
  • Fill in the correct conjugation of the correct verb and person in the sentence

er & -ir verbos conjugations PDF 14-2beazkd