Psychology Daily Agenda 1/29 & Weekly Preview 1/29-2/2

Weekly Journal: The Happiest Day of My Life

Read The Lost Boy through Chapter 4 by Tueday

Coverage of Unit Two all week

Monday: Neural communication & the Nervous System

Tuesday: Endocrine system & Teen Species video (The Girls)

Wednesday: Brain Lab *must have playdoh, plate, ziploc bag

Thursday: Class coverage of Brain parts & functions

Friday: Brain Assessment on playdoh brain!!

***Daily agendas will provide more detail throughout the week.

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 1/29 & Weekly Preview 1/29-2/2

Brain Lab Assessment

Chapter 2 Review Worksheet *complete for homework

Brain Autopsy video clip

Unit Two Opportunity on Wednesday

Test corrections after school & in the morning

Remainder of week:

Review for test:Go over worksheet/Brain activities

Begin coverage of next unit: Development (Chapter 3 & 4)

Work on Chapter 3 & 4 vocabulary

See Teen Species series & complete video guide

View The Developing Child

**See daily agendas for specific details