1/8- 3/8

El 1 de agosto- Rosters/names/respond- estoy aquí/estoy presente. Respond to 2 questions- ¿Cómo te llamas? =what do you call yourself/ Me llamo ___. =I call  myself___. , ¿Cuál es tu apellido? = what’s your last name. Mi apellido es ____. My last name is ____. Review syllabus.

HW= 3 forms to HR teacher. Cover page for binder. Dictionary by Monday.

el 2 de agosto- Rosters- repond. Review 2 questions. Syllabus signed. Review class rules. HW= Sign agenda if haven’t

el 3 de agosto- Check signed agenda for syllabus. 5 questions pkt. Practice in groups. Intro to the alphabet. HW= practice questions and do pkt pages 2 & 3

syllabus-2018-2019-1lbgzw4 (2)-28dmaq1