AP Psychology Daily Agenda 4/19

Vocab Nirvana Quiz #4 Chapters 4 & 5

Continue coverage of Abnormal Psychology & Therapy

Review Personality Disorders *A Portrait of Erica skit

Therapy Handout *History, Techniques, & Therapist

View part of Psychotherapy with Zimbardo

Unit IX and X Corrections due Monday after school

HW: Study for Ch. 15 & 16 Vocabulary Quiz on Monday/Unit XI Opportunity on Wednesday

Next Week’s Vocab Nirvana Schedule below

Monday 4/22: Chapters 15 & 16

Tuesday 4/23: Chapters 7 & 10

Wednesday 4/24: No Quiz but Unit XI Opportunity

Thursday 4/25: Chapters 8 & 9

Friday 4/26: Chapters 11 & 12

Psychology Daily Agenda 4/15 & Weekly Preview 4/15-4/19

Monday: No journal this week! Projective Assignment due

Finish Unit X Study Guide/Answer review questions if needed

Unit X Opportunity tomorrow: Make sure to study class notes, stress notes handout, defense mechanism handout, and study guide.

Introduce next unit: Abnormal Psychology & Therapy

Begin viewing Sybil *Based on true story of DID (psychoanalysis perspective)

Tuesday: Unit X Opportunity *multiple choice & recall

Continue viewing Sybil

Notes and share Projective Assignment with class

Remainder of Week: Coverage of Disorders and Therapy all week

Finish Sybil this week

Unit XI Vocabulary assignment *must know the disorders & symptoms  P. 683 Orange text (20 terms)



AP Psychology Daily Agenda 4/15 & Weekly Preview 4/15-4/19

Monday: Projective Test Assignment due

Begin coverage of Unit XI: Abnormal Psychology & Therapy *EQ handout distributed/Brief intro notes

View Discovering Psychology: Psychopathology

Read aloud Projective assignment if time permits

Unit IX & X Make ups and Corrections today after school. Corrections continue in the AM this week and Hoya Block.

Vocab Nirvana starts tomorrow *Prologue & Chapter One

Tuesday: Vocab Nirvana Quiz #1 Prologue & Chapter One

Begin coverage of Disorders: Anxiety/OCD/Stress/Somatoform/Dissociative Disorders

Video clips

Continue sharing Projective Assignment

Remainder of the week: Continue coverage of Disorders/Begin coverage of Therapy *Also see Nirvana schedule below!

Wednesday: Chapter 2 (Neuroscience)

Thursday: Chapter 3 & 6 (States of Consciousness & Sensation/Perception)

Friday: Chapters 4 & 5 (Development)

Next Monday: Chapters 15 & 16 (Abnormal Psychology & Therapy)

Final Exam Study Guide posted below

Psychology Final Study Guide-14oqqon