Psychology Daily Agenda 8/14

Weekly journal due Friday

Review Correlational research & coverage of Statistics *notes

Correlation and Statistics Worksheet *class assignment

Experimental Design coverage  *Class Assignment: From the new text, DEFINE the 10 vocabulary words found on Page 51. We will use this to discuss experimental design tomorrow.

Unit One Opportunity is Thursday!

AP Psychology Weekly Preview 8/13-8/17


Monday: Finish Research Method coverage *Experimental design  (FRQ below)  *FRQ due Wednesday

Free Response Experimental Design-1i87g3m

Intro FRQ writing *topic will be research design

Classwork: Research Method Application & Correlation Assignment

Stats coverage *Stats and Correlation worksheet

Stats Assessment tomorrow

Unit One Opportunity (Test) Wednesday

Unit Two coverage begins Wednesday after test *Neuroscience

You will need playdoh, ziploc bag, and paper plate by Monday 8/20