Hello Frey Parents,

I’d like to take an opportunity as we wrap up the first 9 weeks of school, to share some celebrations along with some useful logistical information.

Let me first say that in my fourth year as the principal here at Frey, this has been the best start to a school year yet!  Your students are each active members of a pretty amazing learning community.  Their teachers have been collaborating and planning together to make the previously outstanding instructional experiences even better.   The other administrators and I see this everyday as we observe in the classrooms, but more importantly, the district staff and other visitors to our building continually rave about the high levels of student engagement and outstanding atmosphere across our campus.  On top of all of this, the support from our two excellent parent organizations, PTSA and Foundation has been second to none.  Friday night it truly filled my heart to see such authentic community in action at our Fall Festival.  I know I speak for all of the staff and volunteers, when I say that the smiles on your children’s faces are worth every single second of preparation and hard work.  With all of this said, I am even more optimistic and hopeful for the great things up ahead for the Flames of Frey!


After sharing all that we have to celebrate and look forward to, I’d like to encourage each of you to take advantage of some great ways to stay informed with all things Frey.  The reason for sending this letter electronically is so that you could easily have active links to each of these resources on your computers or mobile devices.  Please visit and get connected to each of these outlets:


School Website: www.cobbk12.org/frey

PTSA: www.freyspark.org

Foundation: https://freyfdtn.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreyFlames/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/freyflames


I’ve also included an electronic attachment of our hours and transportation information for your reference.


Following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook will allow you to quickly see the great things that we celebrate as well as be informed of reminders and upcoming dates without having to go and check email or visit our website.  However, our website is always a one-stop shop where everything is literally one or two clicks away.  The calendar on our beautifully updated PTSA website is a great feature as well.  No matter what, it is our goal for you to stay as connected as possible to Frey Elementary. And always remember that it is you, our families who make it the best school in the nation.  We hope that you have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at your students’ upcoming conferences.



Jason Cathey


Frey Elementary School

You Matter To Me.

Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  We will have a wonderful year of learning and spreading our wings this year in our ESOL and EIP classes.  EIP will be structured differently this year as it will not be a set 45 minute block of time each day.  I will pull smaller groups for shorter periods of time in order to hone in on specific skills needed by your child.  If you ever have questions, please contact me at gina.shumpert@cobbk12.org and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I’m looking forward to another Freytastic Year!!

Science Fair

The Frey Science Fair is right around the corner!  Students still have plenty of time to choose and execute a great project!  Applications and guidelines are attached.  They are also available for download on the school website.   Please note that applications are due by February 3rd and projects presentation boards are due on your grade level’s assigned day.  Good luck!


ACCESS testing will begin the week of January 30th!  This is administered to all ELL students to test for their English Language proficiency.  Parents received information about ACCESS last week.  We will have ACCESS results by the end of this school year.

PURPOSE of the ACCESS test


The ACCESS for ELLs will be used to determine the English language proficiency levels and progress of ELLs in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The ACCESS for ELLs has the following purposes:


¬ to determine the English language proficiency level of students;


¬ to provide districts with information that will help them evaluate the effectiveness of their ESOL programs;


¬ to provide information that enhances instruction and learning in programs for English language learners;


¬ to assess annual English language proficiency gains using a standards-based assessment instrument;


¬ to provide data for meeting federal and state requirements with respect to student assessment.





I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Kindergarten through fifth grade students. You may be asking…What is ESOL?  ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages.  Our ESOL Program is designed to help students reach their full social and academic potential within the American school culture.  I provide support to students whose native language is something other than English in the four main areas of language usage: listening, speaking, reading and writing. You may be asking…What is EIP?  EIP stands for the Early Intervention Program.  I provide additional support for students needing assistance in reading or math.  The small group setting helps accelerate learning in order to get students on grade level quicker.

Take a peek at the fun things we are doing in ESOL/EIP.  Make learning fun for everyone!

8:00-8:45  2nd/3rd Grade ESOL

This week, our 2nd graders are reading a story titled, “Feliz Navidad.” Students are learning the family holiday traditions from Mexico. We discuss the main idea and details of the story as well as retelling the story in chronological order.

Our 3rd graders are working on reading fluency by rehearsing a play titled, “The Castaway Pines.” It is a cute story of a famiy of three pine trees willing to create an impenetrable barrier to protect baby pine.  Will they become Christmas trees?

Next week, we will read a variety of fun holiday books written by Jan Brett.  The students will work on retelling using descriptive details, and speaking audibly in coherent sentences.

8:45-9:30  K/1st Grade ESOL

Singing is a must in our class!  We sing songs to learn each letter and the sounds that they make. This week, we will focus on the letter y.  The students will write sentences using words that begin with y.

9:30-10:20  4th/5th Grade ESOL

The students are working on reading fluency by rehearsing a play titled, “The Castaway Pines.” It is a cute story of a famiy of three pine trees willing to create an impenetrable barrier to protect baby pine.  Will they become Christmas trees?

As we work with this story, the students will determine the author’s purpose for writing the play. Is it to persuade, inform or entertain?  Students will use text evidence to demonstrate their understanding of the author’s purpose.

10:20-11:05  Kindergarten Reading EIP

When we are not singing songs to learn the letter sounds, you will hear us reciting word families. The students have learned how to make words with the -at, ad, ap, am families.  We will continue to explore the different word families.

Our story for the week is titled, “Christmas Eve.” We are discussing how to determine the story’s main idea and the details that support the main idea.  Look for the story to come home at the end of the week and encourage your child to read the story with you.  I’m so excited to see their progress!!

12:15-1:00  Kindergarten Math EIP

Counting to 100 is getting easier for our kindergarteners!  I’m so proud of how fast they are learning how to count by 1’s to 100, by 5’s to 100 and by 10’s to 100.  Keep up the great work.

This week, the students are making a group of 20 items.  They are writing the number and number words for 1 through 20 and placing their number card to the corresponding item in their group.

In addition, we discuss our math vocabulary words such as more than, less then and equal to.

1:00-1:45  1st Grade Reading EIP

This group loves to learn sight words! We play games to help us learn them quickly.

Our story for this week is “The Wind.”  We discuss the main idea and details of the story as well as retelling the story in chronological order.

Next week, we will read a variety of Gingerbread stories and determine the setting, characters, and events of the story. Be sure to ask your child which version of the Gingerbread story is their favorite.

About Mrs. Shumpert

Hi Everyone!

My name is Gina Shumpert.  I am delighted to get the opportunity to work with your child this year.  This is my 19th year of teaching.  I have been at Frey Elementary since 1999 and prior to that I was at Clay Elementary.  I am married to Jera Shumpert and we have two grown children, Jake & Jana.  Jake and his wife, Mallory, live in Dublin, GA and Jana and her husband, David, live in Jonesboro.  I received my Early Childhood Degree from KSU in 1991 and my Master’s Degree in Reading & Literacy from Walden University in 2006.  When I’m not at school, I enjoy relaxing at Lake Oconee, running races, reading and hiking.