Summer Reading

Who has to do Summer Reading?

We encourage ALL STUDENTS to read over the summer! See the post on the Summer Book Haters Club at Gritters to learn more! However, the ONLY students who are required to complete a summer reading assignment are students in Honors and AP classes.

Why do I have to read over the summer?

Summer reading is a great way for students to work towards college and career readiness during the summer and stay academically sharp for the next school year.  Summer reading also helps to sustain the powers of the imagination and to explore worlds of characters, settings, plots, and ideas we can only visit through literature.

What do I have to read?

If you are in an on-level Lit class, you can read whatever you like! Remember to check out the Summer Book Haters Club at Gritters Library in Shaw Park off Canton Rd.

If you are an Honors or AP students, you have a specific assignment(s) for your class (See the reading lists below). The summer reading lists contains both classic and contemporary authors.

NOTE: All summer reading books are available from your local library or bookstore. You can also purchase copies at Amazon. Many are also available online for free.

When will the summer reading assignment for Honors and AP students be due, and how will I be tested?

When the school year opens, your English teacher will evaluate your reading through an assessment such as, but not limited to, a template test, critical or creative essay, reading journal, project, presentation, or test. Although video versions are enjoyable, they may differ greatly from the written word; rely on the works themselves.

As an Honors/AP student, what else should I know about the summer reading assignment?

Be advised some books may contain somewhat explicit language, sexual references, or mature subject matter. If there are any questions, contact the English Department Chair, Amy Pothel.

ALSO! Remember The Summer Book Haters Book Club on Tuesdays at 5:00 at the Gritters Library Branch! This club is for high school lovers and (especially) haters of all things books and reading! Also, you will receive extra-credit for participating in four out of the five sessions!  Click here for further information.

Summer reading lists: (Click on your class. NOTE: If the link is not yet active, go to the posts on the blog’s front page, scroll down, click on your class there.)

9th Grade:

Honors 9th Lit./Comp.

ISLA Program 9th Lit./Comp.

10th Grade:

Honors American Lit./Comp.

ISLA Honors American Lit

11th Grade: 

Honors World Lit./Comp.

AP Language

12th Grade:

AP Lit.

Honors British Lit./Comp.

Other books you might enjoy reading on your own:

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