Second Semester AP Psychology Holiday Enrichment Assignment & Vocab Notebook Instructions

Below are the assignment and instructions for the Holiday assignment. Make sure you do a complete job on the notes and follow instructions for the vocabulary notebook. As stated in the assignment, we have a much shorter time period to cover the content than first semester students.  Enjoy your holiday but be ready to ROCK & ROLL on January 4th. Take care. Uncle Shelty


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World History Daily Agenda 12/13

SLO test in Room 9234  *Grade could replace lowest score

WWI Retake *re-answer incorrect answers from scantron on own sheet of paper

Work on WWII Study Guide * In addition to studying info from study guide, MAKE SURE you study the Holocaust notes (#72), essential vocab, and the details about dropping the atomic bombs on Japan that I added in class.

***Hint: The fill in the blank portion of the test will come primarily from these notes. You will not have a word bank so STUDY!!!

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 12/12

Drive for 5 Quiz #9  Chapters 16 & 17

Unit XI Opportunity

Social Psychology Handout  *Also know terms on handout not covered in text!

Chapter 18 Vocab due tomorrow!

Unit X Corrections all week in AM & Wednesday PM

All make ups need to be completed tomorrow morning. Be in my class before 7:45.

VIP Test #2 is Thursday

Unit XII Mini-Op is Friday along with last Drive for 5 Quiz #10!!!