Week of September 16-20


4th Grade

Addition/Subtraction Test will be on Tuesday.  The best way to prepare for this is to give them practice problems to solve. They should be adding and subtracting with numbers up to a million. The hardest for them right now is subtracting across zeros. (For example, 20,000-9,437.)  For the remainder of the week we will be doing extension activities and reteaching where needed.

5th Grade

Students are using their new multiplication skills to help develop an upcoming resort. This math lab will be due on Wednesday. I will also be pulling small groups to help students who are struggling with using the standard algorithm to multiply larger numbers. These students have been sent home work to be corrected and resubmitted. All corrected work is due no later than Wednesday.


Corrections– Any assignment that has a blue stamp for corrections can be resubmitted for a better grade. Please take that opportunity to help your child make the corrections. Please have the corrections returned within a week of receiving graded papers.

If a correction paper is sent home for a test, ALL parts of the correction sheet must be completed to receive credit.

Missing Work– There are several students who have assignments missing. Most of them are assignments that were sent home to be completed because they were not finished in class. Students are forgetting to do them or turn them in. Any work that is not turned in the next day is considered late and will have late points deducted.