Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

Things are hopping in room 1222! We are at the mid way point for the marking period. Most students are excelling in both behavior and academics. Our class is the go to class in the school for behavior modeling.

Math:  we have been working on addition and subtraction up to the 1000’s place.

Writing: Personal Narratives.

Social Studies: 3 branches of government.

Science: Rocks.

PLease get monies and permission slips in for our in-house field trip with Diamond Dave.

In addition, please remember to sign agendas every night and check homework.

As  always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G

PS. If any student can tell me Mr. Eaddy’s son’s name, they will receive as a bonus, 3 Mr. G tickets.

Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

We had a great turnout for Open House. It was great to see so many families. It was very entertaining. There were jokes, singing, and a plethora of information. Everything thing can be found in the Nuts & Bolts section of the handout packet that was sent home on the first day of school.

Most importantly please reinforce all school expectations at home. If everyone does the right thing, we all will be successful!!! More to come…

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G

Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

Welcome to the last installment of my blog for this school year. It has been a pleasure working with your children.

Remember to always “do the right thing”.

Stop by a visit me next.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help,please let me know…Mr. G

Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

The students are so lucky they weren’t at my house on April 1st! Mr. G made a “toast” to the family being together with orange juice. (Pssst..Mr. G secretly switched the orange juice with a combo of water and Macaroni  cheese powder…the look the same…but definitely don’t taste the same) ha, ha, ha!!!

The big news is Georgia Milestones:

4/10-12 Tuesday-Thursday  8-10 AM

4/16-18 Monday-Tuesday 8-10AM

PLEASE do not be late for school. Students will NOT be allowed to enter the classroom once the test begins for that day.

Eat breakfast, get lots of sleep, and do your best!

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G


Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

3rd marking period is almost complete. Students have done well. We have been focusing in on preparation for the Georgia Milestones. More information to come…

Early Release: Wednesday, March 14th

Report Cards go home Thursday,  March 22nd

The student’s behavior has been exemplary. Please continue to discuss what “doing the right thing ” looks like.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G

Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

Only 10 more days until another vacation, let’s make sure they are productive ones. We teach from bell to bell, so students that miss school or are checked out early may be missing some instructional time. No school the week of the 19th.

Please make sure to be working with your child each night on multiplication facts. At this point students should have immediate recall of multiplication facts. If they are still using counters or repeated addition, we need to move past this, and have it as long term memory.

We will be focusing on telling time for the rest of the month. This is a great skill that can be reinforced at home. Most importantly… Read, Read, Read!!!

As always, if there is anything I can to help, please let me know..Mr.G


Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

It is so great to see all the students back, well rested, and ready to learn. Here’s the breakdown of what we are learning:

Writing: Opinion Papers (I know that have them!)

Math: Fractions (Continue Multiplication facts)

Social Studies: Colonial America

Science: Animals

No school January 15 (MLK Day)

The holiday festivities were awesome. Thanks to all our parent volunteers. Thank you so much for the generous holiday gift card from the class. We have already enjoyed it.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G

Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

Well… the weather outside is delightful and I hope it snows, snows, snows. And all that Holiday Jazz…

Biggest news for this month, only a few more weeks left in the marking period. The students have done well thus far, let’s finish up strong!

Winter Party will be 12/20/17 from 8-9 AM. Since it is early release we don’t have that much time to celebrate. We will be serving pancakes and hot chocolate. The students will also be creating a craft for the holidays. More to come from our fabulous room mothers…stay tuned.

If any student knows how old Mr. G is, they will receive a 10 ticket bonus.

As always, if there is anything I can do please let me know. Happy Holidays!…Mr. G

Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

Happy Gobble Gobble…the holidays are upon us. Soon you will be able  to check out our Turkey stories outside our classroom. The students are having  a lot of fun participating in this project.

Turkey Project: due November 10.

No Late Projects Please!

Thanksgiving Lunch: November 15th 11:25-12:05 Tables 1 and 2

Progress reports should be going home in the next week and half. Do not be alarmed…yet. Some students have received “1”. All this means is that they are in danger of not earning a successful grade. Each student will have well over a month to bring up their grades. Please take an active role in your student’s academic life.

As usual, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G

Dear Families-

In learning from past Friends and Families visits and from today’s luncheon, we wanted to pass along some important tips that could really benefit you and the school.  Our hope is to be helpful.If you’re able to bring exact change to lunch, that would really help the school and keep our lines moving smoothly.  We know parking is always difficult at The Jack, this is one reason we moved this event to three days versus two.  As you’re parking around campus, if you would please be very aware of handicap spaces, handicap ramps, our fire lanes, and the school’s entrance/exit.  We always want to make sure our emergency vehicles can access our school in case of an emergency.  We also have buses that pick up ½ day students and those ½ day students are picked up at the front of our building as handicap access is necessary. 

 Thank you all in advance for helping out and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Mr. G’s Third Grade Blog

Wanna see something awesome? I mean really super duper awesome. Something that you can tell people took a lot of time and put in a bunch of hard work… well come by our classroom! The projects are amazing!!! I am a very proud teacher!

Conferences are coming up. I have lots of good and real things to say and show you. If you have not returned your time sheet, please do. Scheduling can be tricky with so many people. In addition, please be on time for your conference, we only have 20 minutes, and all time slots are back to back with no breaks.

There will be a slight change in the homework policy for the 2nd quarter. Everything will remain the same, but instead of students just writing the spelling words they will now have to write them in a sentence used properly.

Big Ups to those parents that are checking and assisting with your child’s story each night. My class is always known for there superior writing skills. Much like anything, the more you do it, the better you get…practice, practice, practice…

20 Mr. G tickets for any student who knows what school Mr. Hill was principal of, before Nickajack???

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know…Mr. G


11/7 : Student Holiday

11/15: Friends and Families Luncheon

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