6th grade

Olympic Week! GOOOOO Switzerland! 🙂 You are doing a great job in the events and team spirit. Keep it up

Hoot- Book- in a- week presentations began Wednesday- Friday

Please watch this video link below and answer the 2 questions on your own paper at home.  Bring this paper with you to class MONDAY!  Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Crandall are doing a lesson on Digital Citizenship.


1. Which topic in the video seems to be the biggest problem within a kids’ digital life today? Why do you think that? Give at least one example.
2. Based on the topics in the video, which topic do you struggle with personally? What are some options that could help you?


Week of April 29-

Don’t forget to have your parent sign your SkyZone  Book Zone pass and bring it back fro me to sign by FRIDAY!

Also, bring in you book club books (or sequels to the book club book) for a Book SWAP (trade.)  I will give you a ticket to use the day of the book trade with all 6th grade ELA classes that also brought in books.  We want to promote continued reading! 🙂

All blocks 1,2,3

Monday- Analyze a music video “Hall of Fame” and complete the graphic organizer

Tuesday/Wednesday- Last Touchstone #4

Thursday/Friday- Analyze  the short story “The Suitcase and Snowglobes” and complete graphic organizers.


Testing information:

Please click the link below to learn to use the tools on the Milestone on April 24.  Spending time familiarizing yourself witht he sticky note, highlighting, calculator, and cross out tools are CRITICAL to practice before the date of the test!


Week of March 26

Monday- block 1 AC:  We began creating our infographic with EASEL.LY.

block 2/3- We began practice for the Milestone, reading two articles and writing an argument and supporting the claim with text evidence from both articles.

Tuesday– block 1 AC: We continued creating our infographic with EASEL.LY.
block 2/3- We finished practice for the Milestone, reading two articles and writing an argument and supporting the claim with text evidence from both articles.

Wednesday- BOOK CLUB

hw- finish book club pages by the 4/11

Thursday-(block 1 ac) FINISH INFOGRAPHIC BY TODAY!

hw- block 1 practice to present tomorrow!

block 2/3- Narrative writing to practice for Milestone


block 2/3- Touchstone mini #3














Week of March 4- Book FAIR is here! Feel free to shop on line using link from last week’s blog.

Monday- block 1 (ac only)– Pre-write of argument letter using completed  graphic organizer.  We will be typing tomorrow in the media center.  Please bring a stamped envelope to class this week so we can mail your letter!

block 2/3- review of Rhetorical Appeals p. 232 in Springboard.  Review of tone and style of writing and using deliberate word choice for Pathos.

hw- book clubs pages are due Wed. for class

Tuesday- ac only- Type argumentative letter (4 paragraph minimum using relevant reason, Pathos, and Logos) Bring envelope and stamp to mail your letter

hw- book club pages due tomorrow

block 2.3- Finish 3. 11 (p. 232) in Springboard; 3.12- Citing Sources, using quotations and paraphrasing to avoid plagiarism. Exit ticket

Wednesday- Book club! Collaborate with your group using group norms. Read next section of pages

Thiursday- block 1( ac only)- Contunue typing letter and works cited page.  Final copy due by the end of class

hw- book club pages due next Wednesday

block 2/3- Journal entry/Continue discussion on Pathos and persuasive techniques

Friday- FINISH typing letter and work cited page.  Print TWO copies, one for me and one to ne mailed.  My copy you need to highlight the claim and label your persuasive techniques!

blocks 2/3- CTLS assessment on Springboard 3.11-3.13; Grade an argument essay provided by the teacher.


I am working hard on building the classroom library with some of the authors and books that we have learned about in the Springboard book this year.  If you would  like to help and donate a book, please click on the link of my Wishlist below! Thank you for any help getting books into the students hands 🙂 

Huge thanks to Kinsley Cooper and Chris Hendricks you donated books to the class!  Thank you, so much for your support!

update- Huge thanks to Chris Hendricks and Fisher Hobbs for donating new books before the break to our classroom library!  You are the best 🙂

click here:



Update 2/28- Click here for the link to my book fair wish list if you are interested!


It’s almost time for Durham Media Center’s annual Scholastic Book Fair! The book fair is the only fundraiser the media center hosts, and the earnings support 100% of the media center’s trivia prizes throughout the year including paperback books and posters awarded to this year’s Scholastic Summer Reading students who logged reading minutes over the summer and prizes for October’s “Spooky Books Trivia” winners. School supplies like pencils and fun, complimentary bookmarks offered throughout the year are also purchased with Scholastic credits as are much of the library’s displays, décor and signage. Device charging stations, the multimedia table, comfy student seating, and interlocking tables were all purchased with monies earned through the Scholastic Book Fair. Every penny of the proceeds benefits Durham students, so please consider shopping the Scholastic Book Fair March 4th through March 8th.

The Online Scholastic Book Fair is Now Open! Sunday, February 24th – Saturday, March 9th.


Shop cash free by setting up an eWallet account and designating funds for your child to use at the fair.

Shop the online fair for an expanded selection of books for the whole family and to share your book fair with family and friends by sending wish lists. All orders ship to school for FREE, and each purchase benefits our school. (Note: Online sales orders will arrive within 5-7 business days after March 10th and will be distributed to students via their homerooms.)

Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed the break and RAIN (if you stayed in Georgia!)

Week of Feb 25

Monday– block 1 (ac only)- read research and take notes looking for reasons of a claim for your argumentative letter

hw- bring back registration form by Wednesday

block 2/3- discussion on fact vs. opinion;  Read Newslea article and marked the text looking for fact/opinions/ and central idea of text

Tuesday- (block 1 only)- Discuss claim and reasons from research to support your claim.  Write a thesis statement

hw- (block 1)gather more research to ensure you have 2 -3 reasons of facts/evidence from your reading

block 2/3- Finish writing 2-3 sentences on central idea of Newslea article, one fact statement, and one opinion statement

hw- none

Wednesday– Yay! Book club is BACK!  Enjoy starting your books today! 🙂

hw- block 1 finish research notes (if needed) and bring claim, thesis statement, reasons for claim to class already written on paper!

Thursday- ( block 1)teacher example of argument letter writing; Your turn:  complete graphic organizer for argument essay

block 2/3- Read in Springboard p. 229 and discuss

Friday-(block 1) finish graphic organizer

hw-  BLOCK 1- finish classwork

block 2/3- read in Springboard 3.11 p. 232

FROM MRS. Baker in the Media Center…  ATTENTION:

Read Across America is just around the corner! This year the Durham Media Center will be connecting Durham students with Frey Elementary School students grades K-2. Durham students who apply and are selected will visit Frey during Read Across America WeekMonday, February 25 – Friday, March 1 and will read selections from their favorite picture books. If you are a Durham student who would like to share the joy of reading aloud with our neighboring students, head to the Durham Media Center to pick up an application. Applications should be submitted by Wednesday, February 13th.

 Learn all about National Education Association’s Read Across America and get in on the fun!


Week of Feb 11

Please read Unit 3 family letter below:

Unit 3 Family Letter-1t4ioft

Monday- block 1,2,3 Touchstone Mini #2

block 2.3- journal entry

Tuesday- (block 1)- ethos, pathos, logos note taking; I Wanna Iguana story; Begin I wanna Llama

hw- bring argumentative research to class printed with citations using Cobb Digital Library

block 2.3-  Valentine journal; Springboard book p. 172-173; answer questions #1-5.

hw- finish classwork

Wednesday- block 1 (ac only)- Write a want a Llama using research provided by me!

block 2-3- Valentine journal entry; Springboard read page 175 and answer questions #8-11

hw- finish classwork

Thursday- block 1 (ac only)- Valentine journal entries; Arguementive handout (due at end of class FRIDAY)

blocks 2/3- Valentine journal entries;

Friday- media center checkout; arguementative journal

Enjoy the break!  We will continue with book club on Wednesday’s when we return. Can’t wait for students to pick their books this week and begin reading when we get back!


Feb 4-8

Monday– block 1 (Ac)- Write 15 claims for the handout from last Thursday’s class

hw- finish all 15 claims (if necessary)

Monday/Tuesday- block 2/3 Finish Temple Grandin movie while taking notes of ways that Temple Grandin overcomes obstacles of her autism with animals.

hw- none

Tuesday- block 1 (ac only)- Discuss claims while writing an argument; watch Grover’s Wigs  from Sesame Street and write a paragraph from Grover’s perspective on why you should buy a wig.

hw- none

Wednesday- block 1 (ac) finish paragraph on Grover’s Wigs and put document into www.peergrade.ioGo

Peer edit a minimum of 3 Grover Wig paragraphs looking for the strength of the argument and identifying a claim.

Join Code: 3UJM8D

hw- finish peer grading of 3 paragraphs (if needed)

BLOCK 1: DUE NEXT WED- BRING YOUR RESEARCH FROM COBB DIGITAL LIBRARY!  -Think about a topic that you truly care about
and take a position on it. Write an argumentative letter to convince a real-world audience to support your position on the topic.( we will begin the letter in class next week with your research!) Your issue can be something you are passionate about at home, at school, in your local community, or in the larger, world-wide community.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday- (blocks 2/3) Using note sheet from Temple Grandin video and the graphic organizer  write the Embedded Assessment:

  • Type Thursday- rough draft copy and edit
  • Edit Typed copy FRIDAY and print final copy with rubric attached with typed rough draft (highlighted) and EA#2 graphic organizer, and Movie notes graphic organizer.

The completed Embedded Assessment is due AT THE END OF CLASS FRIDAY! If you will be out this week for music classes, you need to discuss with me the plan you have to have your essay turned in by Monday at HOMEROOM!

prompt: Write a multi-paragraph explanatory essay explaining how animals help Temple Grandin deal with the challenges of autism.

Thursday-block 1 (ac only)- In Springboard read p. 172- 174 “Don’t Ban Peanuts”and complete questions 1,2,3,4,5; Read “Penny Problems” p. 175 and complete questions #8-11; “Should Dodge ball be Banned in Schools” p. 178-179; Complete question 2 and 4 (chart)

 hw- finish classwork from Springboard book

Friday- block 1 (ac) – In Springboard book, read “Most Dangerous Sport…’ p. 181-183; Complete questions 6 and 9 (chart)

hw- Finish any Springboard reading/questions from Thursday or FRIDAY


 Jan 28

Monday- (block 1 ac) Touchstone 3; media center checkout

block 2/3- Touchstone 3 mini; media center checkout

hw- Get Temple Grandin movie permission form signed

Tuesday- SNOW DAY! 🙂

Wednesday- block 1,2, 3- Writing Touchstone; journal- Should parents monitor children’s internet usage?  Why AND why not?

read for pleasure

hw- finish journal question (if needed)

Thursday- (block 1 ac) – Begin Unit 3

block 2/3- Begin watching Temple Grandin and take notes for Embedded Assessment 2

hw- none

Friday- block 1, 2,3 National Read Aloud Day in theater!

hw- none

Week of January 21


Tuesday (block 1 ac) Finish DEJ for 2 stories in Springboard book; Begin drafting embedded assessment #1

Prompt:  How do animals enhance our lives?

hw- finish DEJ

Tuesday- block 2/3- journal entry; Read Travles with Charley in Springboard; Check your understanding in book.

hw- none

Wednesday-( block 1 AC) Finish draft of prompt; complete cehcklist for writing assessment

hw- finish draft (if needed)

Wednesday – block 2/3 In Springboard book, read Saying Farwell to Marley; journal

he- none

Thursday- (block 1 AC)-finish writing checklist for writing prompt; begin typing

hw- finish writng checklist

block 2/3- 

Friday- (block 1 AC)-type Embedded assesment #2 prompt

hw- finish typing embedded assessment, if needed


Week of January 14

Monday/Tuesday- block 1 (ac) Finish typing/revising/editing Embedded Assessment #1 (from 4 choice writing prompts)

homework- finish typing Monday

Monday- block 2/3- Finish Walk TWo Moons; DEJ#5 (select ONE you want me to grade!); journal prompt (Mr. Birkway

hw- DEJ#5

Tuesday (block 2/3)- Write 2 sentence summary of book! Review Embedded Assessment prompt- choose 1; see exemplar writing and rubric of assessment; begin prewrite.

homework- none!

Wednesday– (Block 1 only)- Read 2.18 on Springboard and complete questions

Thursday- (Block 1) finish Travels with Charley jornal promt from book; Read p. 149-151 2.19

hw- finish “All Travels with Charley” questions and journal

Friday- Finish questions #1-5 on page 151; discuss Embedded assessment #2 (Explanatory Writing) and begin double entry journal from the two readings about animals we have read this week.

hw- none

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (block 2/3) finish pre-write; type Embedded Assessment #1/revise/edit/print by Friday. ** Use rubric to be sure to include all that gets graded!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a relaxing break and was able to spend time with family and friends!

Week of Jan. 7

Monday- (block 1 AC)– media center check out, read chapter 34-35 in novel

block 2- media center check out; read chapters 26, 27- block 3 started chapter 28

Tuesday- (block 1 AC)discuss Embedded Assessment #1 writing prompt (choose 1 of the 4 prompts to write about starting Thursday); finish chapter 35 and read chapters 36-39

block 2/3- finish reading chpater 28; read chapter 29 silently; complete DEJ#4- hw- finish DEJ #4 for class on Thursday

Wednesday(block 1 ac)DEJ #4; finish novel 40-44! 🙂

homework- DEJ #4 due Monday (block 1 only)

block 2/3- introduce embedded assessment (4 prompt choices); read chapters 30-33- hw- DEJ #4 due Thursday at start of class

Thursday- (block 1 ac)- pre-write Embedded assessment #1/review rubric for writing!

hw-DEJ #4 due Monday (block 1 only)

block 2/3- Read chpaters 34-38; DEJ #5

Friday- block 1 AC ONLY- media center to type Embedded assessment #1 or finish pre-write

hw- DEJ #4 due Monday (block 1 only)

blocks 2/3- read chapters 39-44 (END OF BOOK!) hw- DEJ#5


Happy Holidays!

Holiday Break- see the reading challenge from the media center to receive a treat! 🙂

The Durham Media Center is hosting a Season’s Readings Challenge encouraging students (and teachers, of course) to read at least 20 minutes each day of the holiday break. WThank you! Happy reading!


Week of 12-17

Monday- (Block 1 ) You worked in groups to complete a graphic organizer for Chapters 23-33.

Block 2/3- We took an Assessment of chapters 16-25 and then read chapter 26 silently

Tuesday– block 1- finish group graphic organizer and checkout book at media center.  Mrs. Baker is also reading us a holiday story

hw- none

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – Create a figurative language snowglobe! 🙂 Thursday and Friday there is an alternate schedule, so I will not see each block each day.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your time off 🙂


12-12 update…..HOMEROOM only- Please use the link below and sign up for the Holiday treats on 12.21 for Mrs. Slade’s homeroom.


Thank you for so many that have bought a copy of the book we are reading!  It truly helps the students respond to what their are reading and thinking! 🙂

Week of December 10

Monday- Block 1-journals using vocabulary from handout.  Must use 5 words in the paragraph; Read chapters 25-26

hw- finish all classwork

Block 2- Read chapter 20 and complete DEJ #3 and begin activity 2.8  diction handout

Block 3– DEJ 3#;  Read chapter 21; activity 2.8 diction handout  AND “Evidence” while reading 22 with a partner

hw- finish DEJ #3

Tuesday- Block 1- Read chapters 27-29; complete DEJ#3

hw- DEJ #3

Block 2-“Evidence” while reading 22 with a partner

Wednesday- Block 1 – Read chapters 30-31 together, read chapter 32-33 silently

hw- finish reading chapters 32-33

Block 2/3- Finish diction handout; read chapter 23-25

Thursday- and Friday- ALL classes- Touchstones 2 for ELA

hw- finish reading 23-25 (if needed)


Week of Dec. 13th

Monday- block 1 – Setting analysis in journal; Read chapters 13-15 in character parts

Block 2-3- We read chapters 13, 14, 15 in character parts and worked on the study guide questions for chapter 1-15.  Quiz over chapters 1-15 on Wednesday!

Tuesday- block 1– read chpaters 16-20 and complete journal activity

homework- none

block 2/3– we will be discussing the study guide and reviewing the book so far; analyzing characters/ setting, discussion figurative language

hw- review study guide

Wednesday block 1:   Students will analyze literature (Walk Two Moons) by responding to questions.

hw- none

block 2/3-Assessment WTM Quiz #1

hw- none

Thursday- ALL BLOCKS-  Career Cruising Lesson with Mrs. Crandall in computer lab 214

hw-  none

Friday- (block 1 AC)Myth/vocabulary; Read ch 23-24; Turn in Sa’s character web and jornal questions (total of 4 questions)

block 2/3- Read chapters 17-19; Quiz; Block 3- Begin double entry journal #3

hw- none



reposting from Nov. 5:

Week of November 5

**NOVEL STUDY BEGINS NOVEMBER 26- Students may wish to get their own copy due to pacing of reading.  Please bring Walk to Moons  by Sharon Creech to class, students will be annotating in their own personal books, otherwise they will need to take notes on their own.


Week of Nov. 26

(All Blocks) Monday– Begin novel, Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech Chapters 1-4

hw- finish Up paragraph (if needed)

(All Blocks) Tuesday– comprehension check for chapters 3-4; Begin Double Entry journal set up and completing DEJ #1 (remember to use detailed commentary and personal response_

(All Blocks) Wednesday– Read aloud chapters 5-6; read silently chapters 7-8.  Finish double entry journal (DEJ) from 11/27 (if needed)

hw- DEJ #1



Thank you to our families of our Veteran’s!

Week of Novemeber 12

Walk TWO Moons novel study begins at end of the week.  You may prefer to have your OWN copy of the book.

Monday- Finalize/Print/turn in final of short story!

hw- none (if you turned in your paper today- remeber there is no more class time.  I am available Wednesday morning)

Tuesday- Springboard Unit 2- Stories of Change/review internal and external forces; watch video clips of movie Up, and fill in graphic organizer on page 97 in book

hw- none

Wednesday- Block 3 only – media center lesson for double journal entry with Mrs. Baker

hw-  bring Walk Two Moons book to class Friday

Thursday- Block 1/2 ONLY-media center lesson for double journal entry with Mrs. Baker

hw-hw-  bring Walk Two Moons book to class Friday


Week of November 5

**NOVEL STUDY BEGINS NOVEMBER 16- Students may wish to get their own copy due to pacing of reading.  Please bring Walk to Moons  by Sharon Creech to class starting November 16th.** Classroom copies will be made available. Also please see attached letter regarding Unit 2  for the ELA Springboard

Unit 2 family letter-132i20k

NEEDED:  Students don’t seem to have looseleaf paper and need to replinish their supplies (they may be needing pencils/colored pencils/ and highlighters too! 🙂

Monday– Computer lab 118

Finish plot diagram of your short story and revising of your rough draft.  (use a pen to add vivid verbs, figurative language, and dialogue.) Begin typing your short story after revising.

hw- finish plot diagram (if necessary)

Tuesday- No school

Wednesday- Edit rough draft/finish plot structure for book club book (with your group) Book checkout in media center

Thursday and Friday- Computer lab 118 to type short story. Edit short story using rubric. On Friday students will beging highlighting their final copy for conflict/ figuartive language/dialogue/ and resolution.  Bring highlighters to class! 🙂

Block 1– Be sure to punctuate dialouge correctly and ADD in BRUSHSTROKES to your final copy!

Week of October 29- Bring in canned foods for “Cans for Costumes” to kick off Durham leadership’s Food Drive!

Monday– Block 1 (AC)- discussion on school safety

Block 2/3- Free Write Relay with Chris Van Allsburg photos

hw- Book club on Wednesday

Tuesday- All blocks- Begin drafting of Embedded Assessment #2 (writing a short story)

hw- Book club tomorrow

Wednesday- ALL Blocks– Book club plot diagram rough draft and flipgrid/plot structure groups

hw- none

Thursday and Friday– Finish rough draft of Embedded Assessment #2 and complete plot diagram of your  short story

Thank you for taking time to conference with me this year.  🙂 I hope you gained some insights that will aide you as your student progresses this year.

Week of October 22

All Classes-Blocks, 1, 2, 3 Digital Citizenship lesson with Mrs. Prather ; YOU LEAVE A DIGITAL FOOTPRINT!

Brain pop video- digital etiquette (you can access this at home using cobb digital library!)

Big Ideas: Be informed, Be Savvy, Be empathetic

Introduction to FLIPGRID app- a collaborative tool to use for book club! (We will continue this on Wednesday!)

hw- none


Tuesday– Block 1 (Ac)– plot elements using Pixar short film clip (complete story map diagram handout)

Block 2 and 3- Read short story “The Fun They Had” in Springboard book.

hw- Book club book FINISHED by OCT. 31.  You are almost done and I have heard many of you loving your books! 🙂 Block 2 and block 3- turn in story structure worksheet from Lemon Brown short story


WednesdayAll blocks 1,2, 3  Book club; FLIPGRID question responses! YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE FOR BOOK CLUB, but you need to download the free FLIPGRID app at HOME before class on WEDNESDAY.  I will have access to ipads in the classroom.

hw- Book club book FINISHED by OCT. 31.


Thursdayall blocks 1,2,3 plot elements practice with Disney Pixar Short film; complete graphic organizer independently

Block 2 and 3- We completed an assessment on the short stories 1.15 “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” and “The Fun They Had”

hw-Book club book FINISHED by OCT. 31.


Friday- Block 1- Writing activity using photos to activate ideas for upcoming embedded assessment!

Block 2 and 3- Disney Pixar short “For the Birds” and complete story map for grading.

hw- Book club book FINISHED by OCT. 31.


Week of October 15- Early release/conferences ALL WEEK!

Due to early release, we have an alternate schedule for classes.  You will not see each block each day (except block 3).  Schedules will be given out on Monday.

All blocks: This week we will finish answering questions on Lemon Brown short story in the Springboard.  You will be turning in the answers for grading.  You will also work on completing a story map of the short story Lemon Brown, identifying the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, and conflict of the short story.

Book club will be moved to FRIDAY this week, due to the schedule. Have your book pages read by FRIDAY with the journal question on type of conflict.

no homework all week, unless you have been absent or took home Lemon Brown to finish the questions.

Week of Oct. 8 (don’t forget early release on Thursday!)

Block 1 (AC)

Monday- We reviewed “Thank you Ma’mam” by Langston Hughes in our Springboard book and reviewed story elements and conflict.  Students then finished the summative assessment on the short story.

hw- book club pages are due Wed.


Wednesday- Book club day.  Met in your groups for discussion and read next 20 pages.  Complete discussion question on type of conflict in your book and why (give DETAILS/EXAMPLES!)

hw- early release tomorrow.

Blocks 2 and 3

Monday- We discussed plot and conflict and completed our first read of “Thank you Ma’mam” by Langston Hughes. We will complete an assessment tomorrow on the short story.

hw- Famous Dinner Table completed and PRINTED to turn in by WEDNESDAY!

Tuesday- Second read of short story.  Finish Thank You Ma’am Assessment

hw- Famous Dinner Table printed to turn in by tomorrow.

Wednesday- Book club day.  Met in your groups for discussion and read next 20 pages. Complete discussion question on type of conflict in your book and why (give DETAILS/EXAMPLES!)

hw- early release tomorrow.

Thursday- early release schedule

FINISH CINDERELLA QUESTION #2,3 in your springboard book for class tomorrow!


Week of Oct. 1st

Welcome back!  Hope everyone had a relaxing break and are rejuvenated!

Upcoming- CONFERENCE Week is OCT. 15-19.  Most students will be conferencing with their third block teacher, however, I do have several in my first block scheduled with me, due to classroom numbers.  The conferencing teacher will send home a form on MONDAY, OCT 1.  Please be on the lookout for the form and return it to the conferencing teacher quickly.  Time slots fill up quickly, once we determine whether not you want  no conference at all, a phone conference, or a scheduled time.

BLOCK 1  reminder- you need to have finished your famous dinner table dialogue for class on Monday, Oct. 1st.


Blocks 1, 2, 3 Monday/Tuesday– We began the ELA Touchstone Monday and will finish the assessment for Q1 on Tuesday

hw- bring back conference sheet

Blocks 1, 2, 3 Wednesday- Book club meeting day. We will be discussing the 2 questions you wrote last week.  We will read the next 20 pages in your book! We reviewed theme and took a quiz on Theme after watching Flocabulary.

Block 2 and 3 did not have time today to discuss the questions that were written before the break.  THERE IS NO QUESTIONS THIS WEEK!  We will discuss our questions next week 10/10!

hw-  bring back conference sheet

Week of September 17-

Block 1 (AC)-

Monday/Tuesday–  We continued typing and revising our personal narratives.  Rubric were handed out and discussed.  Students need to proofread punctuating dialogue and making sure they have the correct dialogue in their narratives.  We will continue revising/editing on Tuesday in the computer lab.  Students are also looking at picture books which depict good word choice and voice as a model for their own writing.

Wednesday- Book club day! We will be reading the next 20 pages in the novels

Thursday- We will finish editing and printing our personal narrative.

Friday- last day to finish narrative/journal

Block 2/3

Monday/Tuesday– We further discussed the rubric for the personal narrative.  We begin revising out writing using the vivid verb, adjective, and transitions handouts.  Students are revising for sensory language and descriptive language. Students will peer edit the narrative using the peer editing checklist.

Wednesday- Book club day!  Read next 20 pages and complete discussion questions

Thursday- Students will finish editing papers using advise of a peer editor.  We will also begin printing final copies.

Friday– Any final revisions or printing.  Journal response in journals.

Hw- none all week

Week of September 10


Block 1(AC)– We practiced writing inner dialogue using pictures.  We began sharing the points of view of the object.  We will continue reading inner dialogue tomorrow

Blocks 2-3– We reviewed the steps of the writing process to prepare for our embedded writing assessment which will start this week.

Blocks 1,2,3 hw- Book club reading of your 20 pages and discussion questions are due at the start of class WED.


All blocks 1,2,3-

We reviewed writing process and descriptive language. Students brainstormed for the writing prompt.  We will continue writing Thursday and finish our rough draft to the writing prompt by Friday.

Wednesday -Book club Day!  (these books are getting good now!)  Today you were the teacher and wrote your own discussion question.  You then traded papers in your discussion group and answered your group members questions!  Great job teachers! 🙂

hw- read the next 20 pages of your book club book for 9/17

Thursday and Friday- Blocks 1,2 3- We will continue writing our narrative using the prompt and rubric that was given out.  Your focus is to have your rough draft completed Friday.  Be sure you can identify descriptive language and a strong details.

hw- book club pages must be read by 9/17

Week of September 3

Color Battle on Friday!

Picture Day Wed.

Froyo Friday $3.00

Monday- no school

Tuesday– Media Center lesson using Destiny

hw- finish reading “The JACKET” in Springboard book.  Complete questions #1-6 in the book for THURSDAY’s CLASS.

Wednesday- Book CLUB! Meet with your group to discuss last weeks pages.  Read 20 more pages and complete discussion questions

hw- Complete questions #1-6 in the book for THURSDAY’s CLASS. “The Jacket”


Week of August 27- Color Battle Pep rally today. Performing Arts permission form needs to be returned to homeroom!

Homework- All classes- You need to have read 20 pages in the independent book club book BEFORE CLASS ON WEDNESDAY. Be sure you have turned in your literature Circle Assessment sheet Wednesday. Also bring your pleasure media center book to class each day!

Monday- Block 1– We finished adding the incident/response/reflection to the writing we completed last week on “The Circuit”. Today we took notes on characterization (direct and indirect characterization) Then students read the excerpt from “Flipped” and completed a 4 question comprehension check using textual evidence.

Block 2&3- We reviewed characterization and discussed the characters Julie and Bryce.  Students completed the chart on page 25 in their Springboard, if a student needs more time, they will have a small portion of time in class Wednesday.

Assembly for Color Battle kick off was held during part of block 2 and block 3 today.

Tuesday- We met with our book club members to discuss conflict and characters of the book club book so far.  You also completed a literature circle assessment sheet and turned it in. You read another 20 pages in your book. THE READING IS DUE BY (9/5 at the start of class.!)

Wednesday- Early Release schedule

Block 1- AC ELA- Students will write about an incident from two different perspectives (point of view) following a rubric for appropriate length, POV, word choice, connotation, and conventions in the style of Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. We will continue tomorrow.

hw- book club pages read by Wed. 9/5; turn in performing arts permission, if you did not get 4 or more sentences done in class, please continue it for homework.

Block 2/3-Students will finish p. 25 from Flipped and begin a pre-write of an incident/response from the exerpt Flipped told from one characters point of view.  A graphic organizer is provided with a rubric for grading.  This assignment will continue for Thursday.

hw- get book club pages read at home or during homeroom by Wed.; students who did not finish the graphic organizer in class need to continue it for homework.

Thursday- All classes hw- finish classwork

Block 1- Students watched a video on word choice/sensory language/ and figurative language and began finishing the rough draft of the narrative writing. Students needed to write a pencil copy (2 paragraph) writing following the rubric that was handed out and discussed in class.


Reminder- blocks 1,2,3 report directly to Media Center for a Destiny lesson on TUESDAY.  Bring your media center books to return/renew

Block 1- We reviewed word choice and finished the final copy (in pen) of the narrative writing POV piece. Students turned in the rubric, final copy, and rough draft.  When finished, students read “The Jacket” p. 30 in the Springboard book.

hw- finish reading “The Jacket” by Gary Soto

Block 2/3– Students took a short cycle Assessment on readings “My Superpowers” and “Flipped”.  Then students finish their final copy of their incident/ POV paragraph.  Students read “The Jacket” by Gary Soto and began to answer questions #1-6.

hw- finish reading “The Jacket” by Gary Soto



Items Needed:  Well, it didn’t take long, but the classes are using up kleenex  very fast.  If you can help donate, it would be appreciated! 🙂

Week of August 20:

Monday- block 1 . We read “The Circuit” in class and marked the text with change and vocabulary from Unit 1. If you had not finished reading the story, you will need to read in homeroom on TUESDAY!

Block 2-3- We read “Superpowers” and began annotating Incident, Response, and Reflection. We also took notes in the composition notebook.

Homework- All classes- You need to have read 20 pages in the independent book BEFORE CLASS ON UUESDAY (due to early release Wednesday)  and have completed your 3 journal questions. Also bring your pleasure media center book to class each day!

Tuesday- We read Superpowers for a second time.

Wednesday- We met with our book club groups and discussed the first set of journal questions.  We began reading the next 20 pages in our book club books and had 3 journal questions to answer.  THE 20 pages and 3 journal questions are due TUESDAY at the start of class.

Thursday- We took notes on characterization and did a first read of “Flipped, ” underlining characterization of Bryce and Juli.  If time allowed, we started a quiz on “Flipped”

Friday- We finished reading Flipped and took a quiz (4 questions on the reading).  Then we listened to the story as a second read looking at characterization.


Friday- Block 1 ELA- We finished our discussion on mindsets through video clips and completed a t- chart from the videos to be graded.

Block 2/3- We finished reading “The Circuit” using think marks and read the text for a second time.  After listening/ reading we completed a sequence timeline of events.

ThursdayBlock 1 (AC ELA) We continued learning how minsets impact u sin middle school, took notes in our composition notebook, and did a sorting activity of statements that are fixed and growth midsets.

hw- Online Springboard book login information went home (green sheet of paper). Please keep this ALL year, as students may need access to their ELA textbook at home.

Block 2/3– We took notes on literary terms for Unit 1; discussed marking text while reading and read silently “The Circuit”

hw- Online Springboard book login information went home (green sheet of paper). Please keep this ALL year, as students may need access to their ELA textbook at home.

I know there was a  lot of quick information, so if you need any questions answered, please email me!

Tuesday- Block 1 (AC ELA) – we continued the article about growth vs.  fixed mindset.  At the end of class, we began an assessment writing about the prompt for having a growth vs. fixed mindset as a middle schooler. Students will continue this writing assignment tomorrow.

hw (Blocks: 1, 2, 3)- sign up for REMIND 101.  See sheet handed out and Open HOUSE OR SENT HOME TODAY!

ELA blocks 2, 3-

Today we began unpacking Unit 1 in the springboard book.  Wednesday I will send home the springboard online log in information.  Please look for this and keep somewhere safe to be used at home.

In all classes, students read a brief synopsis of a fiction book. Students ranked their preference of a book.  Beginning tomorrow, (Wed.) students will read for 30 minutes in class.  We will then have group discussions about books they are reading in class (THIS IS NOT their media center book)  Any student who would like to secure their own copy of the book, please feel free!  Students may also use a reading device if they are turned in their BYOD form.

August 6- First Full week is off to a great start! 🙂

OPEN HOUSE AUGUST 13 @ 6:30 pm.  Parents will be able to follow your child’s schedule and briefly get an overview of each class. See you Monday!

Friday- (I was out of school) Block 1 AC ELA continued Growth Mindset. no hw.

Blocks 2.3 On level ELA- Continued If My summer were a Movie (poster). No homework

Thursday– MEdia Center orientation with Mrs. Baker. No hw

Wednesday- AC ELA (block 1) Began growth mindset.  No hw

On Level (blocks 2, 3) We began “If My Summer were a Movie” assignment. no hw

Tuesday- Today we completed a syllabus scavenger hunt.  If you need more time, please finish it for homework,  Also, please get your syllabus signed.

Monday– We completed a student survey about ourselves.  (If you didn’t finish, please complete for homework!)

Parents- you have homework tonight!  Please fill out the family survey (front and back for me)!

Upcoming- This Thursday, we will be going to the Media Center to have an orientation with Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Webb.  I know students are eager to checkout books and materials! Tomorrow, the syllabus for ELA will be coming home to be signed.



Day 3- We got lockers and did great!  If you are having trouble, please do not worry, it will take some time to be good at it.  For some, it is easier than others, but you WILL do it!

In class we finished the classroom expectations/procedures. Homework is to bring your composition notebook for ELA to class. Next week the ELA syllabus will be coming home, so be on the lookout to sign and return the syllabus.

Day 2- Success! August 2


Today we began discussion on ELA class expectations.  Homework is to get a composition notebook for class and bring it to class.  The student store has the composition notebook for sale for $1.00 if you don’t want to go to the store again!!

Homeroom students- Please remember to fill out the survey, I am still missing some parent responses.  Thank you to those you have completed the form.  It is very useful for me as the teacher! 🙂

I will also hand out lockers tomorrow. It requires a great deal of patience, so please assure your child, it takes practice and they can practice again all next week.  We will make sure if they need help, there are helpers to assist.  Our motto is TRY, TRY AGAIN and Keep CALM! 🙂


Welcome back 2018-2019 School Year!

ELA- blocks 1, 2, 3- Slade

Read 180 blocks 4, 5- Slade

I am so excited to meet you all at Sneak- a -Peak On Tuesday, July 31 from 12:30-1:30. This is where you will meet your homeroom teacher (which is also your first block class).  During this time I will be handing out schedules and paperwork that needs to be returned.

As you are preparing for the first day of school, please be at ease, we will help you to get to your classes and show you the way! 🙂  Lockers will not be given out immediately, so don’t bring ALL your supplies the first day or two.  You will only need a folder, something to write on (paper) and something to right with (pen/pencil).  Each teacher will discuss with you during class time  when to bring your supplies once lockers are distributed. You will not get lockers the first couple of days.

Lunch for ALL 6th grade is during 3h block, close to 12:00 noon. Your 3rd block teacher will let you know your lunchtime on Monday, Aug. 1st. Eat a good breakfast since we are the last lunch.

**HOMEROOM ONLY- PLEASE Fill click on the link below and fill out the form below with a few questions.**

Link below!


Thank you so much!


2018-2019 Supplies for ELA (blocks 1,2,3)

composition notebook


looseleaf paper


August 1- Day one 🙂

Well we did it! You survived your first day of middle school! Hope everyone had a great first day.  I know I enjoyed each of you.

Today in class I read a letter to the class about myself as a getting to know the teacher.  Students are writing letters back to me to tell me about themselves.  I can not wait to read about each of you! If you did not finish it in class, please finish your letter for homework tonight.

I also told the students that ELA needs a composition notebook designated just for ELA (journal/notes) Please try to have a composition notebook by Monday at the latest.  The good news is the student store sells them for $1.00 if you can’t get to the store.  (The kids love to shop there! and can do this during homeroom)

That’s all for tonight! See you tomorrow- same place, same early wake up for some of you!

Mrs. Slade


Week of 5/14-

Monday- Tuesday- continue novel study

hw- Digital citizenship questions (see link below)

PLEASE WATCH VIDEO AND ANSWER the TWO questions for our digital citizenship lesson with Mrs. Baker on WEDNESDAY.

The following is a YouTube link so please let them know that they will need to access the video off campus:



  1. Which topic in the video seems to be the biggest problem within a kids’ digital life today? Why do you think that? Give at least one example.
  2. Based on the topics in the video, which topic do you struggle with personally? What are some options that could help you?

Wednesday- Media Center- digital citizenship lesson

hw- none

Thursday and Friday-Complete QUESTION of the DAY #4, finish book! and take test

hw- none!

Week of 5/7-

Sorry I have been out sick for two days.. trying to get back into the routine…

Monday and Tuesday you continued to read in your literature circle groups and turned in your Question of the Day answers on Monday.

hw- none

WEdnesday- RI testing in the computer lab!  Come and show me how you have grown in reading this year.  You are awesome!

hw- none

Thursday and Friday- continue literature circle groups

hw- none

Week of 4/30

Monday- Begin literature circle groups; Complete collaborative answers for  ALL 5 Questions of the DAY (if you are absent you will need to complete ALL 5 questions on your own!

hw- none

Tuesday- Friday– Continue literature circles (TENTACLES, LOCH, SASQUATCH) and complete collaborative 5 questions fo the day ( if you are absent, you are responsible for your own 5 questions)

hw- none

No more testing, but an alternate schedule for the week due to 7/8 grade testing!

Monday- Finish ch. 19-20.  Create a 4 sentence summary and visual of Ch. 20

hw- book report due Wed.

Tuesday- Finish Ch. 20 summary/visual; Read ch. 21-22

homework- book report due tomorrow

Wednesday- turn in completed book report! 🙂

read ch 22-23

hw- none; vocabulary test Part III 4/23

Thursday- read ch.24-25

hw- none; vocabulary test Part III 4/23

Friday- read ch. 26-27

hw- vocabulary test tomorrow

Thank you Nico: Quizlet vocab Part III





Welcome back! 🙂

Week of April 9- TESTING WEEK!

Monday- read ch. 18-19 in Cryptid Hunters

hw- book report due 4/18

Tuesday- Friday- schedule changes due to am/pm testing schedule

TITANABOA- watch and take notes~

hw- work on book report due 4/18

Week of 3/26- BOOK REPORT DUE DATE___4/18/18__

Monday– Vocabulary definitions/sentences for PArt III

hw- read for book report

Tuesday- book report sheet handed out.  BOOK REPORT DUE 4.18.18

Read ch 14-15; complete comprehension check

hw- read for book report

Wednesday-Finish comprehension check for Chapter 13,14,15.  Use text evidence and complete sentences; Create text message for any character/scene from the book; Read ch.16

Thursday- Milestone Practice using computers

Here is the link to preview the online format of the Milestone.


My students will experience the site in Reading classes today, but students and parents can go back through the site as many times as they would like!

hw- read for book report

Friday- Read ch. 16/17; media center book checkout

hw- Enjoy Spring Break.  READ FOR BOOK REPORT!

Week of 3/19-

Monday- Finish chapter 9 question from worksheet-sequencing of major events; Read Chapter 10 and began comprehension questions for Ch 1-10 using textual evidence.

hw- read book for book report

Tuesday- Finish Ch 1-10 questions using textual evidence.  If you do not finish during class, please come in homeroom WEDNESDAY or I will get students from cafeteria at 8:30

hw- vocabulary test on Friday (PART II words)

Wednesday- Read chapter 11- 12

hw- read book for book report, vocab test tomorrow (PART II words)

Thursday- Finish Chapter 12; complete visualization scene  (colored and labeled in sentences!)

hw- vocab test tomorrow

Friday- VOCAB test -PART II words; read chapter 13

hw- read book report book

Week of 3/12-

Monday- Vocabulary Part I test- Cryptid Hunters

hw- none

Tuesday- vocabulary Part II note-taking

hw- none

Wednesday– EARLY RELEASE at 1:30; media center checkout

hw- read pleasure book

QUARTER 4 begins 

Thursday– Read chapters 7-8 in novel/ comprehension question from ch 6-8

hw- read for pleasure

Friday -update character chart; read ch 9

hw- read for pleasure

Week of 3/5

Monday- Begin novel Chapter 1-2

hw- vocab test 3/12

Tuesday– Continue reading novel ch. 2-4 / add to character chart using textual evidence from the reading.

hw- vocabulary test 3/12

Wednesday- Finish Chapter 4 and 5; add to character chart

hw- vocabulary test 3/12

Thursday- review vocabulary using Quizlet; vocabulary synonym review



hw- vocabulary test on Monday

Friday- Read chapter 6 and add to character chart

hw- vocabulary test Monday

Welcome back!

Week of 2/26-


Book Fair Dates: Monday, March 5th – Friday, March 9th

Location: The Media Center

Shopping Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 8:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.; Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Shop the Online Scholastic Book Fair from Sunday, February 25th – Saturday, March 9th

Monday- Touchstone for Quarter 3

hw- none

Tuesday- Finish Touchstone and pleasure read

hw- none

Wednesday- “Is Seeing Believing” activity; Introduction to author Roland Smith

hw-BOOK FAIR is coming MARCh 5- 9

Thursday- Introduction to vocabulary for novel

hw- Book Fair is coming March 5

Friday- Finish vocabulary

Hw- Book Fair March 5

Week of 2/12- Presentations for biography report began today and I am AMAZED! 🙂 Great job with character understanding, props, and costumes.  Some of the best I have ever seen.  Way to go!

Monday- Friday- Biography presentations continue all week.  On Friday you will turn in your “glows and grows” note-taking sheet from listening to the presentations.


Week of 2/5- Don’t forget online biography notes are due FRIDAY using Biography in Context sources from cobb digital library!

Monday- Wednesday: Australia presentations!  Be sure to check your rubric! 🙂 Check for mistakes in spelling and capitalization!

hw- biography project presentation 2/12

Thursday- finish any needed biography research and work on project due 2/12 -Computer lab 214!

hw- biography

Friday- health survey

Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 – MIDDLE SCHOOL (grades 6-8)




Week of 1/29/18

Biography online notes due 2/9- use Biography in Context through Mackinvia.


Helpful reminders from the media center: Cobb Digital Library (CDL) is available 24/7 and is a one stop shop for all your research needs! When using on-campus computers, students can quickly and easily access this amazing resource via a shortcut on the desktop. From home, the link to CDL is available via both the Cobb County and Durham websites as well as through the Durham Media Center blog. Students will be prompted to use their Office 365 username which follows this pattern: firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org. They will then use the password utilized when they log into school computers

Monday- Today I checked student notes for 35 note completion, students categorized notes, and began using Powerpoint online to share their powerpoint with another student(s).

hw- biography online research using Biography in Context


Human paragraph; determine which notes are the best to use/combine from the group for Power point presentation

Hw- biography online research using Biography in Context


ipad RESEARCH notes/power point-continue

Hw-  biography online research using Biography in Context

Thursday/Friday- Power point creation with partner and combining research of same topic- following rubric provided

Hw-biography online research using Biography in Context



Week of 1/22- Ahh We’re back for a full week 🙂

Monday- handed out biography presentation rubric and discussed in detail the requirements.  Discussed plagarism and note-taking strategy of using 5-7 words (no verbs, adjectives- “cave man speak”!) Practiced note-taking with article

hw- read biography and finish notes; research vocab test tomorrow (re-scheduled!)

Tuesday- research vocabulary terms test!

Finish note-taking using article: only use 5-7 words

hw- finish note-taking Chilkott Trail

Wednesday- Friday- computer lab 214; research Australia by topic category assigned on Wednesday.  Remember notes must be no more than 7 words and no less than 5 words (omit verbs, is are it, is, on ,of, etc.)

hw- biography report

FRIDAY- update 1/26.  Students must come to class on Monday with the Australia 35 notes completed.  There is no more class time to complete.  At the end of class if you had 35 or more notes, you do not have homework over the weekend! 🙂

Also, Blocks 1 and 3 received the online biography graphic organizer.  (block 2 will receive on Monday!)  Use cobb digital library and go to Biography in context to do your online research.  You should take notes on your person and have the online biography notes done by FEBRUARY 9th.  REMEMBER the BIOGRAPHY PRESENTATIONS need to be in class for Feb 12!




Tuesday- plagiarism quiz, Chikhot Trail note-taking

hw- biography book/note-taking; research related vocabulary terms test on FRIDAY (click below for the powerpoint, if needed)

Research Related Vocabulary Terms-1j72c6z


Hope you enjoyed the “ice day” and football game!

now we are back……..

Week of Jan. 8

Monday- school cancelled

Tuesday- finished notes on Elements of non-fiction; began What is research group discussions/presentations

hw- none

Wednesday- BLOCK SCHEDULE TODAY (block 7,5,3,1)

finish any group discussion presentations; begin research terms vocabulary definitions; Block 1 check out biography book for report due Feb. 12

hw- read biography and take notes (use note-taking sheet provided in class)

Thursday- BLOCK SCHEDULE TODAY (block 6,4,3,2)finish any group discussion presentations; begin research terms vocabulary definitions; Block 2,3 check out biography book for report due Feb. 12

hw- read biography and take notes (use note-taking sheet provided in class)

Friday- finish research terms vocabulary definitions; notes on plagarism “What are good notes?”

hw- read and take notes on biography; PLAGARISM QUIZ on TUESDAY. NO school Monday (MLK day)

BIOGRAPHY project DUE FEB 12; there are several parts to the assignment:

Step 1- read biography book and take notes

Step 2- create visual with accomplishments/images

Step3- complete on line research and take notes (biography.com)

Step 4-add information to visual (if needed)

Step 5- practice, plan a costume and prop(s)

Step 6- practice again! 🙂


Happy New Year and Welcome back from break!

Week of Jan 4

Thursday– review of rules/procedures/expectations in reading

hw- none

– Begin “what is research” discussions/presentations!

hw- none

Week of Dec 12-

Monday- Snow Day!

Tuesday- finalize Hoot in a Week presentations; begins presentations Chapter 1-10

hw- Survival Vocabulary Test on Thursday

Wednesday- finish Hoot in a Week presentations

hw- Survival Vocabulary test tomorrow

Words on test: debris, brackish, bluff, concoction,commotion, conspicuous, barricade, banish, attentive, apprehensive, adversary

Thursday- Vocabulary test; Discuss Hoot movie comparison “Who did it better?” Choosing 1 scene (see handout) Begin movie

hw- none



Friday- Continue Hoot movie ( Who did it better?)

hw- none


Week of Dec. 4 🙂

Survival Vocabulary test on words 1-15 on Dec. 14th.  You need to be able to use the word in the context of a sentence.

Monday- Survival Vocabulary; Discuss requirements for Hoot in a Week using RUBRIC provided

hw- study vocabulary

Tuesday- Survival Vocabulary; Hoot in a Week using RUBRIC provided read both your chapters while taking notes

hw- study vocabulary

Wednesday- Survival Vocabulary; Hoot in a Week using RUBRIC provided read both your chapters while taking notes

hw- study vocabulary

Thursday– You should have finished both chapters and be working on fine tuning you detailed notes on the chapters and your visualization.

hw- study vocabulary

Friday– You should be finishing your visualization and preparing your presentation.

hw- presentations begin MONDAY; vocab. test 12/14

Week of Nov. 28th- Welcome back!

Monday- EXTRA CREDIT assignment collected!  Began Touchstone 2 for Quarter 2; middle school survival vocabulary #1-4- use graphic organizer provided

hw- none

Tuesday- Finish Touchstone 2; middle school survival vocabulary #5-7- use graphic organizer provided; media center book checkout!

hw- none

Wednesday- plot elements notes using note taking sheet; plot diagram practice using PIXAR movie clip- COMPUTER LAB

hw- study notes for quiz

Thursday- Practice Pixar video plot diagram (computer lab)

hw- study notes for quiz


Click here for Day and Night clip

Click here for “Partly Cloudy” clip

Click here for “Geri’s Game” clip



Friday- Complete a” bad move” plot elements assignment; quiz on lot elements

hw- none


***EXTRA CREDIT (choose an additional appetizer or entrée from the menu) for SLADE FLUSH and SCAT end of book project due Nov. 27- NO exceptions! It needs to be fully done following the rubric to receive ANY additional points!**



Final Assessment Rubrics


Compare/Contrast Expository Essay Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Venn Diagram 10
Essay – Quality content, logical organization, both you and the character are described clearly and thoroughly 20
Correct grammar and mechanics are used 5
Assignment is typed and edited 5


Letter to Editor Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Proper letter format (use the example to make sure all parts are evident) 10
Body of letter – Quality content 20
Correct grammar and mechanics are used 5
Letter is typed and edited 5


POINT OF VIEW Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Scene is re-written in first person POV from another character’s perspective. 10
All parts of the original scene are included and the character’s thoughts, reactions, feelings are well represented. 40
Correct grammar and mechanics are used 5
Assignment is typed and edited 5


Poem Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Poem contains a minimum of 32 lines 5
Rhyming scheme  is evident 5
Content of poem accurately depicts the relationship between Noah and his dad 25
Assignment is typed and edited 5
Newspaper Article Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Article clearly depicts the events from the story and fits with the headline chosen, and is a minimum of 4 well written paragraphs. 40
Article is written in the style of a newspaper article and includes the 5W’s and H of the event. 10
Correct grammar and mechanics are used 5
Assignment is typed and edited 5


Business Card Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Career chosen for character is appropriate to character’s traits 15
Adjectives are well selected and support the career chosen 15
Correct grammar and mechanics are used 5
All required elements are included 5


Life Story Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Events described in Grandpa Bobby’s life make sense based on the information provided in the book; plenty of detail is given and point of view is consistent 50
Correct grammar and mechanics are used. 5
Assignment is a minimum of 1 ½ pages typed and edited. 5


Timeline Pts. Possible Pts. Earned
Timeline includes a minimum of 8 major events from the story. 24
Each event is explained in a minimum of 4 sentences. 24
Events included were important to the plot of the book. 7
Correct grammar and mechanics are used. 5

Timeline template for end of book:

Week of November 13- please check Synergy for grade updates on THURSDAY (progress reports)

Monday- Finish Flush and introduce end of book project.  Extra credit opportunity offered

SCAT- continue reading chapter 24-25

Tuesday- FLUSH test and Continue end of book project; SCAT continue Ch. 25-26

Wednesday- (Computer lab )FLUSH continue project/ SCAT finish novel and discuss end of book project

Thursday and Friday– (Computer lab continued) FLUSH continue project/ SCAT test over novel and end of book project YOU MUST TURN IN ONE APPETIZER AND ONE ENTREE STAPLED TO YOUR RUBRIC BY END OF CLASS ON FRIDAY!

**Extra credit due 11/27 (Monday)- chose another appetizer OR entree and turn in by Monday 11/27** No partial credit will be given.  YOU MUST HAVE IT PRINTED BEFORE CLASSTIME BEGINS! FOLLOW THE RUBRIC!

Be sure to complete the book report reflection (click below)


Please click the link (SCAT BOOK ONLY!)

SCAT QUIZ ch. 15-19


Week of November 6- (book report was collected today and anyone who had not turned in visualization for Flush and Scat)


Monday- Flush Ch. 17/ Scat Chapters 18-19

Wednesday- Flush Chapter 18/Scat Chapters 19-21

Thursday- Flush 19-20.Scat Chapters 21-22

Friday- Flush FINISH Novel!/Scat Chapters 23-24



Week of October 30-


Monday- Take notes on Edgar Allen Poe.  Determine how his ideas in writing impact mood and tone of a story.

Tuesday- Read Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe; Happy Halloween

Wednesday- analyze mood and tone and its impact on as story using “Tangled” video clip

Thursday– “Under the Floorboards” Breakout! (Media Center with Mrs. Baker)



Friday- Read Flush or Scat Chapters

Early release week- We have been busy with the shortened classes for conference week.

Monday- vocabulary test for Flush OR Scat/ time wot read for book report or work on the webpage creation for Book report DUE NOV. 6th!

Tuesday- Thursday- Touchstones, work on book report project due Nov. 6th, finish webquest (if necessary)

Friday- Return to novel FLUSH (began visualization assignment) or Scat (ch. 13)



Book report- discussion and visual of what to include.  Each week, students need to be reading their books to identify character traits within the story.  Students need to include direct and indirect evidence from the story.  See sample below:


What a Character-book report-17ppwk6


What a Character-book report-17ppwj5

Monday- Finish REAP strategy using water pollution or panther informational text

hw- vocab. test next week; read book report book, finish REAP strategy (if needed) tomorrow!

Tuesday- Read ch. 10-11

hw- Vocabulary set 2 test Monday; read for book report

Wed. Read ch. 11-12

hw- Vocabulary set 2 test Monday; read for book report


Scat – Florida panther webquest

Florida panthers and other big cats

Deerskin trade 1500-1700

Helping People Coexist with Panthers

Save the Florida Panther

Reducing Panther Deaths on Roads

Tenuous Times for the Endangered Florida panther



Flush – Water pollution webquest





Week of October 3- Welcome back from Fall break! 🙂

Monday/Tuesday- Read Ch7,  8 -9(Flush and Scat) , reviewed characterization, began character chart

hw- vocab set 2 test Oct. 16

Wed- Finished reading Ch. 9 (Flush and Scat), added information to character chart

hw- vocab set 2 test Oct. 16

Thursday- Informational articles on environmental issues in the novel using REAP strategy

hw- vocab set 2 test Oct. 16

Friday- bring your pleasure book to class or to renew your book!

hw- vocab set 2 test Oct. 16


Sept 18-22

Monday- Vocabulary Set 1 test on novel words; book checkout; finish comprehension questions for ch.1-4

hw- none

Tuesday- finish comprehension questions ; read ch 5 silently and complete comprehension questions

hw- none

Wednesday– Take notes on Set 2 words for novel; read chapter 6 in novels

hw- none

Thursday- mini-lesson on direct vs. indirect characterization; Read chapter 7 in novels

hw- none

Friday- Comprehension check; read chapter 8 in novels

Have a wonderful and restful September break! 🙂

Sept. 13-16

Wednesday- Finish reading Ch. 4 in novels.  Begin comprehension for chapters 1-4.  Be sure to cite textual evidence

hw- study novel vocab for test on Monday! remember you need to know the words in the context of the story!

Thursday- Book TASTING in the media center!

hw- study novel vocabulary

Friday– Finish Ch1-4 comphrehension, citing textual evidence.  Complete clarification sheet for vocabulary.

hw- study novel vocabulary for test on Monday.

SEpt. 6-

Wednesday- Begin novel study Flush or Scat Ch. 1 and complete exit ticket

Thursday- Continue novel Ch. 2-3

hw- begin studying novel vocabulary – you need to know how to use the word in context, not just a definition

Friday- Finish ch. 3 and 4. BEgin comprehension questions using textual evidence for ch 1-4

hw- study vocabulary



Screen cast for Book report QR code:

Click on the links below:

Step ONE Screencast

Step TWO Screencast: 

Step Three Screencast: 

Slade-Book Report Summary QR Template-15wjf4l

PRINT QR CODE TO BRING TO CLASS ON TUESDAY! (there will be no time to print in class!)


Week of 8/28-9/1



Monday- Media Center Destiny lesson with Mrs. Baker; checkout new pleasure book/work on boor report/ or study for test Wed.

Tuesday– Prefix/Suffix Practice assignment;  work on book report story map or illustrated book cover

hw- test tomorrow (connotation/denotation; prefix, suffix, and roots)- review ALL YOUR NOTES

Wednesday- TEST (connotation/denotation; prefix, suffix, and roots); Write 4-5 sentence summary including book title, author, setting, main character, and problem- do not give away ending!

hw- write 4-5 write 4-5 sentence summary of book to create QR code tomorrow!

Thursday- Read “About the Author) Carl Haiisen.  Write summary following guidelines of paper – be sure to answer all the questions!

hw– write 4-5 sentence summary of book to create QR code tomorrow!

Friday- Media Center to type summary of book and create QR code.

Finish summary for “About the Author”

hw- finish About the Author summary for class on TUESDAY

***Finish creating QR code and print for Tuesday if not finished in class Fri.***



Week of 8/21-25

BLOCKS 1, 2, 3


***STORY MAP organizer and book report guidelines were discussed.  IF YOU WERE NOT IN CLASS, PLEASE COME DURING HOMEROOM. Reading your book needs to be concluded by Aug. 28th.  The story map and colored/illustrated book jacket are due 9/1**

Monday- Eclipse Schedule and Color Wars Assembly

Visualization activity with Sun and Moon Storytelling.  Due to so many students being dismissed early.  Students were given time to read their book for the book report and begin working on story map

HW- read for book report!

Tuesday- Finish Goal Setting ; Begin notes on Vocabulary of Vocabulary

HW- read for book report!

Wednesday- Continue notes and discuss connation/denotation and figurative/literal language in text

HW- read for book report!

Thursday- Note-taking on synonyms/antonyms/ prefixes/suffixes/roots

HW- read for book report!

Friday- practice with prefixes/suffixes/roots

HW- read for book report! Study connotation/denotation and Prefix/Suffix/Roots notes for test on WEDNESDAY!



AY at 6:30


Monday- Discuss Orgganizational checklist results, agenda usage.  Students are to begin highlighting homework for each class.  On Aug, 28th an agenda check will occur for fill out agenda properly, including highlighting homework.

Students began reading study technique articles with a group.  The group is responsible for “Gimme FIVE”- (5 important take-aways from the article.  Students will present to class tomorrow.

hw- study skills test on FRIDAY – study notes!

Tuesday– “Gimme FIVE” presentations on study techniques; students will take notes on strategies.

hw- study skills test on Friday!

Wednesday- Begin Time Management- Where Does Time Go?

hw- study skills test on FRIDAY

Thursday-complete how your time is spent for class tomorrow

hw- study skills test on FRIDAY

Friday- Study skills test; read for pleasure

Week 2!

Monday- Media Center Orientation and book checkout

Tuesday-hw- get syllabus signed; learning styles inventory characteristics

Wed. hw- get syllabus signed; learning styles groups cont’d

Thursday- Note-taking on external and internal obstacles of studying

Friday- complete organizational checklist; study skills articles in groups


Welcome to Durham! So much to see around the building, so many new faces!

This week…...

I can’t wait to get to know each of you! Monday we will start learning about one another. You will bring home the Cobb County folder with forms to return and your Durham agenda. By the end of the week we will understand our own study habits and determine the best was to prepare to study for middle school! But most exciting for you… LOCKER day is on FRIDAY!. Bring back your forms ASAP to get your locker assignment!

So get ready— because here we go!









Week of May 15th

Monday–  Final Project.  Project must be competed on Wednesday.  Reading nook book, graphic organizer, and reading counts test must be completed by May19; Computer segments must be completed by May 18th. Computer rotation :Yellow

Tuesday- Final Project.  Project must be competed on Wednesday.  Reading nook book, graphic organizer, and reading counts test must be completed by May19; Computer segments must be completed by May 18th. Computer rotation :Green

Wednesday- Projects due today!

Thursday-  Presentations begin; computers

Friday- Presentations continue; computers


Click below to see final project calendar:

Reading Final Project-1g08lc9

Week of May 1

Monday- Work on final project; computers: blue

hw- none

Tuesday-  Work on final project; computers:

hw- none

Wednesday- Work on final project; computers:

hw- none

Thursday-  Work on final project; computers:

hw- none

Friday- Work on final project; computers:



Wed- Introduction to reading final project! Students will be given a RED CALENDAR with important information for due dates.

Pick 1: See rubric/instructions for the project of your choosing!

Illustrated Character Analysis

Book Trailer

Lego Story

Thursday- Book nook. Computers- yellow

Friday- work session 1 (computers:green)

Week of April 17th- no homework all week

Monday- Milestone review Game challenge continues! Cliffhanger 🙂

Tuesday- Milestone review Last Game challenge- TRASHKETBALL; WINNERS ANNOUNCED 🙂

WEDNESDAY- MILeSTONES TESTING (3rd, 1, 5, 7 blocks only)

Thursday- Milestones Testing (3rd, 2, 4, 6 blocks only)

Friday- BLOCK 2- I will be testing 8th graders for milestones- go to Ms. Wishon’s room in 6th grade hall- across from RUDA


Welcome back from Spring Break!  🙂

I sure enjoyed my time off with my family! Hope you did  too.

Monday– study guide/nook book/ or computers

hw- study guide

Tuesday– reviewed readings for Workshop test tomorrow!

hw- re-read and complete study guide

Wed- Workshop test

hw- none

Thursday– finish test (if needed); Milestone review games- begin to form groups and hear instructions for game challenges! 🙂

hw- none

Friday– GAME Challenge Begins!- vocabulary

hw- none




  • Week of March 27- REMINDER CHECK  MARCH CALENDAR FOR DUE DATES!Monday- homework check; fluency graph updatedWhole group page 74 ; Rotation 1 (sg. p.75hw- vocabulary test 3/  31                      page  76 due WednesdayTuesday- Rotation 2/3 (sg. p.75 )hw- vocabulary test  3/31
  • page 76 due tomorrowWednesday- Fluency graph updatedWhole group p. 76/77- Combine R1/2.3 to complete p. 77 whole group; review of vocabularyhw- vocabulary test 3/31Thursday- C day/vocabulary reviewhw- vocabulary test tomorrowFriday– vocabulary test” C “day- book nook/ computer rotations
  • Great job on the Reading Inventory (RI)!  Every student showed growth from August.  Keep it up! 🙂


Monday- homework check

Whole group page ; Rotation 1 (sg. p.

hw- page due Wednesday

Tuesday- Rotation 2/3 (sg. p. )

hw- page due tomorrow

Wednesday- Fluency graph updated

Whole group p. /Rotation 1 (sg. p. )

hw- none

Thursday- Rotation 2/Rotation 3 (s.g. p. )

hw- due Monday

Friday-” C “day- book nook/ computer rotations


Plot Diagram-29vltil


Monday- Fluency graph updated

Whole group page ; Rotation 1 (sg. p.

hw- page due Wednesday

Tuesday- Rotation 2/3 (sg. p. )

hw- page due tomorrow

Wednesday- Fluency graph updated

Whole group p. /Rotation 1 (sg. p. )

hw- none

Thursday- Rotation 2/Rotation 3 (s.g. p. )

hw- due Monday

Friday-” C “day- book nook/ computer rotations




Week of March 6

Monday- Begin WORKSHOP “Identity Crisis” p. 62

strategy: Plot elements

hw- Book fair on Wed.; p. 64 due on Wednesday

Tuesday- Rotation 2/3; (Sg. page 63)

hw- Book FAIR tomorrow! 🙂    p. 64 due tomorrow

Wednesday– WG p. 64; Rotation 1 (Sg. p. 65) BOOK FAIR 🙂

hw- none

Thursday- Rotations 2/3; (Sg. p. 65)

hw- p. 66 due Monday!

Friday- “C day” ; goal setting, computers, reading nook

hw-p. 66 due Monday!


Welcome back! 🙂

Week of Feb. 27th

Monday- Touchstone 3; media center check out

hw- none

Tuesday- Review of workshop rotations- JEOPARDY!

hw- book fair all week

Wed.-Story elements review

click the following link::


click the following link::

Pixar Shorts- Party Cloudy- copy and paste into URL


Pixar Shorts- Knick Knack: below

Thursday– Vocabulary for workshop notes

Friday– “C” day- computer rotations, reading nook book



Week of February 13-


Monday- Review for LWW test tomorrow

hw- summative test tomorrow: figurative language, characterization, context clues, comprehension, cause/effect

Tuesday- Summative Assessment on novel!

hw- none!

Wednesday- extended time for test (if needed); compter rotations

hw- none

Thursday-“C” day; computer rotation; finish plot diagram

hw- none

Friday- Breakout!  The White Witch in media center

hw- enjoy your break!  🙂



Week of February 6th-

Sadly our novel study is coming to an end this week!  Check out Mrs. Bakers library display of more books!



Monday– Read/Annotate chapter 14

hw- vocabulary/expressions ch 15 due tomorrow

Tuesday– Read/Annotate Chapter 15; main idea/details worksheet

hw- test on novel next week

Wednesday- Read/Annotate Chapter 16

hw- test on novel next week

Thursday– Finish book!

hw- test on novel next week


***Review for test- characterization, figurative language (definitions and examples) comprehension, plot elements


Week of January 30-

Monday– What  do I know? (context clues)

hw- Chapter 12 vocabulary/expressions due tomorrow

grade will be taken for ch. 11-12 on Tuesday vocabulary/expressions

TUESDAY– Read/annotate Ch. 11

hw- none

WEDNESDAY- Read/annotate Ch.12

hw- Chapter 13 vocab/expressions

THURSDAY- Read/annotate Ch. 13

FRIDAY- “C” day; (Vocabulary/expressions Chapter 14; cause/effect worksheet)

hw- finish any classwork from above!


Week of January 23-

Monday– Read/Annotate Chapter 9 (characterization, setting, and figurative language)

hw- Chapter 10 vocabulary/expressions due tomorrow

CH 7, 8, 9 Vocabulary Assessment for BLOCK 2 is Thursday !(Wednesday we are going to media center for a counselor lesson)- Study guide on Ms. Poteat’s blog.  (You may use flashcards on your assessment that you chose to make.  The test is using the word in the context of the sentence ONLY)

TUESDAY– Read/Annotate Chapter 10 (Who is Father Christmas and what gifts did he give?)

hw- CH 7, 8, 9 Vocabulary Assessment for BLOCK 2 is Thursday !(Wednesday we are going to media center for a counselor lesson)- Study guide on Ms. Poteat’s blog.  (You may use flashcards on your assessment that you chose to make.  The test is using the word in the context of the sentence ONLY)


Wednesday- Media Center lesson with Ms. Crandall on Digital Citzenship

hw- Vocabulary Assessment tomorrow!

Vocabulary?expressions for Chapter 11 due Monday, Chapter 12 due Tuesday


Thursday/Friday: Assessment on vocabulary for 7, 8, 9

“C” day computer rotations, symbolism worksheet with Father Christmas, Characterization graphic organizers (3)

hw- Vocabulary/Expressions for Chapter 11 due Monday, Chapter 12 due Tuesday



Week of Jan. 16

Monday- MLK

Tuesday– Read Chapter 7 and annotate characterization and figurative language

hw- Chapter 9 vocabulary/expressions due Thursday 1/19

Wednesday– Read Chpater 8/annotate;  making inferences worksheet

hw- Chapter 9 vocabulary/expressions due Thursday 1/19

Thursday/Friday- “C” day (computer rotation and assignment of characterization with The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe, making inferences); chapters 7,8,9 vocabulary practice (Activity A)

hw- any work not completed by Friday is homework for the weekend.


Week of Jan 11

Monday/Tuesday- SNOW DAYS!

Wednesday- review of Chapter 5.  (questions for listening) Vocabulary Ch. 6 Snow globe due tomorrow

Thursday/Friday-Read Ch. 6 and annotate characterization of siblings.

hw- Vocabulary wardrobe  for ch. 7-8 due on TUESDAY!



Happy New Year!  Hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy sleeping in (and even staying up late!) Two days this week- we can do it!

Week of January 5       snowglobe-2

Thursday and Friday– How do I identify figurative language?  Create a snowglobe with  definitions, sentence, and picture.  The snowglobes will be due at end of class on Friday, including cutting and gluing!

hw- Chapter 6 vocabulary due Monday!


redoBLOCK 2- READ 180

BOOK NOOK UPDATE 12/9- GREAT job meeting your due date on the reading nook book graphic organizer and test.

 IF YOU SCORED BELOW 70% (see synergy), you may read another book at home and take  anew test to REPLACE your GRADE.  THE TEST NEEDS TO BE TAKEN BY DEC. 21st!  (before winter break)- don’t wait, and check out a book and get reading!

ERROR- Thanks to many students discovering incorrect scores, there was an error in the rskills reporting.  The score is now updated in SYNERGY with RSKILLS test #2.  The grade is now accurate.


Students are working on the completion of SEGMENT 3 thus far  on the computer rotation  and the second independent book read, the graphic organizer, Quick Write, and reading test done by Dec. 9th.





Week of 12/12

Monday- Read Chapter 3 and annotate; comp. ticket ch. 3;

hw- Vocabulary/expressions for Ch. 4 (underline word and sentence in your book)

Tuesday- Finish Ch. 3 annotation and comp. ticket; crossword puzzle; Read/annotate Ch. 4;

hw-hw- Vocabulary/expressions for Ch. 5 (underline word and sentence in your book);

vocabulary test for Ch. 1-4 on TUESDAY!

Wednesday- finish crossword puzzle; complete cause/effect chart; finish Ch. 4 with annotation

hw-vocabulary test for Ch. 1-4 on TUESDAY!

Thursday/Friday- introduction of figurative language and “C day”

hw-vocabulary test for Ch. 1-4 on TUESDAY!



20 questions from chapter 1-4

Cause/effect chart

Crossword puzzle




C.S. Lewis biography- click here to find out more on the author!



Week of 12/5:

Monday- Continue locating/highlighting vocabulary and key phrases used in context of the story.

Begin Ch. 1 “purposeful “annotation. (if absent see Ms. Poteat for annotation during homeroom)- setting, characters, vocabulary meaning;

hw- Book nook due Fri.

Tuesday- finish Ch. 1 and “purposeful” annotation; Comp time ticket for Ch. 1; Begin Setting questions worksheet on Old Professor’s house, find chapter 2 vocabulary and terms

hw- book nook due Friday

Wednesday– Find vocab and terms for Ch. 2; Read Chapter 2; Complete Venn Diagram of Mr. Tumnus

hw- book nook due Friday!

Thursday and FRIDAY– finish Ch 1 and Ch. 2 activities begun and turn in; “C” day (computers; reading nook) MAKE SURE GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, QUICK WRITES, and READING COUNTS QUIZ are completed and turned in by end of class on FRIDAY! No exceptions


Week of 11/28

Monday-Students took the Reading Inventory (RI) assessment to determine growth from August.  We are so proud of you all for making growth! 🙂

hw- Bring in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe novel on WEDNESDAY!

Tuesday– Students will take the” R skills” on the computer – end of the workshop show what you learned last 2 months in class!  The formatting is similiar to the end of the year Milestones testing.

hw-Bring in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe novel on WEDNESDAY!

Wednesday– Begin novel study!  Begin bringing colored pens or flare pens to class tomorrow.  Introduction to author, setting, predictions, characters!

hw- bring book daily!

Thursday– Computer rotations; book nook with graphic organizers due 12/9

Friday– Computer rotations; book nook with graphic organizers due 12/9

hw- bring novel to class with colored pens for annotating!


Change of pace! See letter that went home!

Dear Read 180 parents,

Since we have just completed two (2) workshops in the Read 180 program, we are planning for a high-interest novel study to begin on December 1st.  The novel classic we will be studying is The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis.  Reading this book will love movie film christmas snowallow us to cover the reading standards while also focusing on some of the essential reading skills we have been emphasizing during our instructional workshops (cause/effect, problem/solution, sequencing, annotation, vocabulary development, fluency, etc).   It is recommended that each student purchase and bring a personal copy of the book in order to get the most out of this study.  The book should be purchased and brought to class on December 1, 2016, when we will begin our study.   A personal copy will be helpful because we will be annotating (marking the text) with colored pens which takes a closer look at setting, vocabulary, characterization (direct vs. indirect) and figurative language.  If your student does not have a personal book, we will have a copy of the novel available in class; however, students will be required to annotate on paper rather than on the inside of the book.

During the novel study, we will be reading the novel and completing instructional activities during class times Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  On Thursdays and Fridays, students will be continuing working in the READ 180 software computer rotation. Once we have finished the book, if you would like to donate your child’s copy of the book to the class, we will GLADLY accept these books to add to our library.

As always, students will be responsible for any make up work with the computer software or the novel study when absent from class.

If you have any questions, please email us. We are so excited to begin reading the novel!

Thank you,

Patti Slade and Sarah Poteat



Block 2 READ 180- BE SURE TO CHECK NOVEMBER CALENDAR TAB FOR DUE DATES. We are approaching the end of the workshop so will not have weekly homework as we did in October. The workshop vocabulary assessment and workshop assessment is upcoming.  Please review the readings in your packet!  (Be sure to review your answers on your comp. time tickets too!)  Goal setting for computer rotation segments and independent reading nook book assignments need your attention.  Students need to have 2 segments completed thus far  on the computer rotation  and the second independent book read, the graphic organizer, Quick Write, and reading test done by Dec. 9th.

THANK YOU FOR COMING IN early to work on your computer segments this week before school or during homeroom.


ALL assignments require students to use punctuation and capitalization.  Please review your work before turning it in for grading!


WEEK of NOV. 14th

Monday -Breakout Session- Fact Opinion

Thank you to Ms. Baker for putting the session together.! We broke out ans saved FUN FRIDAY! 🙂

Tuesday-Whole group and Rotation 1- 21st century skills p. 

hw- reading nook book, graphic organizers, and book test due by !2/6

Wednesday- rotations 2&3(sg. 21st century skills) p. 

hw- reading nook book, graphic organizers, and book test due by :12/6

Thursday-computer rotations and book nook

hw- reading nook book, graphic organizers, and book test due by :12/6

Friday- computer rotations and book nook

hw- enjoy your break!


Week of November 7- Review for Workshop Test; test, computer segments


Monday- Reading the play “Tell- Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe

hw- study vocab.

Tuesday- Vocabulary Review (Prefixes and Suffixes)p. 46-47

hw- study vocab./ p. 44

Wednesday- WG p.44  Rotation 1 (SG p. 45)

Thursday- ROTATION 2/3 (SG p. 45)

Friday– “C” day- re-teach, review, computers, reading nook

hw- study vocabulary; review readings of workshop



Week of Oct. 24

MONDAY– Whole Group: p. 40; R1 (Sg: p. 41)

hw- p. 42 due Wed.

TUESDAy– R2/R3 (SG p. 41)

hw- p. 42

WEDNESDAY– Whole Group p. 42 ; R1 (Sg. p. 43)

hw- NONE

THURSDAY– R2/R3- (sg p. 43)

FRIDAY–  “C” day re-teach; EDGAR ALLEN POE video