World History Daily Agenda 12/13

SLO test in Room 9234  *Grade could replace lowest score

WWI Retake *re-answer incorrect answers from scantron on own sheet of paper

Work on WWII Study Guide * In addition to studying info from study guide, MAKE SURE you study the Holocaust notes (#72), essential vocab, and the details about dropping the atomic bombs on Japan that I added in class.

***Hint: The fill in the blank portion of the test will come primarily from these notes. You will not have a word bank so STUDY!!!

World History Daily Agenda 12/7 & 12/8 (snow day)

Continue viewing: Never Surrender *complete #73

Handouts: Read and Highlight

#76  World War II Key Battles * must know for test

#77  World War II Detailed notes outline

World War II Test will be now be on Thursday due to snow days and SLO on Wednesday. Study & Read Ch. 31 to reinforce material covered in class. Content covered will be from material in notebook #71 through #77.

Is your notebook organized?  It will be collected next week! See wall near the door for updated Index!

Final Exam Study Guide:  see below

101 Final Exam Study Guide updated-2c9a6pv