AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/13

Finish coverage of Emotion  *I will collect the theories assignment tomorrow!

Review Unit VII Intelligence Mini-Op

Motivation & Emotion Application Worksheet *answers below

Motivation & Work: c,d,c,d,c,b,d,c,c,d,d,c,b,c,b,b,c,c,a,b,

Emotion: b,b,b,a,b,d,c,d,d,c,d,d,c,a,c,c,d,d,a & c, c

Unit IX Opportunity tomorrow!  Cumulative with past units…especially Unit VIII!

Study!!! I will be at school around 7;30 for you to come in and review the reading quiz & Intel Op.

Next unit: Stress, Health & Personality  *Read Stress section of Chapter 12 by Friday!


Psychology Weekly Preview 8/6-8/10

Preview of this week:  *Dates for assignments/quizzes etc. are tentative due to book availability.

See daily agendas each day.

Review coverage of Unit One Methods, Approaches and History of Psychology  *Refer to EQ Handout
Unit One Assignments on research methods/stats/perspectives
Discovering Psych. series with Philip Zimbardo
Unit One Vocab due Friday depending on when texts are distributed.
What Psychologists Do?  Assignment
Research Methods Chart
Research Method Application and Correlational Study Assignment
Journal Assignment due Friday: My Philosophy of Life