November 20

Today was a great day filled with Thanksgiving projects. We discussed why we celebrate Thanksgiving and the importance of people that came before us.


  1. Logic grid puzzles in Algebraic thinking.
  2.  Made either a Pilgrim house or an Indian Wetu with partners.
  3.  Compared and contrasted the above homes.
  4.  Lots of collaboration and communication within groups.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season! I will see you in January with a new exciting unit. Safe travels to all leaving Marietta.  

Mrs. Fogel


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November 13

Great week!!

Due to not receiving all our testing supplies from the county, we will have Target next week on the normal day.


  1. Learned about Feudalism and how life was in the Middle Ages. Ask your child who they were in the system. 
  2. Logic puzzles in Math.
  3. Traded in our tickets!
  4. Talked about showing ownership for actions, thoughts and words.
  5.  Lots of good discussion about fairness. When is something fair?
  6.  Concluded our Chess unit.


Next week, we will be using or critical thinking skills with activities around Thanksgiving. Brainstorm with your child what you could eat on Thanksgiving if there was no turkey. You do not have to write anything down. Be prepared to share some ideas.

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November 6

Great day!!  Lots of good discussions and collaboration throughout the day.

Next week is our last day of Target until January. Target will be conducting County testing during the rest of November and December for students who will begin next quarter.


  1.  Worked on creating our Coat of Arms.
  2.  Held our Chess Tournament. Lots of great strategies used during our games.
  3.  Worked on logic puzzles in Math.
  4.  Tall towers and castles were also built.


     1. Bring tickets. We will be trading them in for fun prizes to celebrate our semester!

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October 30

Thank you to everyone who came out and played Chess with us! The students loved having you here. Lots of great Chess games were played, even some very close ones!! 

Next week you have no school on Tuesday. So both classes will have Target on Wednesday. We will have our Chess Tournament with both classes on Wednesday. 

A special Thank You to everyone who has supported our Patron Drive. So lucky at Mt. Bethel to have some many “extras” due to the generosity of our parents!! 


  1. Your visits.
  2. Brainstormed all the life lessons Chess has taught us. They include patience, good sportsmanship, waiting our turn and brain smarts just to name a few.
  3.  Finished our area and perimeter robots.
  4.  Did some very awesome transformations with our Chess Pieces. 
  5.  Worked on some Spooky Sudoku.


  1. Done due to Halloween and Walton Cluster Day! 
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October 23

All I can say is WOW!! Outstanding, marvelous job on the Chess Boards!!

We had a great day. Everyone was so proud to share their boards and pieces. It was great to hear the process that everyone went through. So why did I assign Chess Boards?  We talked about it. It covers just about every standard we have in Target. Here is our list we made. We used…

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Collaboration
  3.  Math
  4.  Showing we are self-directed learners
  5.  Communication
  6.  Originality 
  7.  Elaboration
  8.  Self-reflection
  9.  Teamwork
  10.  Being creative
  11.  Perseverance 
  12.  Convergent, Divergent and Evaluative thinking


  1. Chess Boards!
  2.  Made area and perimeter robots. Lots of algebraic thinking!!!
  3.  Lots of brainstorming, communication and collaboration all day.


  1.  Enjoy the beautiful weather.
  2.  Next week on your Target day, have your special guest check into the office to get a nametag. Then go to the doors by the cafeteria and wait until we call you into the cafeteria. We will begin at 8:45. We are up for the challenge with our new Chess Sets!!
  3.  Thank you to everyone who has given for the Patron Drive. Target benefits in so many ways. This includes materials, trainings and software. Hope you will support this drive.
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October 18

Super week!!! 

Chess Set are due next week. Please put pieces in a box or bag so they stay together. You can bring sets out to my cottage in the morning.

The following week your child can bring one special guest to play Chess at school. Please make sure this person can play Chess.  There is a sheet that was sent home today. Please send back next week completed.


  1. Went to the computer lab and worked on creating a PowerPoint about the chess player we researched. The students thought it was the “coolest” program. Wish we had had all day to work on this. We learned some basic rules.
  2.  Kid Chess came to visit us and teach us some strategies to use in our game. They were so impressed how much we knew about Chess.
  3. Reviewed our Keys of Excellence we have learned.


  1. Chess Boards Due.
  2. Paper about Guest Chess player due.
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October 11

Super week!! 

Next week is Conference week.  We will have Target as scheduled.


  1. Thought up alternative ways to win at Chess.
  2. Created shapes with Cheez-its and determined area and perimeter.
  3. Learned and performed a Rap song about area and perimeter.
  4. Finished learning about all the pieces of our chess game.
  5. Talked about the importance of Commitment.
  6.  Lots of collaboration within teams.

Homework.. Work on chess sets. Can’t wait to see them in 2 weeks.

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October 2

Another awesome week!!! Great job on researching famous chess players. Again, so many students are taking a challenge and going over and beyond assignment requirements.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting the Patron Drive. Target gets lots of supplies and materials from this money. We are lucky to have our own set of iPads they are kept in our classroom. 

Next week, Wednesday Target will be on Friday. Please send bags on Friday.


  1. Continued our study of Knights and made posters.
  2.  Learned about medieval writing. It is quite beautiful!
  3.  Started our unit on area and perimeter. Created a chess board using our yards sticks. We will also continue to work on finding patterns.
  4. Our Thinker Keys was to create questions with the answer being Fall Break. This is really hard. It is like playing Jeopardy.
  5.  We were “Knighted” after 14 years of practice and service!


  1. The end of the quarter project was sent home. Please brainstorm with your child and plan out how they are going to make their board and pieces. The Dollar Store, Home Depot and Michaels are great resources. 
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September 18

Awesome week!! Great job on awards. We had several WOWs as students shared!


  1. Learned how to take notes that will help us with many projects.
  2. Learned about the job and training of a Knight and how it relates to our chess board.
  3. Took a test on patterns. We did very well!
  4. Lots of collaboration and communication throughout the day.
  5. Added “This Is It’ to our Keys of Excellence. Always give 100%!


Research a famous chess player. A paper came home that explains this. Fill in the circles and send back. We will be using the information to do a project at school. Make sure and put this back in folder. 

Have a wonderful Fall Break!!! Have fun… Create and Wonder… Safe travels…

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September 11

Great job on homework. Lots of extra work done!!!


  1. Continued our unit on patterns. We created and named our patterns. We also figured out what comes next using algebraic thinking. Example… What would be the 52nd item in our pattern?
  2.  Used our critical thinking skills of flexibility as we created a picture using our queen chess piece. We tried to use the chess piece in an original way that no one else thought of.
  3.  We played Queen-Rock checkmate and learned some new chess vocabulary.
  4.  Compared and contrasted Shatranj vs. Modern chess. We had to use our logical thinking skills to do this.


Design an award for chess. You may use markers, crayons, gel pens etc. Be creative. Make sure I know that the award is for chess. Use chess pictures and chess vocabulary. Cut out the award.

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