6/8-10/8 (6th of Aug.- 10th of Aug.)

el 6 de agosto- Review HW. Practice 5 questions on p. 1 of pkt. Intro to the alphabet. HW= pkt. pages 4 & 5

el 7 de agosto- Review HW. Practice 5 introduction questions. Review alphabet, discuss accents. In groups of 2, practice ¿Cómo se escribe/pronuncia…? HW= pkt. p 6- you need to look up a word in Spanish that has 3 or more letters and is a cognate word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Then listen, practice and sing 2 alphabet songs at the top of your lungs.

el 8 de agosto- SRI in 7th commons lab HW= write if you only knew me in English -letter of info to Ms. Thompson

el 9 de agosto- Review questions. Review alphabet songs. pkt p. 8 in groups of 2. HW= p.9

el 10 de agosto- Intro to Classroom Expressions p. 10 & 11. Using your dictionary, look up and translate both pages. Make any 30 flashcards from this new vocab. *Flash cards- Spanish on one side and draw a PICTURE on the other. HW= COMPLETE any work that was not completed in class