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Week of September 17th

  • Monday September 17th students will have a test on Physical map and Man-made features map. Student should bring home their notebook to study.
  • Friday September 21st students will have a test in Math. A study guide will be sent home Friday September 15th. Help them complete the study guide and make any corrections needed.

Classroom help!

  • Dominos
  • 3 X 5 cards
  • Dice
  • Deck of cards
  • Small candies individually wrapped



August 15, 2018

Hello Parents,
Just a few things from Mrs. Sherman’s Math and science:
• On Friday August 17th students will be bringing home their Science book with a study guide for our first Science unit. Please help them study for their test on Tuesday August 21st
• Math class work “Independent Practice”: I try hard to grade class work every night and return it to them the very next day. If your student earned an F I will write “Fix & return” at the top. Please help your student fix any errors and return it to me ASAP for a better grade.
• Our first math quiz was sent home recently. This quiz was given to see how the students were doing with the review unit from 3rd grade.
• Parents and students may log into our Math book from home:
1) Students will click on the McGraw Hill link you provide via your blog, website, etc. (you will copy and paste this from Teach – See screen shot below).
2) They will be prompted to login.
3) They can login one of two ways:
a. Office 365 login: If the student does not know their Office 365 email address, have them login to StudentVue to access it, or a parent can access it through ParentVue and help their child with it.
b. Student ID: They would need to include SCH/ in front of their student ID as their username and then their school computer password (i.e. SCH/1234567 and then password used to login to the computer at school).

4) If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Brown, [email protected]
• Homework for Math
 This is an awesome website; students practice math facts and it will take them about 5 minutes a night. They are allowed to log in more than once a day. Students will need:
• My email: [email protected]
• Name: Their first name
• Birth date: their birth month and date (ex. July 23 = 0723)
o Fixing Independent practice papers
o Other than fixing papers & I will rarely send home Math homework.
• If you ever have questions please email me or send me a message through Remind.

Thank you so much for your help and support!

Open House!

Nicholson Star Parents,
Nicholson 101 will be this Thursday evening 8/9/18. Grades Pre-K through 2nd will meet between 5:30-6:10 in your classrooms, then there will be a short PTA meeting where they will be providing a cold treat to our stars in the cafeteria, then grades 3-5 will meet between 6:45-7:30 in your classrooms.
There will be a short community forum prior to Nicholson 101, at 5-5:30 which will be an opportunity for you to pick up information and ask questions about gifted services. The meeting will be in room #267 which is the current TARGET classroom
See you then!


Meet & Greet

It was so wonderful to meet all of you this morning! I am so excited about this year, getting to know your students, teaching them and learning with them. A few reminders:

  • Any dismissal changes NEED to be in writing & singed. We can not take changes my student mouth, over the phone, etc. You can send a note in your students agenda or a piece of paper.
  • Pease make sure to fill out ALL forms and return them to the school ASAP!

Thank you parents!

Welcome to 4th grade 18/19

I am so excited for the beginning of a new school year, a new classroom, and new friends! As each day of summer goes by filled with swimming, vacations and fun; 4th grade creeps closer. I would really like to welcome you to 4th grade! I am so excited to be a part of the Nicholson Team and cannot wait to meet all of you! We are going to have a super time in my class for the 2018-2019 school year!
If your child is in my class this year please sign up to “Remind” ! Remind is a great tool that will help us communicate through out the year. It is just like texting, easy and will help us keep in touch this year!
If you are in my class next year, please subscribe to this blog. I communicate assignments and important information. By subscribing you will get an email when the blog has been updated. This will allow you to stay on top of things as we proceed through the year together.
Here are a few suggestions if you would like to purchase anything extra for the classroom. All donations are always appreciated and used by all students.
Colored copy paper (any color)
Thick Masking Tape
Hard candy (Jolly Ranchers, Mints, tootsie rolls, small chocolates, etc.)
I am already excited about next year!

Week of May 14th – 18th

Countdown till Summer

  • Day 8 (Monday): write an acrostic poem in class on how to survive 4th grade
  • Day 7 (Tuesday) : Twin day; student will dress as twins/ triplets with a friend

Important dates:

  • May 22nd: Early Release
  • May 23rd: Early Release – Last Day of School

Classroom Needs:

  • We are in need of a couple more snacks for the movie on the 23rd


We will be finishing the unit on Civil War and have a test on Wednesday the 16th


Our last vocabulary list: astronaut, gravity, technology, resistance, nozzle, space station, training, orbit, cosmonaut


We will writing letters to our 5th grade teachers for next year; writing our strengths, weaknesses, our goals, and what we want in our teacher.


Our last spelling list: inhale, exhale, cheery, gloomy, inside, outside, huge, tiny, full, empty, walk, stroll, tasty, delicious, grin, beam, friendly, kind

Summer Homework:


Civil War Test

On Wednesday May 16th we will be having the Civil war unit test. Today we filled out the study guide. Please help your student study for the test.  Thank you!

Countdown till Summer

9 days till Summer

Tomorrow is Field day: There is a lot of water events at field day this year! Please ensure your child dresses appropriately for both the heat and water. Feel free to also send in an extra set of clothes, sunscreen, and a towel. Thank you!

Count down till Summer

Tomorrow is wear your favorite hat day! 10 Days till Summer!

Classsroom Needs

For the last few days of school we will be having a count down till summer and are in need of just a few things. We will need theses items by May 18th Thank you so much for all your help!

Small bubbles bottles one for each student – 24 count

Popsicles – 24 count

Movie snacks


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