AP Psychology Daily Agenda 2/12

Finish coverage of Perception *go over assignment

Pre-course notes returned  *Please do AP work in the future

Brief review if time permits

Sensation/Perception Applied Review Worksheet *answers below

Sensation side: d,d,c,a,d,d,b,d,a,d,d,d,b,b,c,c,a,c,d,c

Perception side:d,d,d,b,d,d,d,a,c,b,c,c,d,c,a,c,d,d,c,c

Unit IV Opportunity tomorrow 2 parts: Eye & Ear Diagram 2. Multiple Choice

Test Corrections for Unit III tomorrow at 7:15 AM  *you must be here by 7:30 to start them since I will be proctoring make up tests/quizzes as well!

Psychology Daily Agenda 2/11

Monday: No journal this week due to The Lost Boy readings

Finish coverage of Adolescence/Begin Adulthood

Reading time: Read The Lost Boy through Chapter 4 by tomorrow  *Quiz on Tuesday

Must finish The Lost Boy for Friday

Test Corrections after school for Unit II test

Tuesday: Finish coverage of Development/Intro Road Map Project

Review for test *Crash course/Review assignments

Unit III Opportunity on Wednesday

Remainder of week: Begin coverage of next unit: States of Consciousness!


AP Psychology Daily Agenda 2/10 & Weekly Preview 2/11-2/14


Finish coverage of Sensation *Make sure your diagram is complete

Chapter 6 Vocabulary Quiz

Begin coverage of Perception *Selective Attention video clips

Unit III Corrections after school until 4:45

Tuesday: Coverage of Perception *Go over assignment

Review Unit content

Brain Games on illusions

Wednesday:Unit IV Opportunity: 2 parts-1. Diagram of Eye/Ear  2. Multiple Choice

Thursday/Friday: Begin coverage of Unit V  States of Consciousness

Unit III Test Corrections all week in the morning