AP Psychology Weekly Preview 7/31-8/4

AP Psychology Weekly Preview * Detailed daily agendas will be provided.

Welcome to the Drive for Five!!!!! You are entering Asylum 211 with Uncle Shelty.

7/31:Introduction/Roll/TRSS forms

Vocabulary Spiral Notebook instructions-1nq22wr     *Optional (Will discuss in class!)

Complete student information sheet

Go over syllabus and get signed * Need binder notebook ASAP


Sign up to Remind.com- Text 81010  Code @psychrules

Introduce Project Happiness:  Must complete one good deed EVERY day! Be prepared to share!!!

Assignment #1: Intention Letter

Intention Letter due Thursday!  Assignment:  Write a letter (one page minimum) to yourself about where you are currently in your life (emotional state, social state, physical state, etc.), what you want in your life, and where you hope to be at the end of the school year.

Unit One Essential Question Handout distributed if time permits

8/1 : Turn in signed syllabus and reflection letter Thursday.

View Happy: Complete video guide!

Complete Intention Letter by Thursday

Who are You? Activity of time permits

Remainder of Week  

Review coverage of Unit One Methods, Approaches and History of Psychology (Prologue & Chapter One)
Unit One Assignments on research methods/stats/perspectives

What do psychologists do?  Assignment given based on text distribution

Discovering Psych. series with Philip Zimbardo
Go over how to write an FRQ for Psychology

World History Weekly Preview 7/31-8/4

Welcome to Uncle Shelty’s World History Class!

7/31 :Introduction/Roll/TRSS forms

Complete student information sheet

Sign into Remind.com   Text 81010  Code: @stonehenge

Go over syllabus and get signed * Need binder notebook ASAP with 2 dividers!

Shelton World History Syllabus-2gi008l

Key Dates in World History Activity/World Map & Timeline

HW: Get syllabus signed & finish the World Map!

***Quiz on Wednesday on Timeline and Map

8/1:  Go over map and timeline/Collect signed syllabus

Notes on timeline terms & the Rise of Civilization

Causes of the Neolithic Revolution Guided Notes *subject to book distribution

Remainder of the Week

Quiz Wednesday on Map & Timeline

Continue coverage of Early Civilizations

World Religions *refer to packet for notes

Mesopotamia (Sumer) *Notes and Video Guide

Begin coverage of Egypt next week