Psychology Daily Agenda 2/5 & Weekly Preview 2/5-2/9

No Journal this week: Road Map Project introduced  *see rubric and criteria below. Project due Monday 2/12!!!


The Road Map of My Life 2018-1j5uowh

Road Map Rubric-2b52g6k

View: The Boys  *complete video guide

Prepare for tomorrow’s Brain Lab assessment

Unit One Test Corrections after school today

Tuesday: Brain Lab assessment

Review classwork:  Self Tests for Modules 7  (P. 137 1-11) & Module 8 (P. 154 1-13)

Unit One Test Corrections in mornings through Wednesday

Unit II Test on Wednesday

Next unit: Development (Modules 3 through 6) *Begin coverage of Development on Wednesday after test

View Almost Grown Thursday or Friday *complete video guide


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