AP Psychology Daily Agenda 2/7

Finish coverage of Development *Adulthood

Complete Chapter 3 & 4 Review Application Worksheet *see below

Unit III Opportunity tomorrow

Unit II Test Corrections due Friday morning at the latest!

Ch. 3 Reading Quiz and Ch. 3 & 4 Vocab Quiz make ups tomorrow morning at 7:35.

*** If you want to review Chapter 3 Reading Quiz, you must come in tomorrow morning by 8:00 AM to do so!

Ch. 3 answers:  a,c,b,c,d,b,d,b,d,b,d,b,a,c,b,d,d,d,a,a,

Ch. 4 answers:  d,b,a,c,c,a,b,d,c,b,a,d,c,a,c,c,d,d,c,b,b

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