Psychology Daily Agenda 2/11

Monday: No journal this week due to The Lost Boy readings

Finish coverage of Adolescence/Begin Adulthood

Reading time: Read The Lost Boy through Chapter 4 by tomorrow  *Quiz on Tuesday

Must finish The Lost Boy for Friday

Test Corrections after school for Unit II test

Tuesday: Finish coverage of Development/Intro Road Map Project

Review for test *Crash course/Review assignments

Unit III Opportunity on Wednesday

Remainder of week: Begin coverage of next unit: States of Consciousness!


Psychology Daily Agenda 2/4 & Weekly Preview 2/4-2/8

Monday: Weekly Journal: My Perfect Mate *due Friday

Begin coverage of Unit III: Development *Prenatal development

Finish Teen Species: The Girls & watch The Boys

Unit II Make ups after school today


Continue coverage of Development *Prenatal/Cognitive & Social Development

Piaget/Harlow/Lorenz video clips of experiments

Unit III Vocabulary assignment

Remainder of week:

Continue coverage of Development through Adulthood

View: Teen Species: Almost Grown *complete video guide

Unit III Vocabulary quiz on Friday

Unit II test corrections will start Wednesday morning

See daily agendas for detailed lessons each day!