13/8- 17/8 ( Aug 13-17) QUIZ on Thurs

el 13 de Agosto- Review vocab lists pages 10 & 11. HW= make 10 more flashcards (Spanish –> picture)

el 14 de Agosto- Practice flashcards in groups of 2. Puedo video and another video. Hw= Practice and review cards

el 15 de Agosto- Review video with Basho expressions. Intro to colors. Basho color song. HW= Study for expressions quiz, color p. 1 crayons and make color flashcards

el 16 de Agosto- Review classroom expressions (pages 10 & 11) and take QUIZ. Review colors. Basho colors video.

Colors video. In groups practice primary, secondary colors and color mixes. Dictionary activity.  HW= p. 2 & 3 AND Bring earbuds

el 17 de Agosto- SGM (Student Growth Measurement) for Spanish in computer lab. You need earbuds. Practice colors. HW= pick a name in Spanish and 1 alternate name

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