Week of September 10-14

Our Houses

I have divided all of my classes into houses. Each house is trying to earn as many points possible. They earn these by good grades, awesome behavior, and outstanding character. At the end of the 9 weeks, the house with the most points will earn a nice treat. I’ll keep a total of the points on the blog.  Ask your child which house he/she belongs to.

  • House of Epimoni (Perseverance)- 64
  • House of Sofia (Wisdom)– 62
  • House of Antochi (Endurance)– 60
  • House of Afierosi (Dedication)– 62
  • House of Isnosi (Knowledge)– 64


4th– This week we will be learning the properties of multiplication and how they help us. We will also be learning the difference between factors and multiples. Students will be completing enrichment activities in their homerooms on Thursday and Friday while I am proctoring during testing. They will be having a test on Monday covering Chapter 3 in math books.

5th– This week we will continue dividing large numbers with multi-digit divisors. Due to the IOWA test later this week, math schedules may vary. We will be having a test covering multiplication and division next Wednesday.

Week of September 3-7


4th Grade: Students will continue to solve multi-step word problems that involve addition and subtraction. We are also learning how to use multiplication as a comparison to solve problems. Due to testing in other grades, students will be remaining in their classrooms. They will be completing enrichment activities that will extend what they have learned in my class. Please continue to have them practicing their multiplication facts daily.

5th Grade: This week we will begin dividing whole numbers with multi-digit divisors. Students will solving these using the standard algorithm. We will also continue solving word problems that involve all operations.