AP Psychology Daily Agenda 9/18

View: Pay It Forward (1st half)

Pay It Forward Project :Complete 3 significant deeds for 3 different people. Write up who you did it for, why you did, their reaction, and an overall summary of the event. *DUE the Tuesday after we return from break.

Complete Perception Assignment from Monday

Chapter 6 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

Unit III Test Corrections in the AM all week and Hoya Block

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 9/17 & Weekly Preview 9/17-9/21

Monday-View Sensation & Perception

Classwork: Perception Assignment & Unit V EQ Handout distributed  * use old text book to complete

Begin reading Chapter 6 e-line text book/ Chapter 6 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday


Begin viewing Pay It Forward *Project introduced/Due Tuesday after break

Finish Perception assignment

Items of need for Hurricane Florence victims


Feminine hygiene products

Paper towels

Baby wipes/ diapers

Clorox wipes

Heavy duty trash bags

Rubber gloves

Any cleaning supplies

Bug spray

Hand sanitizer

Work/garden gloves

Individually wrapped nonperishable snack items

Wednesday: Finish Pay It Forward

Begin coverage of Sensation *Thresholds/Vision


Continue coverage of Unit V: Sensation & Perception  *notes/go over Perception assignment

Chapter 6 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

*Daily Agendas will be more detailed.


AP Psychology Daily Agenda 9/10 & Weekly Preview 9/10-9/14

Monday: Finish coverage of Development

Go over Unit II top 15 most missed questions

Crash Course videos on 1. Growth of Knowledge  2. Attachment & Morality

Unit II Application Review Worksheet  *go over in class

Unit II Opportunity on Tuesday

Coverage of Chapter 3 States of Consciousness begins on Wednesday and Thursday

Friday: Pep Rally Schedule  Chapter 3 Vocabulary Quiz & Unit IV Mini-Op