Psychology Daily Agenda 11/12 & Weekly Preview 11/12-11/16

Monday: No Journal this week

Study Guide content *material in questions 1-8

Finish viewing: A Beautiful Mind

Tuesday: Continue coverage of Intelligence

Intelligence activities and tests

HW: Continue to work on study guide

Wednesday: Finish coverage of Intelligence

Discovering Psychology video

Thursday: Review for Unit VII &  VIII Opportunity on Friday

HW: STUDY!!! Memory vocab and notes, Cognition assignment, Intelligence study guide

Friday: Unit VII & VIII Opportunity

Psychology Daily Agenda 11/5 & Weekly Preview 11/5-11/9

Monday: HW: Weekly journal: Things I think about by myself

Coverage of Language Development *notes handout on cognition & language

View: Discovering Psychology on Language Development

Finish Thinking assignment from Friday  *Due Wednesday

Tuesday: Teacher in-service day

Wednesday: Coverage of Problem Solving Strategies/Assignment due

Thursday: Coverage of Intelligence & Emotional Theories * Activities

Friday: Journal due/Continue coverage of Intelligence

Psychology Daily Agenda 10/29 & Weekly Preview 10/29-11/2

Monday: Continue coverage of Memory *notes & activities *Coverage of short term memory

Weekly journal topic: An important experience in my life!!!

View part one of Kim Peek documentary on Savant & memory

Finish Unit VII vocabulary *Quiz on Thursday on vocabulary

Memory EQ Quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday: Finish coverage of Memory EQ questions/Finish viewing Kim Peek documentary

HW: Study EQ questions for Memory Recall EQ Quiz on Wednesday

Wednesday: Memory EQ Recall Quiz/Coverage of Memory VIP’s

Thursday: Memory Vocabulary Quiz/Problem solving competition

Friday: Cognition class assignment