el 27 de noviembre- Review and practice vocab. HW= p. 3 in Madagascar pkt

el 28 de noviembre- Review HW and practice vocab. HW= p. 4 Madagascar questions 1-12

el 29 de noviembre- Review HW. Finish questions. Begin p. 5 in class. HW= Finish p. 5

el 30 de noviembre- Review p. 5. Practice vocab. Sequence movie. Practice cards in groups of 2. HW= write composition in pkt and STUDY for quiz.

el primero de diciembre- Turn in composition. Review. Quiz. Look up -ar verbs in ch 3 pkt. HW= make verb flashcards


weather pdf-1u1kelg

el 13 de noviembre- Dialogues in groups of 3. HW= MEMORIZE your part

el 14 de noviembre- 5 min practice. Present dialogues. HW= study for the ch 2 TEST  traigan (bring) un diccionario o un aparato eletrónico

el 15 de noviembre- Chapter 2 TEST. acentos necesarios- inglés, francés, latín, matemáticas, álgebra, geometría, música, computación, difícil, fácil, lápiz. HW= look up vocab and STUDY for ch questions ORALES

ch 2 questions practice-1qhdzce

el 16 de noviembre- begin orales. Review vocab. Explain 4 irregular verbs. Begin translations in groups of 2. HW= finish translations and make 20 vocab flashcards

el 17 de noviembre- Review verbs and practice. Practice cards in groups. Review sentence translations. Pkt p 3 definitions HW= Have a great break!


el 6 de noviembre-  Review HW. Intro to -ar verbs. Watch song video for conjugations. HW= finish all but back and last pag of pronoun pkt and study for -ar verbs quiz

el 7 de noviembre- Teacher workday no school

el 8 de noviembre- Review HW. Review for quiz. Take quiz. Begin chapter 2 questions. HW= finish ch questions in complete sentences in Spanish.

el 9 de noviembre- Review chapter questions. Discuss test topics. Review days, months, seasons, weather. HW= nada

el 10 de noviembre-  Review WS. Explain dialogues for Monday.

ch 2 study guide-1qxzcgp

Chapter 2 Test Topics-ytlb6o



el 30 de octubre- Intro to telling time in Spanish. Video over time w/p. 10. Pkt pages 7, 8, 9 in groups. HW= pkt page 12

el 31 de octubre- Review HW. Review time. In groups pkt pages 11, 13, 14. HW= study for time quiz help session moved to Wednesday

el primero de noviembre-8:25 HELP session and 1st Spanish Club meeting for Day of the Dead.  Review and take quiz. Cultural segment on Day of the Dead. no HW



el 2 de noviembre- Intro to subject pronouns. Song video for pronouns. Watch Standard Deviants video on pronouns. Pkt. page 1 & 2 HW= memorize pronouns chart for quiz.

el 3 de noviembre- Review and take quiz. Intro to -ar verbs and conjugations. Practice. HW= pkt p. 3 and make -ar verb flashcards

Personal Pronouns-16sijhj  

Yo= I


Nosotros (m) = we

Nosotras (f) = we


Tú= you


Vosotros (m) = y’all

Vosotras (f) = y’all


Él = he

Ella= she

Usted= you (formal)

Ellos (m) = they

Ellas (f) = they

Ustedes = you all in/formal

Qué hora es-x0yulf 



el 23 de octubre- Review classes, adjs, ordinal numbers. Discuss schedules. Start supplies vocab. HW= make supplies vocab flashcards

el 24 de octubre- Review and practice vocab. HW= Study for vocab QUIZ

el 25 de octubre- Review and take quiz. Intro to definite and indefinite articles. Do 1st pkg of article pkt. HW= pkt pages 2 & 3

el 26 de octubre- Watch article video. Practice and review HW. Do pkt p 6 in groups. HW= study for quiz

el 27 de octubre- Review and take quiz. Intro to telling time. pkt p 7 in groups. HW= pkt p 8 & 9



el 16 de octubre-  Intro to Ch 2 vocab. look up left side only. Make flashcards. You must cut and write all the vocab words that apply to the picture from the handout. HW= finish vocab and cards

el 17 de octubre- PSAT all day

el 18 de octubre- HR goes to theatre to see WHS counselors. 3rd period eat lunch. 6th period go to theatre to listen to Pebblebrook? NO HW

el 19 de octubre- Review vocab. HW= do ch questions 4, 8, 10, 12 and bring 30 flashcards

el 20 de octubre- Review HW. Intro to ordinal numbers. HW= WS

High School Magnet Programs’ Open Houses for current 8th graders:

October 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM – Campbell High School

October 6, 2017 at 7:30 PM – Pebblebrook High School @ Cobb County Civic Center Anderson Theatre

October 10, 2017 at 6:30 PM – Kennesaw Mountain High School

October 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM – South Cobb High School

October 24, 2017 at 6:30 PM – North Cobb High School

October 26, 2017 at 6:00 pm – Wheeler High School


Need more information?  Please email Dr. Kimberly Watkins, Dickerson 8th grade counselor @ [email protected]