World History Daily Agenda 10/30 & Weekly Preview 10/30-11/3


Continue coverage of mini-unit:

Absolutism, Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment

View first half of:  Peter the Great Documentary #60

Finish #59 Philosophers of the Enlightenment

Is #55 through #59 complete and detailed?

Remainder of the Week

Open note test Tuesday!!! Use #55-59

Next Unit: French Revolution & Napoleon *Chapter 23

Packet activities all week!  Will receive on Tuesday!

Notes on major events of FR and Napoleon

View documentary of French Revolution*complete guided questions

Please keep your notebook organized!!!


AP Psychology Daily Agenda 10/30 & Weekly Preview 10/30-11/3

Monday: Unit VII Opportunity *100 questions

***Makeups will be Wednesday morning @ 7:15 in Room 315

New Unit: Testing & Individual Differences (Intelligence)

Chapter 11 Vocabulary due Thursday

Ch. 11 Study Guide provided *READ Ch. 11 & complete by Thursday

Remainder of the Week

Coverage of Theories of Intelligence (Tuesday)

Intelligence Activities (all week) *See below

*Mensa test/Emotional intelligence/Creativity test/etc.

2nd Period: The Lost Boy Quiz #2 on Tuesday

Work on Ch. 11 study guide

View: Testing & Intelligence

***VIP Test for Units I-VII will be early next week!

Unit VIII Mini-Op Thursday or Friday!

Next unit: Motivation & Emotion (Ch. 12 & 13)