AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/30

Coverage of Somatotype/Dissociative/Depressive Disorders

Begin viewing: Sybil *DID

Unit IX Test Corrections on Monday AM & PM

HW: Read Pages 580-592 from online text

Vocab Nirvana starts Monday *See next week’s schedule below

Monday: Prologue & Chapter One (History & Research Methods)

Tuesday: Chapter 2 (Neuroscience)

Wednesday: Chapters 3 & 6 (States of Consciousness & Sensation/Emotion)

Thursday: Chapters 4 & 5 (Development)

Friday: Chapters 15 & 16 *current unit/ We will also be taking Unit XI Opportunity

Final Exam Study Guide posted below

Psychology Final Study Guide-14oqqon



AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/29

Continue coverage of Abnormal Psych & Therapy *Anxiety Disorders/OCD/Trauma Related

View: Psychopathology

Unit IX Corrections in the morning *Due Monday after school

Make sure you read P. 570-580 in the text!! Reviews material covered

Vocab Nirvana starts Monday with Prologue & Chapter One

Tomorrow: Dissociative Disorders/Somatofor/Depressive/Bipolar….. Begin Sybil



Psychology Daily Agenda 11/28

Continue Personality Theories 1. Finish Psychoanalysis & Defense Mechanisms                                                                                                         2. Coverage of Neo Freudians & Projective Tests

Introduce As Good As It Gets Personality Theory Assignment *see below

As Good As It Gets-qocwux

Begin watching As Good As It Gets

Projective Test Assignment due tomorrow *see 11/26 blog post for criteria

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/28

New Unit: Abnormal Psychology & Therapy *Chapter 15 & 16

EQ Handout & DSM IV vs. V Handout distributed

Begin coverage of Disorders 1.Explaining Disorders 2. Stats 3. DSM V & Labeling 4. Anxiety/OCD/Trauma *did not get to

HW: Begin reading Chapter 15 Pages 570-580/Unit IX Corrections in the morning/Ch. 14 Vocabulary Quiz makeups in the morning

Vocab Nirvana starts Monday with Prologue & Chapter 1 terms


Psychology Daily Agenda 11/26 & Weekly Preview 11/26-11/30

Weekly Journal: Projective assignment instead of journal. More info provided in class. See link.

Projective Personality Test Assignment-16ag9av     *Assignment is due Friday! Make sure you have 5 complete and thought out paragraphs that represent WHO you are.

Monday: Begin coverage of Personality, Stress, & Health *we are skipping Motivation & Emotion for now and will come back to it if time allows.

Stress activities and notes  *Handout provided with Unit EQ’s

HW: Unit Vocabulary

Tuesday: Finish coverage of Stress and begin coverage of Personality Theories (Psychoanalysis)

Coverage of Defense Mechanisms

HW: Defense Mechanism handout

Wednesday: Coverage of Neo-Freudians (Psychodynamic) and Humanism/The Self

Thursday: Coverage of Trait Theory *Myers/Briggs Personality Test

Friday: Coverage of Social-Cognitive Personality Theory

AP Psychology Daily Agenda 11/26 & Weekly Preview 11/26-11/30

Monday: Chapter 14 Vocabulary POSTPONED until Tuesday with the Unit X Mini-op!

Finish coverage of The Self/Trait Perspective/Social-Cognitive Perspective of Personality

Class & HW: Application Worksheet: See Below for answers

Personality: a,d,d,b,c,c,c,a,d,b,a,d,a,c,c,d,c,a,c,b,b,

Stress & Health: d,b,d,c,b,a,c,b,c,b,b,c,b,c,c,c,a,c,c,d,a,

HW: Study Ch. 14 Vocab & Read Ch. 14/Reread Ch. 12 (P. 450-475) on Stress and Health and look at the  handout notes that were provided. Also review the Defense Mechanism handout for the MC part of  tomorrow’s Opportunity.

Unit IX Test Corrections begin after school and will be in the mornings this week!

Tuesday: Chapter 14 Vocabulary Quiz & Unit X Mini-Opportunity (Last part of Ch. 12 & All of Ch. 14)

Class time to work on Unit IX corrections after test

Wednesday: Begin coverage of Abnormal Psychology & Therapy

*Unit EQ’s distributed/DSM IV vs. V handout

Content covered: What does it mean to be abnormal?  Perspective explanations of disorders. Anxiety & Somatoform disorders

View part of Discovering Psychology: Psychopathology if time permints

Thursday: Continue coverage of Abnormal Psychology * Depression/BiPolar/ Schizophrenia

View or finish: Psychopathology

Friday: Finish coverage of Disorders (Personality Disorders)  and begin coverage of Therapy (Insight)

VOCAB NIRVANA starts Monday!!! Prologue & Chapter One!!!