Thursday Papers


Papers went home today, but I did not send weekly behavior reports home.

I figured if they did not get turned in tomorrow–they might be lost for good:)

IMPORTANT- please send back the Star Test so we can work on the writing using their essay as a rough draft-THANKS!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoy family time!

Homework for the Week of Nov. 18th


PLEASE send in empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls for STEM Day on Friday- thanks

Preview of Week

preview of lessons for week of November 18th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-Nov. 18th

TARGET kids- go to EdModo to complete a required reflection on your project by next Wednesday.

Text structure Resources

Monday-Text Structure Practice 1


Wednesday-Text Structure Practice 3

Extra practice-Text Structure Practice Quiz 4

Math Resource


Nov 18th math homework

worksheets are in homework pocket

Math Facts Practice


1) Click on link

2) Change length to 100

3) Change level  12

4) Set timer for 5 minute

5) Click on division

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again to improve

Social Studies

Study Guide

Famous Revolutionary Figures and their contributions


Stay with Me Video

Too Late to Apologize

Homework for the Week of November 11


Preview of Next Week

preview of lessons for week of November 11th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-Nov. 11th

Text Feature Resources

Required Worksheets

Monday-reading timeline and graph

Tuesday-reading an index

Wednesday- exploring-a-table-of-contents

Thursday-Beelzebufo article with text features 2

beezelbufo addition

See handouts in homework pocket

Text Feature OPTIONAL study  websites

Math Resources

Math Homework Nov. 11th

worksheets are in homework pocket

Math Facts Practice


1) Click on link

2) Change length to 100

3) Change level  12

4) Set timer for 5 minute

5) Click on division

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again to improve

Homework for the Week of November 4th


Preview of Next Week

preview of lessons for week of November 4th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-Nov. 4th

Vocabulary Resources


sentence study guide

Required Worksheets

Compound_Subjects_Predicates (1)

types of sentences test practice2 – Copy

See handout in homework pocket

Sentence Types  OPTIONAL study  websites

Math Resources

Math Resources

Math homework for week of Nov. 4th

Math Facts Practice


1) Click on link

2) Change length to 100

3) Change level  12

4) Set timer for 5 minute

5) Click on multiplication

6) Click on inverted

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again to improve

Computer lab in School


Thursday Papers


Thursday papers went home today.

Included is an opportunity to order books for holiday gifts.

If you order please, pay online to help out our bookkeeper. I will be notified that you placed an order.

If you want the books as surprise gifts, just send me an email and I will be sneaky in getting them to you:)

Below is the link to order books-

You will see a box that says Parents have a class code..

Class Activation code=GJWDH

In School Links/Also great optional study games for this weeks tests at home


Upcoming Cobb Youth Museum field trip


Our first field trip is on THURSDAY, October 29th.  The permission slip went home today.  The trip is $19, but if you want to buy a souvenir package, see the small slip with options and additional costs.  PLEASE send in one form of payment for both the souvenirs and trip. You have three choices- all cash, a check or online payment.  By lumping the two payments, you will really help cut down on paperwork for our bookkeeper.  Thanks!

  • We will have an early lunch at school at 10:00.
  • The bus will depart shortly after 10:30.
  • We will return to school at 1:50.  (so don’t plan on checking your kid out early that day)

Please have your child wear his/her PURPLE class t-shirt.

The students will have a blast re-enacting out parts of our history.


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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The children may order a souvenir package from the museum if they like.

Order forms went home on Monday.

Below are the pictures of the packages available..

If you need another one, here is the link-

  1. Economy Package – Includes Flip Stick and Hi Bounce Ball
  2. Action Package – Includes YM Frisbee and Hi Bounce Ball
  3. Basic Indian Package – Includes Arrowhead Necklace & Large Dream Catcher
  4. Patriotic Package – Includes Replica of U.S. Constitution, Quill Pen, and Patriotic Wristband
  5. Deluxe Indian Package – Includes a Feather Indian Headdress and A Dream Catcher Necklace
  6. Rocky Package – Includes Youth Museum Rock Pencil, Arrowhead & Onyx Animal
  7. Gemstone Package – Includes Youth Museum Rock Pencil & Gemstone Heart Necklace


Thank You to Natalie Collins & the Foundation for the 4th Grade Study Skills Class


Here are some of the highlights of the fabulous study skills session that Natalie Collins provided your children.  Our amazing Foundation funded this opportunity for us- thank you for supporting the foundation in the October Drive!


-write homework in daily

-incorporate the “x strategy” when no written homework is assigned

-highlight tests, quizzes, and projects

Teacher blogs

-check Sundays/Mondays and update agenda


-check weekly to monitor progress

-all parents and students need to log-in to make sure passwords and accounts are working

New grading scale

-Letter grades

90-100 A

80-89 B

74-79 C

70-74 D

69 below F

Study strategies for tests and quizzes

-share Cornell Notes with study strategies and try a new strategy each week

-study guides

-interactive websites

-LISTENING in class!!!


If you are interested in further sessions for your child, here is Natalie’s contact info–

Natalie Collins, M. Ed.

Learning Specialist


The Behavioral Institute of Atlanta

(404) 256-9325 Office

(770) 998-6641 Home

(404) 786-9130 Cell

Pronoun Practice


Thursday Papers


Today was our first official Thursday paper send off.

Your child should come home with a RED folder.

On the left side should be completed student work that may be kept at home.

On the right side should be important flyers and papers to sign.

ESPECIALLY important today…

  1. Milestone Scores in an envelope
  2. Access codes to Parentvue for the grade book
  3. Info about the Readathon
  4. Picture Day reminder

SIGN today...

  1. Behavior report – orange or yellow sheet
  2. Reading Log


THANK YOU for helping me establish clear communication lines:)

Feel free to email any questions to me!

Homework for the Week of August 5th


If you hear from another parent that they are not receiving blog updates, please ask them to check their spam.  They may have to confirm the subscription. Thanks!

  1. Explain the counseling paper to your parents (remember it is in your homework pocket)
  2. If you received a packet with green papers, please give them to your parents (remember if you got one, it is in your homework pocket)
  3. Read every night for at least 20 minutes and record on recording log (remember it is in your homework  pocket)
  4. Practice multiplication facts using…

a) flash cards

b)   my email for sign in is

c) that , click arithmetic, click multiplication, change to 100 problems & 5 minutes

if you want to time yourself


e) print out paper copy

                   0s thru 9s times tables


Great First Week (especially since it was 2 days!)


The aliens did a great job these past two days.  This week was a perfect warm up for next week’s full 5 day week.  Thank you to all PTA helpers and Foundation crew that made the start of school a smooth experience.   I really appreciate all the parents for dragging the kids out of bed so early and making sure they are prepared for school:)

We had a very productive couple of days of learning.

  • Many activities focused on team building and class building to get to know each other better.
  • The behavior plan was explained to students, and clear expectations were set up.
  • We completed our agenda for next week, received our Central Intelligence Folder, and will start our reading log next week.

Check out the pictures and important dates…

Aliens Have INVADED!



News Alert!  News Alert!

Monday, July 29th, ALIENS  invaded room 501, known as the classroom of said teacher Mrs. Sides.

The aliens landed bearing notebooks, pencils, markers, and spoke with high squeaky voices.  They seemed to be very curious about this new environment that they have chosen to visit for the year.

When asked how Mrs. Sides felt about this attack of the aliens, she responded, “I was relieved to discover these aliens were a friendly bunch.   I do believe we have discovered intelligent life on Planet Sides!  Now if I could only borrow an eyeball or two from these visitors, I might be able to see all their quirky behaviors even when writing on the board.”

On a more serious note, I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful students and their parents on Monday.  What a fabulous turnout!  I can’t wait to start this school year with such an excited, energetic crew.  I look forward to an OUT OF THIS WORLD year.  Thank you again for coming today.  See you tomorrow!


  1. bring water bottle
  2. bring snack
  3. wear tennis shoes for PE
  4. bring lunch or make sure your lunch account is funded
  5. bring your positive attitude:)

Typing Skills for the Aliens


Consider this option as the Milestones will be on the computer this year with writing pieces assigned.


Welcome to Mousekey Adventures 

where students learn to type after school! 

Get ready for testing in the spring…. 

Get familiar with a life-long skill now! 

Class times: 

Tuesday 2:30 – 3:30 pm 

Tuesday 3:45 – 4:45 pm 

Wednesday 3:45 – 4:45 pm 

To register go to:  

Great Way to Practice Your Multiplication Facts


Note:  We will focus on the higher multiplication facts and move down.  So we will master the 12 times tables, then 11 time tables , then 10 times tables, etc.


1) Click on link

2) Change length to 20

3) Change level to 12  then practice at level 11

4) Set timer for 1 minute

5) Click on multiplication

6) Click on Focused

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again just hit reset

9) to practice the next set, change the level  to 11

10) repeat steps and change level to 10