AP Psychology Daily Agenda 5/11

Work on Projective Personality Assignment *see below

Projective Personality Test Assignment-1605tp9

***Make sure each item is fully developed with complete (5 to 7 sentences) paragraphs for each item.  This will be due on Monday so be prepared to share with the class what you write.  Be creative, introspective, and funny. As friends, family, etc to describe you and apply it to things that may represent those traits. Don’t use the same trait or traits for each paragraph. Also, do NOT share your items with your classmates…this should remain confidential until Monday.

You can also work on the final exam study guide for those taking the final. You can find it on the 5/7 blog.



Psychology Daily Agenda 5/7 & Weekly Preview

Weekly Journal: My View of this Class

Monday: Finish Social Psychology coverage *Persuasion/ Finish: The Science of Sex Appeal

Begin Learning Unit: EQ handout & Application worksheet  *coverage of Classical Conditioning

Assignment: Classical Conditioning Key Terms *Module 15

Tuesday: Finish Classical conditioning/Begin coverage of Operant conditioning

Assignment: Operant Conditioning Key Terms *Module 16

Wednesday: Finish coverage of Operant conditioning/Cover of Observational Learning if time permits

Thursday: Finish coverage of Learning unit/Learning Key Terms Vocabulary Quiz

Friday: Learning Unit Test  *Journal due

Final Exam Study Guide *see below

Psychology Final Study Guide-14ommew

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 5/7 & Weekly Preview

Monday: AP Psychology Exam

Students not taking the exam can work on Unit XI Test Corrections

Tuesday & Wednesday: View Sybil  *DID and Psychoanalysis

Thursday: Projective Assignment/ Myers Briggs Test

Friday: APUSH Test  * low attendance and I will also be absent. Reading Day on A Child Called IT!

Final Exam Study Guide *see below

Psychology Final Study Guide-14ommew