Psychology Weekly Preview 1/4-1/5 & beyond

Psychology Weekly Preview * Detailed daily agendas will be provided.

Happy New Year & welcome to Asylum 211 with Uncle Shelty!!!

1/4:Introduction/Roll/TRSS forms

Sign in to   Text 81010/ Send message to @Shelty1

Go over syllabus and get signed * Need binder notebook ASAP with 2 dividers!!

Psychology Syllabus-2dg1dsg

Complete student information sheet/Psychology Pretest

Introduction to Project Happiness!!!!

Assignment #1: Intention Letter  *due Monday:  Write a letter (one page minimum) to yourself about where you are currently in your life (emotional state, social state, physical state, etc.), what you want in your life, and where you hope to be at the end of the school year.

Ongoing Assignment:  One good deed/Act of Kindness due EVERY DAY!!!

Unit One Essential Question Handout distributed if time permits

Weekly Journal: My Philosophy of Life  *Due next Friday

1/5: Turn in signed syllabus & student info sheet

Finish going over Pre-test

View: Past, Present & Promise  *did not get to

Who are you? Activity if time permits

Preview of next week:  *Dates for assignments/quizzes etc. are tentative due to book availability.

See daily agendas each day.

Review coverage of Unit One Methods, Approaches and History of Psychology  *Refer to EQ Handout
Unit One Assignments on research methods/stats/perspectives
Discovering Psych. series with Philip Zimbardo
Unit One Vocab due Friday depending on when texts are distributed.
What Psychologists Do?  Assignment
Research Methods Chart
Research Method Application and Correlational Study Assignment
Journal Assignment due Friday  My Philosophy of Life

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