AP Psychology Weekly Preview 12/11-12/15

See below for updated schedule. Second period students who did not finish Chapters 11-13 Vocab quiz and ANY make ups will have to come in on Tuesday or Wednesday morning to complete the quizzes. We will not have time in class to complete them with our lost days.

Monday: NO SCHOOL.  SNOW DAY.  Study for Unit XI Opportunity & Vocab Quiz Ch. 16 & 17. Those that are doing the vocab notebook should complete Ch. 18 vocab by Wednesday. Make sure you have read both chapters.

Tuesday: Unit IX Test correction start Tuesday morning and will continue until Friday AM. Unit XI Opportunity & Ch. 16 & 17 Vocab Quiz.  Ch. 18 Vocab due Wednesday. Begin reading Ch. 18!!!

Wednesday: Chapter 18 Vocab due. View Discovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation. Chapter 18 Application assignment.

Thursday: VIP Test #2 on Units 8-12. See below for list. Continue coverage of Social Psychology content.

Psychology’s VIPS-165gjgw

Friday: Last Drive for 5 Vocab Quiz #10. (Chapter 18 vocab terms as well as additional terms I will provide on Tuesday) Unit 18 Mini-Op over Ch. 18 content.



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