AP Psychology Daily Agenda 8/28 & Weekly Preview 8/28-9/1

Coverage of Development *Prenatal/Infancy

Finish Viewing The Boys *complete video guide

Remainder of Week:

Continue coverage of Development *outline handout

Piaget/Kohlberg Assignment

Chapter 3 & 4 Vocab due on Tuesday

Read Ch. 3 by Wednesday!!!

View The Developing Child & Almost Grown

Ch. 3 & 4 Vocabulary test tentatively scheduled for Friday

Unit Two test corrections will start once all tests are made up.


World History Daily Agenda 8/28 & Weekly Preview 8/28-9/1

Complete coverage of Greece/Rome Unit


Greek Body Biography Project due

Rome Notes Overview & Timeline (#23)

Remarkable Rome Scavenger Hunt (#24)

Remainder of Week:

Strengths of the Republic and Government Handout *add to #23

Decline of the Republic ( add to #23)

Rome: The Ultimate Empire Video Guide #25 *view part of film

Republic vs. Empire Activity #25

Alexander the Great DBQ work day Wednesday if time permits

Roman Empire Map #26

Coverage of Christianity/Fall of Rome

Emperors Quiz on Thursday/Friday?

Review: Unit Test on Friday *tentative