Psychology Daily Agenda 10/15 & Weekly Preview 10/15-10/19


Weekly Journal: My Habits: Good and Bad  *Due Friday

Begin coverage of Learning: EQ handout distributed along with Application worksheet

Classical conditioning notes & Pavlov video clip

Class assignment: P. 158 Vocabulary on Classical Conditioning

Tuesday: Continue Classical Conditioning coverage *John Watson & Baby Albert video clip

Begin coverage of Operant Conditioning  *application practice & Skinner clip

Classwork: P. 164 Vocabulary  *add to P. 158

Wednesday: Finish coverage of Operant Conditioning * more practice problems

Begin coverage of Observational Learning/Modeling

Classwork: P. 172  *add to P. 158 & P. 164

Go over Unit V Opportunity if all makeups are complete.  Corrections available in morning & HOYA block.


View:  A Class Divided *the learning of prejudice

Finish coverage of Learning if time allows/More review scenarios

Friday: Unit VI Opportunity *Tentative based on readiness! May be next week depending on grasping content.


AP Psychology Daily Agenda 10/15 & Weekly Preview 10/15-10/19

Monday:  Finish viewing A Class Divided *nature of prejudice

Classical conditioning examples

View: Crash Course on BoBo Doll/Observational & Latent Learning

Feedback Class Activity

Learning Application Worksheet: Answers below

Psychology Applied: a,c,b,c,a,a,d,c,a,d,b,c,b,b,a,b,d,c,c,b

Progress Test 1: c,b,c,b,d,b,b,a,b,c,c,c,d,b,d,c,d,d,b,a,

Matching: e,h,f,g,i,k,m,a,c,b,d,j,l

Unit VI Opportunity tomorrow: Two parts  Fill in the blank & Multiple Choice

Unit V Corrections due tomorrow morning! Corrections today after school and in AM

Tuesday: Unit VI Learning Opportunity

Introduce new unit: Cognition (Memory/Language)  Chapters 8 & 9

Start studying vocabulary: Chapters 8 & 9 Vocabulary Quiz early next week!

Wednesday: Memory notes & Activities/View Discovering Psychology if time permits

Unit VI Corrections could start Wednesday during HOYA Block depending on attendance on Tuesday.

Thursday: Continue coverage of Memory/Problem Solving Competition

Friday: Cognition Assignment in class/ Unit Vocabulary quiz Monday or Tuesday

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 10/11

Chapter 7 (Learning) Vocabulary Quiz

Limitations/Application Assignment due

Finish coverage of Operant Conditioning/Cover Observational Learning

Begin viewing: A Class Divided *Learning of Prejudice

CC & OC Partner Quiz tomorrow  *Makeups will be Monday after school

Unit VI Opportunity on Tuesday

Unit V Corrections due Tuesday morning!!! I will be here in the AM and after school on Monday until 4:45.