Ending the School Year!!!!


I so loved the book clubs during this quarantine time.  There is nothing more fun than sharing our thoughts and reactions to a really good story:)  I hope you enjoyed the books as much as I did!

Next week is a three day week…

Monday – virtual field day…grab your siblings, parents, neighbors and have some fun!

Tuesday 12:30– Zoom end of year party-invite to come!

Wednesday– virtual yearbook signing- directions are below… you can do this signing whenever you want or spread it over a couple of days-DON’T FORGET TO TYPE YOUR NAME after your note

Virtual Yearbook Signing Directions Sides 2020 



Happy Mothers Day!


All the fabulous mothers who have been both mom and teacher during the quarantine deserves a fabulously relaxing day.

Be sure to check your mailboxes– there is a little something for moms!

Also there are pictures if you ordered them:)

If  your child joined us for the Friday zoom to create a gift for you, I would love a picture of you and them with the gift:)

May the Fourth Be with You!– not this week’s plans just fun stuff!


Love Star Wars?   Here are some STEM  Star Wars themed activities you can do with your family.

15 Simple Activities with a Star Wars Spin

  1. Build a Paper Airplane Launcher: TIE fighters…. X-wing…. no matter what variety of starfighter you like most, this airplane launcher activity is an easy tie-in. (Lesson Plan available)
  2. Build a Gumdrop Geodesic Dome: the desert planet of Tatooine where Luke Skywalker grows up is spotted with dome-shaped structures. (This activity was recently featured in our Doing Science at Home series, too, with a geometry focus)
  3. Colorful Patterns in Melting Ice: Hoth is an ice planet. Remember when Luke was frozen to the ceiling upside down? Explore the structure of ice — and ice melting — in this colorful activity.
  4. How Does a Hovercraft Hover?: landspeeders and hovercraft appear in many places in Star Wars. In this activity, kids make a simple hover-inspired vehicle using a balloon and CD.
  5. Oobleck: A Recipe for a Mesmerizing Mixture: there are numerous quicksand (or mucksand) pits in the saga. Exploring the non-Newtonian characteristics of Oobleck is a great opportunity for tactile fun with colloids.
  6. How to Make Slime: Jabba the Hutt brings icky slime to mind. Slime is simple to make, but it’s a great chance for kids to experiment with the formula to make slime with specific characteristics. What will their Jabba the Hutt-inspired slime be like? (Lesson Plan available)
  7. Circus-Trick Science: How to Balance Anything and Balance the Forces Within a Mobile: bringing balance to the Force is a big part of the Star Wars storyline. These activities are about using physics to make things balance (literally). You could also use light and dark objects on each side of your balancing activities to see if you can use STEM to bring things into perfect, balanced harmony!
  8. How to Harvest Water from Fog: moisture farms on Tatooine use “vaporators” to harvest moisture from the air. Kids can explore similar concepts in this activity.
  9. Build a Robot Hand: Luke ends up with a cybernetic hand in the movie arc, but fixing robots and droids is also a recurring theme. In this activity, experiment with making and using a simple robot hand. (This activity was recently featured in our Doing Science at Home series.)
  10. Candy Waterfalls: Can Candy Flow Like Water?: garbage pits and compactors involve piles and piles of trash and recycling (sorted along the way). In this activity, kids explore what circumstances make it possible for a material to flow like water. For an engineering design challenge on sorting, see the Marble Machine project. For a lesson plan about using magnets to create a sorting machine, see Build a Recycling-Sorting Machine.
  11. Build a Rubber Band-Powered Car and Build a Wind-Powered Car: there are many kinds of vehicles in the Star Wars saga. Designing vehicles for different terrain and using various means of power is good practice for thinking about engineering to meet the needs of specific locations.
  12. Creating Craters: with so many planets to explore, a crater-making activity is always a good fit. This one can be messy, but it’s a great opportunity for a cool, slow-motion video, too!
  13. Mars Rover Obstacle Course: Han Solo beat the odds when navigating the Millennium Falcon through the Hoth asteroid field. He was at the controls, but you can simulate the course by giving someone else directions and seeing if you can guide them through a tricky maze.
  14. Robot, Make Me a Sandwich!: what are your favorite robots in Star Wars? Most of the droids operate based on their programming. In this activity, students practice thinking through and giving step-by-step directions for performing a task.
  15. The Bouba-Kiki Effect: there are many races and languages in the Star Wars series. This activity is a simple way to explore how people make associations between sounds and shapes — and to think about communication.

Digital Plans for the Week of April 27th and Surveys


I really enjoyed painting with the kids:)

Here are the plans for next week so you can plan if needed.

Printing them out makes a great checklist, but also save a copy on your desktop so you can easily access links:)

Digital Plans Week of April 27th-Sides

Please fill out this parent survey so I can meet the needs of you and your child.-https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQQqFqsQ7NA6yyYeLlG7rMZeuSfH3dhjf6QoniGcXQxBxk0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link
Student, please fill out your survey, so I can see how you are feeling …https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQQqFqsQ7NA6yyYeLlG7rMZeuSfH3dhjf6QoniGcXQxBxk0Q/viewform?usp=sf_link

Friday Fun Zoom Session on April 24th


Join the class for a fun Photobomb Art lesson this coming Friday at our normal Zoom time!

We will be learning from a video for Gallery on the Go (although I’m sure Mrs. Trosclair could do better!)

Below is a list of supplies you will want to have or use what is available to you:)

Can’t wait to paint with you!

Notice the symmetry of the big bird:)


If your child would like to exercise their creative side, visit Mt. Bethel’s Art Room Blog:  http://mtbethelart.blogspot.com/. Here are some of their current lessons:  Stop motion videos, Earth Day Art Challenge, Build a Fairy House, Make a stained glass planet earth, and more to come!

Photobomb Supplies

1. Something to paint on ( a piece of paper, a poster board, a canvas, the back of a cereal box…)

2. 1 inch flat paintbrush

3. 1/2 flat paintbrush

4. Fine tipped detail brush

5. Paper plate to use as a palette

6. Acrylic paint colors ( feel free to use what colors you have handy or colors you like more)

Yellow, Black, White, Turquoise, Pink,  Purple, Orange

7. A computer to zoom


Digital Plans for the Week of April 20th


Attached are the suggested activities for next week.  Feel free to ask me for help if you are struggling — I am here for you.

Digital Plans Week of April 20th Sides

An email was sent late Thursday with a password cheat sheet and a Zoom meeting optional schedule with passwords.

I suggest printing these pages and keeping them by the computer device your child is using as a resource.

I am super excited to start book clubs – please locate the tab at the top of the blog that matches your book club

for the flipgrid assignment, reading assignment and suggested questions/vocabulary to enhance comprehension.

PURELY OPTIONAL -New Technology Fun-Flipgrid


So let’s try out FLIPGRID.

Click on the link below.

When asked how you want to log in, choose Microsoft

You will use your school email address.

Guess the title of the book based upon emojis.

Scroll down below the picture and hit the green plus sign to record.

Make a video with your answer and tell us if you have read the book.

Do you know the author?   Is there another way you have been exposed to this book?

Can you make up an emoji title and share?



Small Group Zoom Book Clubs


As we move forward, I am attempting to add more interaction per your requests and the guidance of admin.

Our administration has been very supportive and has wanted to ease all parties into the new digital learning.

Many of you have great ideas, but I will add on technology slowly, but surely, so as to not overwhelm. Please include your ideas in my weekly surveys, not class emails:)

Remember some parents are still working from home, and their load can be overwhelming.  We are in different places with emotions, time available, and number of kids at home.

Hopefully 3 optional  sessions of whole class Zooms  will help with the isolation and connection part.

To ease into instruction via Zoom, I would like to start book clubs.  This again is strictly optional.

Only those who sign up will be invited to the small group zooms.  So if your kid is craving interaction, have them sign up!

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the books.  You can order an online copy, order a physical copy through Amazon, borrow from a neighbor (hand off COVID style),etc.

Remember this is optional…

Attached is an explanation- please sign up by end of day tomorrow if you plan on participating and get your copy ordered.  Hope we have a good turnout.

book studies during digital learning

Digital Plans for the Week of April 13th


Hope that you had a nice break from online learning last week. We all had a staycation this year! Hope all your family members are healthy and safe.

Fourth Grade – Digital Learning for the week of April 13th consists of daily guidance including choice boards for Reading/ELA, Science, and S.S.

Digital Plans Week of April 13th for the week’s plans and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Office hours are 9-10, but I will answer emails throughout the day as well.

Please remember that guidance regarding time spent on school learning is about two hours each weekday. There are plenty of additional options via our school’s Digital Learning Website: https://www.smore.com/kj568

Digital Plans Week of April 13th


Welcome back from Spring Break! Fourth grade teachers will be posting separately for this week’s digital learning information.

On Friday, 4/10, the District announced that we are going to four-day digital school weeks from Monday – Thursday. Friday will be a day for students to catch-up on any previously assigned lessons. Teachers will be able to collaborate and conference with peers, parents and/or students, assess student progress, and prepare future instructional lessons. Can you have students continue to use digital tools to learn on Fridays? Absolutely! Is it required? No, but if working with a structured schedule is better for your child, then please carry on!

One of our top questions has been, “What about placement forms?” If you wish to fill out an OPTIONAL CLASS PLACEMENT FORM, THE NEW DIGITAL LINK IS HERE. If you filled one out previously on paper, you will need to complete again. RISING FIFTH GRADE PLACEMENT FORM.

Because this process of not being at school together is going to make placement more challenging, we are only offering a short window for completion. If you choose to complete the optional placement information, please do so by Friday, April 17th.

Have a great week of digital learning and don’t forget to utilize the resources at https://www.smore.com/kj568

Activities for the Week of March 30th


Fourth Grade – Digital Learning for the week of March 30th consists of daily guidance including a Science/S.S. choice board. Our Flocabulary class code will be emailed to you for your reference.

CLICK HERE for the week’s plans and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Please remember that guidance regarding time spent on school learning is about two hours each weekday. There are plenty of additional options via our school’s Digital Learning Website: https://www.smore.com/kj568




The room moms emailed me the class gift for Teacher Appreciation Week,

                                    and all I can say is WOW!

These past weeks have been quite an adjustment for me.  The kids are what makes teaching fun, challenging and always interesting.  I love the curriculum, but the kids bring the class to life.  So trying to teach without the kids is not as much fun– a lot quieter but also a lot more boring:(

I feel like you guys on the home front deserve the teacher appreciation gift, not me.   I hope the kids are compliant in their home school lessons, and you are able to get your normal responsibilities taken care of as well.

Thank you for the thoughtful gift- you manage to spoil me even during coronocation!

Please let the kids know I miss and love them!


3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards



Report cards will be available digitally for Quarter 3. You can access your child’s grades and attendance through ParentVUE.

If you are having problems logging into ParentVUE to access your child’s report card, we are here to help! In order to grant you access, please complete the following steps:

1. If you are the enrolling parent, please continue to #2. If you are not the enrolling parent, please STOP READING! We can not assist you further unless you are the enrolling parent. Sorry!

2. Email Assistant Principal Kevin Johnson ( Kevin1.Johnson@CobbK12.org )with your first and last name, along with a photo of your government-issued ID.

3. Please state “I Need Access To ParentVue” in the subject line.

4. Once Mr. Johnson confirms you are the enrolling adult, he will email you back with an Activation Key letter that includes instructions for logging into ParentVue. You will also receive an attachment regarding ParentVue Acceptable Use Policy & User Agreement.

5. Please follow the instructions for logging in. If you are still unable to log in, please email Mr. Johnson back ( Kevin1.Johnson@CobbK12.org ), so he can assist you with troubleshooting.

Thank you!

Required Activities for Thursday


Digital Plans 3-19_3-20 

(feel free to print the above plans to use as a checklist)

The link above will take you to  the required assignments for Thursday and Friday.

Starting next week you will receive the whole week’s required activities to help parents plan for the week.

Thank you for all you doing to support the kiddos and me!



         THE SPACE BAR!!!

Online Adventures for today

10:00 am   Live streaming from the Center for Puppetry Arts   “Little Red Hen”-go to puppetry.org for instructions on how to access

11:00 am      Live streaming from the Center for Puppetry Arts  “Anansi the Spider”

12pm            Live streaming from the Center for Puppetry Arts   “Captain Healthy and Safety Dog”

2pm             Live streaming from the Center for Puppetry Arts     “Ginger Boy”

1 :00pm Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams- every day at 1pm ET a new video will be released at https://www.kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems

2:00 pm  Online Read Aloud  Dan Gutman  (author of The Kid Who Ran for President )via Dan Gutman Facebook page- he will read 3 more chapters today- to see the first three chapters go to his facebook page

3:00pm Virtual Field Trip- Home Safari live each weekday at 3pm EDT via Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Facebook page


READING-Story Works ( found in manila folder sent home)

  • read the story “The Big One”
  • then complete the “The Big One” comprehension quiz


MATH-preview converting a fraction to a decimal by visiting links below



SCIENCE-preview simple machines with this video



Required Activities for Wednesday


   What is an alien’s favorite part of a computer?

Please fill out this self assessment about yesterday’s work- I also sent it in an email – you only have to do it one time:)


Vocabulary Book


pdf of unit 14 in case you forgot your vocab book-Unit 14 Vocab WB pgs
  • Complete page 144 writing the word in the blank and circling the context clues
  • practice your words using the quizlet above


Math Moby Max

(if it is taking you longer than 25 minutes, feel free to stop and continue the next day)


  • Those with paper copies of The Kid Who Became President  please read for at least 40 minutes each day (our goal is to finish the book in 2 weeks)
  • Those without paper copies- try to download from SORA if possible/if not possible, choose a chapter book to read that will challenge you a little, not a lot unless you read with a parent

Language Arts

  • using the directions stapled to your manilla folder set home or the directions on smore site, log in to your Moby Max account
  • under the subjects listed, find  TEST PREP and click on it
  • next choose Language
  • spend about 20 minutes

Typing-spend 15 minutes or more each day

And remember, always encourage your children to use both hands when using a keyboard!  Happy typing!


Moby Max Help


Your student does not have to take the placement test.

After you log in, you will click on the icon right under Moby Max words– it looks like the spine of books and is the library:)

Now click on the green icon that says math

If it starts the math placement test automatically, just click the home button which looks like a house:)

Assignments should pop up here -ignore all but the adding and subtracting  fractions activities.

Email me if you cannot find the assignment and I will log into your account and see what is going on:)


Optional Activities for TUESDAY


     A rash of good luck!

TUESDAY-Remember optional means you choose to do none, all or some of the activities!

READING-Story Works ( found in manila folder sent home)

  • complete the worksheet in stapled packet called Word Preview
  • then read the story “Frozen Dreams”
  • finally complete the “Frozen Dream” comprehension quiz on the back of word preview

WRITING-Using the top worksheet in packet called Writing a Summary

  • fill in organizer to complete summary
  • practice typing skills by typing up the final summary
  • share with Mrs. Sides if you would like

MATH-preview fractions to decimals by visiting links below


Interesting idea- Choose a museum to virtually tour  –https://apple.news/AoXUX57qoTzuLREnMdxoSvQ?fbclid=IwAR1H4i_0-oN8OiPwyaj3pHgdUdASt1PjYw8GqJ4BXl7rPhlHBtEQoYnPF7c

Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams– every day at 1pm ET a new video will be released at https://www.kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems


Tuesday Required Activities




Hope you are finding ways to entertain yourself during this social distancing time:)  I have started a jigsaw puzzle and some home improvement projects.  Of course, I am reading, taking walks with the pups, and

enjoying having my kids home (they might not be enjoying it as much as I am!)

Hopefully you have all the materials you need to complete today’s activities, but if not, just email me and I will help you get to the necessary resources.   I tried to give time estimates to help stay within the two hours of work time requirements provided by our amazing administration.   Let me know if you find the assignments are going beyond 2 hours, so I can adjust.  If you are able to wiz through the assignments, check out the optional learning blog post for more enrichment. (the optional activities will appear on the blog each morning at 10am– you can also go to the links at the top of the blog  that say grammar websites and math interactive sites)

I miss your sweet alien faces!  Feel free to email me and let me know what you and your family are doing together and to fill me in on any leprechaun shenanigans that might have happened to you!!   

Vocabulary Book


pdf of unit 14 in case you forgot your vocab book-Unit 14 Vocab WB pgs
  • Read the story “Love Those Bugs!” on page 140 and 141
  • this link will let you listen to the story while reading along if you like as well as see how the words are pronounced
  • list all the blue highlighted words on a piece of paper (you can use the notebooks you brought home or loose-leaf paper
  • using the context clues in the story, write a definition for each word
  • when done, turn to pages 142-143 to check and see how many you figured out
  • neatly fill in the blanks as you read the definitions- pay attention to the synonyms and antonyms

Math Moby Max

  • using the directions stapled to your manilla folder set home or the directions on smore site, log in to your Moby Max account
  • Complete the Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Same Denominators lessons (if it is taking you longer than 25 minutes, feel free to stop and continue the next day)


  • Those with paper copies of The Kid Who Became President  please read for at least 40 minutes each day (our goal is to finish the book in 2 weeks)
  • Those without paper copies- try to download from SORA if possible/if not possible, choose a chapter book to read that will challenge you a little, not a lot unless you read with a parent

Language Arts

  • using the directions stapled to your manilla folder set home or the directions on smore site, log in to your Moby Max account
  • under the subjects listed, find  TEST PREP and click on it
  • next choose Language
  • spend about 20 minutes

Typing-spend 15 minutes or more each day

And remember, always encourage your children to use both hands when using a keyboard!  Happy typing!

What do you get when you cross poison ivy and a four leaf clover?

Fourth Digital Learning Specifics


Buccaneer Families,

We will continue to update our Mt. Bethel Digital Learning site with daily morning announcements and information each weekday while we are out by 9:00 am. The Mt. Bethel Digital Learning site’s web address is: https://www.smore.com/kj568 .

We are providing digital resources, but please keep in mind analog resources such as books, flash cards, games, etc. are also great ways to spend your time!

If you have questions or issues, please reach out to our staff. We are here to help!

Want to share images of digital learning? You can email them to mt.bethel.buccaneers@gmail.com or tag @mtbetheles on Instagram!

Specific Guidelines for Fourth Grade:

Fourth graders should spend two hours or more daily working on digital resources. For math, the most helpful learning is reinforcement of skills working with fractions. Teachers will outline ten fractions topics in MobyMax and you should practice one of those standards daily.

In reading, access books in Sora or enjoy a book from another source such as Cobb Digital Library or a chapter book you have at your house.

Teachers will post individual guidance about pacing through the Vocab Workshop book and you should complete the MobyMax Test Prep for Language.

Proper keyboarding and typing skills is important in our digital age therefore during the two hour time, students should practice keyboarding for 15 minutes a day. Check Mrs. Cooper’s Blog for online keyboarding websites.


Dear Mt. Bethel Families,

We miss our Buccaneers and hope that you all are well and ready to access to some awesome digital resources!

We cannot replicate learning that takes place in our classrooms/school, but we have worked to combine a variety of resources into one place: the Mt. Bethel Digital Learning Website. The web address is: https://www.smore.com/kj568

Digital learning will provide our Buccaneers with opportunities to refine previously taught skills through a variety of platforms, some funded by our District and others through our PTA and Foundation. Currently, our digital learning plan does not expect parents to introduce new standards but focuses on reviewing critical content that has already been taught. We are also focused on reading and math – the most critical skills students learn in elementary school that set the foundation for success in and beyond school.

Time expectations will include about one hour of work for Kindergarten, First, and Second Graders and about two hours of work for Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders. Plenty of opportunities to go above and beyond are available, too!

We will provide guidance, but we fully anticipate hiccups. Give yourself grace. If things don’t work as planned at first, breathe. It is okay. While these digital resources are valuable, equally as valuable are reading real books, practicing math with flash cards or a deck of cards/dice, and discussions with families and loved ones, taking a walk, completing chores, listening to music, putting together puzzles, playing board games, or trying out a new recipe together.

Today’s assignment is for you and your child, together, to practice logging into each of the platforms. Guidance for the logins is contained in each section of the website. If you cannot log in, simply email your child’s teacher and we will get to work resolving the issue.

We also encourage you to work with your child to create a schedule outlining what time of day you are going to participate in digital learning. Don’t forget that your school schedule while you are away can absolutely include specials and recess! Brain breaks are important, too!

On Tuesday, March 17th, our teachers will post ideas of the most important subjects on which to spend time and energy.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out to any of our teachers, counselors, or administrators. We are available for you!

Mt. Bethel’s Digital Learning Website: https://www.smore.com/kj568

Want to share images of digital learning? You can email them to mt.bethel.buccaneers@gmail.com or tag @mtbetheles on Instagram!


Waiting for Final Instructional Plans


When the plan for online instruction has been approved and vetted by our fabulous administration, the minimum expectations for daily instruction will be released.

We, as a team, are trying to create a consistent, equitable work load that we feel is manageable and fair.

I will be posting two posts a day–

  1.  the expected activities to be done if at all possible

  2. OPTIONAL *** activities  (many students mentioned that they would love extra practice recommendations as they hate being bored- many parents will appreciate the option of having guidance as to suggested educational enrichment)

***(optionalleft to choice : not required- you may do none, all, or pick and choose which ones you might enjoy)


No Updates on possible school closings- just letting you know the plan if this should happen


Today I spoke with the students to prepare them in case our schools close for any extended period of time.  There has not been any county directives saying that this will happen–I just want to be PROACTIVE.

In the case that school is closed, I know we would all want our children to still receive instruction for their learning and your sanity:)

The plan is

  • for 4th graders to receive about 2 hours of online instruction per day that needs to be done if at all possible.
  • In addition, I sent home an optional work folder with activities that will address the 4th grade standards.  You, as a parent, can decide the extent to which you want or feel your child needs the activities to reinforce their learning.  I told the kids that if you said it was mandatory, then it is mandatory- so hopefully, you will not get arguments or kids telling you otherwise:)
  • plan on having your child start their schoolwork at 9:00 am as I will be on call via email from 9am -10am  in the mornings- if they start later and have questions, I may not see the email after 10 am
  • as always, my blog will be the source of more specific details on assignments and links to resources
  • spend time playing board games, cards, and more traditional games with your family
  • have kids help you cook meals using their measurement skills
  • please truly quarantine your family to make this POSSIBLE school closure effective in preventing the spread of the virus


The administration and teachers are just preparing for the possibility and want what is best for your kiddos.

Note:  if schools do not close, but you feel strongly that your child needs to stay home to protect family members that are very susceptible to catching viruses, you may keep your child home.

Take care of yourselves with our usual healthy measures such as washing hands and keeping hands away from your face, mouth, and eyes.

We are using Chlorox wipes in the classroom to help kill germs!  Thank you to my kind parents who have been sending them in periodically throughout the year– they are especially coming in handy now:)

Homework for the Week of March 9th



preview for the week of March 9th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-March 9

Vocabulary Resources


Math Worksheet

math homework for March 9th

New concept-Fraction of a whole number

video    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oynWRXWmDao

Review Concept -Fractions on a Number Line Practice Site




Social Studies Resources

Louisiana Purchase and Lewis& Clark study guide 2020

quizlet- https://quizlet.com/265419069/louisiana-purchase-flash-cards/



War of 1812 in a Nutshell

There was a big bully off the Virginia shore,

So War Hawks declared that it was time for war.

There’s two years of fighting

With the White House ruined.

Dolly saved George

And we got a new tune.

No major changes

Boundaries stayed the same,

But One soldier won

By gaining national fame.

Wednesday Water Bottle Raffle


Have your student bring a his/her reusable water on Wednesday, they will have a chance to win a


Each child who brings a reusable water bottle  gets to fill out a raffle ticket.

During your child’s lunch shift, the winner will be draw from all the raffle tickets!


and practice healthy habits!

Homework for the Week of February 10th


Valentine’s Day plus STEM Day



We will exchange cards on Friday the 14th.

Remember there are 30 kids total in the classroom.

(Check your class contact list sent out by the room parents earlier this year to find the list of names)

Please include all students if you choose to hand out Valentines:)

Students may decorate a bag or box to collect their cards.

You may  bring in a box from past years.


 Friday the 14th is Stem Day. Our scheduled time is 11:00-12:15.


Homework for the Week of January 27th


Preview of Week’s Topics

preview for the week of Jan 27


Homework-for-the-Week-of-January 27

Practice recorder so you can get green belt at next class

Study guides



Social Studies


We the People: The Preamble

Source: Scholastic News Online

The first sentence of the Constitution is called the preamble.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The preamble does not grant or restrict powers. It explains the purpose of the Constitution and sets the stage for the first 7 articles and the first 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, that follow.

The first three words of the preamble, “We the People,” may be the three most important words in the history of American democracy!

Two important items


First one…

We have so many kids with nicknames that I have to ask….

Do you want your child’s formal name or name they are called in class put in the yearbook?

Right now the formal names are listed– if you would rather the informal name, please email me tonight.  THANKS!

Second one…

FACT clubs are starting back up!   Please fill out this form to let me know if  and when your child is going to a FACT club before Monday.  THANKS



Music/ Recorder Practice


From Mrs. Gardner…

Please have your child practice their recorders on

a regular basis at home, even if you have to send

them to the porch:)

The students know the notes of the music, but their fingers are struggling to play them.

By practicing regularly at home, they can build up their muscle memory (the ability to repeat

a specific muscular movement with improved efficiency and accuracy

that is acquired through practice and repetition).

Attendance/ Absence Notes


From our attendance clerk…

Anytime any child is absent for any reason they should:

  1. Send either a hand written note OR an email to: annie.howland@cobbk12.orgOR if they have it a doctor’s note.

The note should include:

  1. The student’s name
  2. The teacher’s name
  3. All date/s absent
  4. The reason for absence

Thank you!

Homework for the Week of Jan. 13th



Today was a great day getting to see the kiddos again!  They were excited to see each other and catch up with their classmates.  Hopefully tomorrow they will be less chatty-lol!  

Please ask your student to bring you the permission slip that was sent home today.  It should be in their homework pocket if they followed directions.

Also if your child still has their December reading log, please make sure all signatures are present, the minutes have been added up, and books read listed. I would love to have them all turned in by Tuesday. They received their January reading log today:)

Can’t wait to see all the student growth in 2020!

Alice in Wonderland Thursday at Pope High School


So excited to be heading to Pope High School tomorrow morning for the performance of  Alice in Wonderland!

This year my daughter is directing the show, so I am eager to see the final product.    Maggie will finally get to meet all my kiddos:)

We will be back for lunch for there is no need for special lunch provisions.

Your child can choose…

  1. to dress up for the play in fancy clothes
  2. dress down wearing purple class shirt

It is totally up to them!

Thursday Papers


Papers went home today, but I did not send weekly behavior reports home.

I figured if they did not get turned in tomorrow–they might be lost for good:)

IMPORTANT- please send back the Star Test so we can work on the writing using their essay as a rough draft-THANKS!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoy family time!

Homework for the Week of Nov. 18th


PLEASE send in empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls for STEM Day on Friday- thanks

Preview of Week

preview of lessons for week of November 18th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-Nov. 18th

TARGET kids- go to EdModo to complete a required reflection on your project by next Wednesday.

Text structure Resources

Monday-Text Structure Practice 1


Wednesday-Text Structure Practice 3

Extra practice-Text Structure Practice Quiz 4

Math Resource


Nov 18th math homework

worksheets are in homework pocket

Math Facts Practice 



1) Click on link

2) Change length to 100

3) Change level  12

4) Set timer for 5 minute

5) Click on division

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again to improve

Social Studies

Study Guide

Famous Revolutionary Figures and their contributions


Stay with Me Video

Too Late to Apologize

Homework for the Week of November 11


Preview of Next Week

preview of lessons for week of November 11th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-Nov. 11th

Text Feature Resources

Required Worksheets

Monday-reading timeline and graph

Tuesday-reading an index

Wednesday- exploring-a-table-of-contents

Thursday-Beelzebufo article with text features 2

beezelbufo addition

See handouts in homework pocket

Text Feature OPTIONAL study  websites





Math Resources

Math Homework Nov. 11th

worksheets are in homework pocket

Math Facts Practice 



1) Click on link

2) Change length to 100

3) Change level  12

4) Set timer for 5 minute

5) Click on division

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again to improve

Homework for the Week of November 4th


Preview of Next Week

preview of lessons for week of November 4th


Homework-for-the-Week-of-Nov. 4th

Vocabulary Resources



sentence study guide

Required Worksheets

Compound_Subjects_Predicates (1)

types of sentences test practice2 – Copy

See handout in homework pocket

Sentence Types  OPTIONAL study  websites




Math Resources

Math Resources

Math homework for week of Nov. 4th

Math Facts Practice 



1) Click on link

2) Change length to 100

3) Change level  12

4) Set timer for 5 minute

5) Click on multiplication

6) Click on inverted

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again to improve

Computer lab in School


Thursday Papers


Thursday papers went home today.

Included is an opportunity to order books for holiday gifts.

If you order please, pay online to help out our bookkeeper. I will be notified that you placed an order.

If you want the books as surprise gifts, just send me an email and I will be sneaky in getting them to you:)

Below is the link to order books-


You will see a box that says Parents have a class code..

Class Activation code=GJWDH

In School Links/Also great optional study games for this weeks tests at home


Upcoming Cobb Youth Museum field trip


Our first field trip is on THURSDAY, October 29th.  The permission slip went home today.  The trip is $19, but if you want to buy a souvenir package, see the small slip with options and additional costs.  PLEASE send in one form of payment for both the souvenirs and trip. You have three choices- all cash, a check or online payment.  By lumping the two payments, you will really help cut down on paperwork for our bookkeeper.  Thanks!

  • We will have an early lunch at school at 10:00.
  • The bus will depart shortly after 10:30.
  • We will return to school at 1:50.  (so don’t plan on checking your kid out early that day)

Please have your child wear his/her PURPLE class t-shirt.

The students will have a blast re-enacting out parts of our history.


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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A slideshow by Smilebox


The children may order a souvenir package from the museum if they like.

Order forms went home on Monday.

Below are the pictures of the packages available..

If you need another one, here is the link-https://nebula.wsimg.com/0f2012268a44343ea58601d588c954e7?AccessKeyId=859A446EEE8308297CA1&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

  1. Economy Package – Includes Flip Stick and Hi Bounce Ball
  2. Action Package – Includes YM Frisbee and Hi Bounce Ball
  3. Basic Indian Package – Includes Arrowhead Necklace & Large Dream Catcher
  4. Patriotic Package – Includes Replica of U.S. Constitution, Quill Pen, and Patriotic Wristband
  5. Deluxe Indian Package – Includes a Feather Indian Headdress and A Dream Catcher Necklace
  6. Rocky Package – Includes Youth Museum Rock Pencil, Arrowhead & Onyx Animal
  7. Gemstone Package – Includes Youth Museum Rock Pencil & Gemstone Heart Necklace


Thank You to Natalie Collins & the Foundation for the 4th Grade Study Skills Class


Here are some of the highlights of the fabulous study skills session that Natalie Collins provided your children.  Our amazing Foundation funded this opportunity for us- thank you for supporting the foundation in the October Drive!


-write homework in daily

-incorporate the “x strategy” when no written homework is assigned

-highlight tests, quizzes, and projects

Teacher blogs

-check Sundays/Mondays and update agenda


-check weekly to monitor progress

-all parents and students need to log-in to make sure passwords and accounts are working

New grading scale

-Letter grades

90-100 A

80-89 B

74-79 C

70-74 D

69 below F

Study strategies for tests and quizzes

-share Cornell Notes with study strategies and try a new strategy each week

-study guides

-interactive websites

-LISTENING in class!!!


If you are interested in further sessions for your child, here is Natalie’s contact info–

Natalie Collins, M. Ed.

Learning Specialist


The Behavioral Institute of Atlanta

(404) 256-9325 Office

(770) 998-6641 Home

(404) 786-9130 Cell


Pronoun Practice


Thursday Papers


Today was our first official Thursday paper send off.

Your child should come home with a RED folder.

On the left side should be completed student work that may be kept at home.

On the right side should be important flyers and papers to sign.

ESPECIALLY important today…

  1. Milestone Scores in an envelope
  2. Access codes to Parentvue for the grade book
  3. Info about the Readathon
  4. Picture Day reminder

SIGN today...

  1. Behavior report – orange or yellow sheet
  2. Reading Log


THANK YOU for helping me establish clear communication lines:)

Feel free to email any questions to me!

Homework for the Week of August 5th


If you hear from another parent that they are not receiving blog updates, please ask them to check their spam.  They may have to confirm the subscription. Thanks!

  1. Explain the counseling paper to your parents (remember it is in your homework pocket)
  2. If you received a packet with green papers, please give them to your parents (remember if you got one, it is in your homework pocket)
  3. Read every night for at least 20 minutes and record on recording log (remember it is in your homework  pocket)
  4. Practice multiplication facts using…

a) flash cards

b) Xtramath.org   my email for sign in is shannon.sides@cobbk12.org

c) that quiz.org , click arithmetic, click multiplication, change to 100 problems & 5 minutes

if you want to time yourself

d) https://www.multiplication.com/games/all-games

e) print out paper copy

                   0s thru 9s times tables


Great First Week (especially since it was 2 days!)


The aliens did a great job these past two days.  This week was a perfect warm up for next week’s full 5 day week.  Thank you to all PTA helpers and Foundation crew that made the start of school a smooth experience.   I really appreciate all the parents for dragging the kids out of bed so early and making sure they are prepared for school:)

We had a very productive couple of days of learning.

  • Many activities focused on team building and class building to get to know each other better.
  • The behavior plan was explained to students, and clear expectations were set up.
  • We completed our agenda for next week, received our Central Intelligence Folder, and will start our reading log next week.

Check out the pictures and important dates…


Aliens Have INVADED!



News Alert!  News Alert!

Monday, July 29th, ALIENS  invaded room 501, known as the classroom of said teacher Mrs. Sides.

The aliens landed bearing notebooks, pencils, markers, and spoke with high squeaky voices.  They seemed to be very curious about this new environment that they have chosen to visit for the year.

When asked how Mrs. Sides felt about this attack of the aliens, she responded, “I was relieved to discover these aliens were a friendly bunch.   I do believe we have discovered intelligent life on Planet Sides!  Now if I could only borrow an eyeball or two from these visitors, I might be able to see all their quirky behaviors even when writing on the board.”

On a more serious note, I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful students and their parents on Monday.  What a fabulous turnout!  I can’t wait to start this school year with such an excited, energetic crew.  I look forward to an OUT OF THIS WORLD year.  Thank you again for coming today.  See you tomorrow!


  1. bring water bottle
  2. bring snack
  3. wear tennis shoes for PE
  4. bring lunch or make sure your lunch account is funded
  5. bring your positive attitude:)

Typing Skills for the Aliens


Consider this option as the Milestones will be on the computer this year with writing pieces assigned.


Welcome to Mousekey Adventures 

where students learn to type after school! 

Get ready for testing in the spring…. 

Get familiar with a life-long skill now! 

Class times: 

Tuesday 2:30 – 3:30 pm 

Tuesday 3:45 – 4:45 pm 

Wednesday 3:45 – 4:45 pm 

To register go to:  www.mousekeyadv.wixsite.com/fact  

Great Way to Practice Your Multiplication Facts


Note:  We will focus on the higher multiplication facts and move down.  So we will master the 12 times tables, then 11 time tables , then 10 times tables, etc.



1) Click on link

2) Change length to 20

3) Change level to 12  then practice at level 11

4) Set timer for 1 minute

5) Click on multiplication

6) Click on Focused

7) Answer first problem and hit ok- the time will start

8) To practice the same facts again just hit reset

9) to practice the next set, change the level  to 11

10) repeat steps and change level to 10