World History Daily Agenda 10/16 & Weekly Preview 10/16-10/20

Classwork: Age of Exploration Reading & Map #50

Religious War Notes distributed #51 HW: Read and highlight

Research time in computer lab

Remainder of Week:

Hearing check on Tuesday the second half of class

Finish coverage of Renaissance, Reformation, & Exploration

Project Presentation on Thursday *Make sure you dress up!!

Review for unit test on Friday!! Start studying your notes!

Unit Test will be Monday due to ESPN Football game Thursday night.

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 10/16 & Weekly Preview 10/16-10/20

Unit VI Opportunity Two Parts: Part 1: Fill in the Blank                                                                                         2:Multiple Choice

Next Unit: Memory, Thinking (Cognition) & Language

Chapters 9 & 10  *Ch.9 Vocab due Thursday/Ch. 10 due Monday

1st Period: The Lost Boy issued  *read through Ch. 4 by Thursday

Pay It Forward due Monday 10/23

Remainder of the Week:

Coverage of Memory: EQ handout distributed

View Memory Improvement videos/Various Memory Activities

Lost Boy Quiz #1 for 1st period on Thursday

EQ Quiz on Monday 10/23/Ch. 10 Vocab due too