Are You All In?

Are you “ALL IN?”

Now is your chance. If you haven’t considered making a donation to the Mt. Bethel Foundation, tomorrow is the last day. The MBES Foundation has provided so many learning opportunities, trainings for staff, amazing programs, and much, much more!

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Week of October 27-November 1

What an exciting week we have planned! We have officially kicked it into high gear, and the students have been so excited to share different strategies they know to help others. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they are putting it all together.



This Wednesday is a Walton Cluster Family Night. Enjoy the extra time of no homework making amazing memories together. I also hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!



4th Grade

We are transitioning to using the standard algorithm to multiply multi-digit numbers. Students will discuss the connection between the area model, distributive property, and the standard algorithm. They will be playing games and solving multi-step word problems that involve multiplication. There will be a multiplication test next Wednesday/Thursday (depending on your child’s Target day).

5th Grade

Students have been using all operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with decimal numbers. This week they have learned how to divide numbers when the decimal is found in the divisor. There have been several practice activities in class to help reach mastery.

Next week students will have TWO math labs back-to-back! Wow!! In the first lab, they will be planning a family vacation to Orlando with a given budget. The second lab requires a classroom experiment, so attendance is critical. Students will find it much easier to complete if they are able to rely on their group members.

Week of October 21-25


Big shout out to 5th graders, Aaron and Minh!! They attended the Walton Math Fest this past weekend and placed in the Top 10. We are so proud of you!!


4th Grade

We will learning how to multiply large whole numbers using the area model and partial products. Be expecting a little more homework this week starting on Tuesday for extra practice. Students will be having a short quiz on Friday to check for understanding.

5th Grade

We are dividing large whole numbers with multi-digit divisors. There will be a little more homework this week for extra practice. Depending on their Target day, students will be having a short quiz on Thursday or Friday to check for understanding.

MBES Foundation Patron Drive

The Foundation Patron Drive is here!

Last week your child should have received the 2019-2020 Patron Drive Packet from Mt. Bethel’s Foundation. I encourage you to review the information to see how your donation works to support your student’s elementary experience.

The Foundation provides Mt. Bethel with enrichment programs, STEAM and technology instructors, teacher training, and technology not covered by the Cobb County budget.

Please consider supporting…

Week of October 7-11


4th Grade

We will be starting the week with the Properties of Multiplication and Division Rules. Students will be able to identify them and give examples of each. Then we will be moving on to learn about the difference between factors and multiples. Students will also learn how to determine if a number is a prime number or composite number.

Students will have their final fact fluency test on Friday. After Friday, XtraMath is no longer required by me. I will leave student accounts active if they wish to continue to practice.

5th Grade

Students are learning a variety of ways/strategies to divide large whole numbers. They are modeling division using the distributive property and solving using partial quotient. Next week, we will be returning to solving problems using the standard algorithm. They will need to see the connections between partial quotient and the standard algorithm. How and why does it work?

There will be a short quiz covering these strategies early next week. (Exact date to be determined.)


If anyone would like me to attend their child’s conference, please let me know. If I am unavailable at that time, feel free to schedule a separate conference with me. I will be giving each teacher a for that will give you a snapshot on your child’s progress in here. This will be given to you at conferences. Please let me konw if you have any questions or concerns.

Week of September 30-October 4

Happy Fall! Hope everyone had a wonderful break. I’ve enjoyed hearing about all of your adventures and stories. It sounds like our breaks were full of travels, fun play dates, and new puppies!

Our Week in a Nutshell

4th Grade:

We started off the week completing our first 3-Act Task called “Array-bow of Colors”. Students used observations, prior knowledge, and other mathematically thinking to predict how many Skittles it took to fill up a jar. Some of us are really good at making those predictions!

We will begin the Unit 2- Multiplication & Division of Whole Numbers. Students will be calculating these using equations, arrays, and area models. Being able to quickly recall basic multiplication facts will help your child significantly in this unit. Please continue to practice and review these facts. (Please note: We will not be using the standard algorithm to solve these problems at first. We will be making that connection once the other strategies are mastered.)

Check out the Parent Overview for Unit 2.

5th Grade

We started off the week completing a 3-Act Task called “The Peach”. Students used observations, prior knowledge, and other mathematically thinking to determine the weight of a peach on a balance scale. 

We are moving into Division of Whole Numbers. Students will be learning about dividing using partial quotients. From there, we will begin making the transition to the standard algorithm. Be expecting a little more homework being sent home starting next week. The rest of this unit typically requires a little more practice for mastery.

Mt. Bethel Foundation Drive

The Mt. Bethel Foundation Drive begins this week! Please consider donating to this amazing foundation. They have provided countless resources and trainings to better the students’ educational experience. Even AC Math is impacted daily with the support from the foundation.

Thank you Mt. Bethel Foundation for everything you do!