AP Psychology Daily Agenda 4/30 & Weekly Preview

Drive for 5  *Only 7 Days left

Continue coverage of Social Psychology

Finish Social Psychology Application Assignment

Read Ch. 18 by Wednesday

Work on Unit XI Test Corrections if time permits

Mock exam after school

Schedule for week

Wednesday 5/2- Drive for 5 Quiz #10 Chapter 18 & additional terms/Ch. 18 Mini-Op

Thursday: AP Psychology Mock Exam

Friday: VIP Test #2 Units VIII-XII

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 4/24

Drive for Five Quiz #7  Chapters 9 & 10

Peer/Self Grade FRQ on Anxiety

Crash Course of Personality Disorders

Disorder & Therapy Review Worksheet *answers below

Ch. 16: C,C,D,D,A,D,D,D,A,D,A,B,B,A,D,B,B,D,C,C

Ch. 17: D,D,D,D,D,B,C,D,D,A,A,B,C,D,A,C,C,B,D,D,D

Unit XI Opportunity tomorrow  *Cumulative through Unit IX and X

Test corrections in the morning and HOYA block