Week of October 27-November 1

What an exciting week we have planned! We have officially kicked it into high gear, and the students have been so excited to share different strategies they know to help others. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they are putting it all together.



This Wednesday is a Walton Cluster Family Night. Enjoy the extra time of no homework making amazing memories together. I also hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!



4th Grade

We are transitioning to using the standard algorithm to multiply multi-digit numbers. Students will discuss the connection between the area model, distributive property, and the standard algorithm. They will be playing games and solving multi-step word problems that involve multiplication. There will be a multiplication test next Wednesday/Thursday (depending on your child’s Target day).

5th Grade

Students have been using all operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) with decimal numbers. This week they have learned how to divide numbers when the decimal is found in the divisor. There have been several practice activities in class to help reach mastery.

Next week students will have TWO math labs back-to-back! Wow!! In the first lab, they will be planning a family vacation to Orlando with a given budget. The second lab requires a classroom experiment, so attendance is critical. Students will find it much easier to complete if they are able to rely on their group members.