World History Daily Agenda 11/29

Coverage of Causes & Effects of WWI  *see page 2 of packet

Review Causes for European countries *Page 1 of packet

Go over WWI Key Battles and Events  *See packet handout for bulleted items to study.

Finish viewing Trial by Fire #69

Classwork: Complete The End of Tsarism questions from packet.  Homework if you did not finish!

Unit test will be Monday! Bring colored pencils to class tomorrow.

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/29

Drive for 5 Quiz #2  *Chapter 2

Finish coverage of Personality Theories/Coverage of Stress (Ch. 14) Highpoints

Ch. 14/15 Application Worksheet *see below for answers

Unit X Opportunity (Ch. 14 & 15) Tomorrow/Chapter 14 & 15 Vocab Quiz *Drive for 5 #3

***The test is NOT cumulative so focus on those two chapters, ESPECIALLY Ch. 14 on Stress. READ!!!

Ch. 14 Worksheet

True/False: T,F,F,F,F,T,T,T,T,T,T,  Multiple Choice: D,B,D,C,B,A,C,B,C,B,B,C,B,C,C,C,A,C,C,D,A,

Ch. 15 Worksheet

Matching: G,I,H,J,D,A,K,F,E,B,C  Multiple Choice: A,D,D,B,C,C,C,A,D,B,A,D,A,C,C,D,C,A,C,B,B,

World History Daily Agenda 11/27 & Weekly Preview 11/27-12/1

#66 Imperialism Map & #67 Imperialism Document Assignment due for 1/2 credit

Begin coverage of Unification and World War One! READ Chapter 29 to reinforce material covered in class.

Notes on Unification of Italy #68/ Unification of Germany on Tuesday

Begin watching: Trial by Fire  Complete video guide  *Intro into WWI on the leaders

Unit packet distributed on Tuesday.  We will complete assignments in packet all week. Check daily agendas for specific assignments and due dates.

Remainder of the week: Coverage of Causes, Events, People, Results, Effects of WWI through notes, activities, film, etc.



AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/27 & Weekly Preview 11/27-12/1

Monday:  Projective Assignment & Ch. 14 & 15 Vocabulary due

Coverage of Neo-Freudians & Humanistic Theory

Vocab Nirvana starts Tomorrow!!! Test corrections after school today & in A.M. all week!

Tuesday 11/28: Prologue & Chapter 1/ Finish Personality Theories (Social Cognitive & Trait)

Wednesday 11/29: Chapter 2/Coverage of Stress *see Handout

Thursday 11/30: Unit X Opportunity & Chapter 14/15 Vocabulary Quiz  *Bring text for use after test!

Friday 12/1:  Chapters 3 & 4/Coverage of Abnormal Psychology

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/17

Coverage of Unit X: Personality  *Freud/Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms Handout

Projective Assigment   (see link below) *Due Monday after break

*When choosing things that represent you, don’t just choose things you like but choose things that represent aspects of your personality.  Put thought into each one but have fun with it. Don’t share your choices with other AP Psych students since we will read aloud in class. Use symbolism, metaphors etc. in describing traits about yourself.  1 paragraph for each to total 5 paragraph. Please TYPE!!!

Projective Personality Test Assignment-15r7of8


  1. Projective Assignment
  2. Ch. 14 & 15 Vocab
  3. Read Ch. 14 on Stress and Health
  4. Prepare for Vocab Nirvana *Prologue and Ch. 1 on Tuesday

Remember my speech. Don’t let your ID control your break.  You have three weeks left in the semester so find your MOJO over break and be PROACTIVE! I will help you but you have to help yourself and prepare. Have a safe, legal, and moral break. Mr. S