Psychology Daily Agenda 1/16 & Weekly Preview 1/16-1/19


No journal this week

A Child Called It Quiz #1  *choose 12 out of 15 from list provided to write about

Coverage of Experimental Design including important vocabulary

Classwork: Historical VIPs Page 15  Key People  *due day of Unit One test (Thursday unless off Wed.)

Continue reading: A Child Called It  *read through the Epilogue by Friday


Coverage of Statistics  *refer to handout

Review for Unit One Test  *Module reviews

Thursday: Unit One Test *Material covered in class (Modules 1 & 2, & Appendix (stats))

Begin coverage of Unit II Biological Bases of Behavior

Friday: A Child called It Quiz #2  *Make sure you read through Epilogue

Continue coverage of Unit II  *Neural Communicatio



AP Psychology Daily Agenda 1/16 & Weekly Preview 1/16-1/19

Tuesday: 1st period-FRQ Peer and Self Grade

Brief coverage of Ethics

Begin new unit: Biological Bases of Behavior  *EQ handout/Diagram distributed

*Neural Communication

Make sure you have Playdoh, paper plate, and Ziploc back tomorrow

Wednesday: Brain Creation day *need textbook

Thursday: Finish Neural communication/Endocrine system if time permits

*Chapter 2 Vocabulary Quiz

Friday:  Brain Lab *Brain must be finished and you will be assessed on location & function of brain parts from the creation on Wednesday.

Psychology Daily Agenda 1/9 & Weekly Preview 1/9-1/12

Turn in any late syllabi & info sheets

Intention Letter due

View: Past, Present, and Promise

Coverage of Perspectives *Handout provided

Maria Assignment *did not get ot

Weekly Journal: My Philosophy of Life  *due Friday

This week, we will cover the History of Psychology, Perspectives, Statistics and Research Methods, including pros & cons of each.

Handouts will be provided. Assignments will be determined based on textbook distribution.

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 1/9 & Weekly Preview 1/9-1/12

Any late syllabi and info sheets should be turned in.

Intention letter & What do Psychologists do?  assignments are due

Maria Perspectives class assignment *review perspectives

Coverage of Correlation & Stats if time permits *handout provided

Prologue & Chapter One Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday: Finish coverage of Stats and begin Pros & Cons of Research Methods

Wednesday: Finish Research Methods & Intro experimental design FRQ!

*We will finish coverage of Unit One this week and begin coverage of Unit II…Biological Bases of Behavior

Students need Playdoh by next week for brain lab.