Week of Oct. 26

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Monday– Warm up- Context clues; Corrective reading Lesson 40- textbook; Ch. 2 Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll  and Mr. Hyde (audio)

Tuesday– Warm up- Context clues; Corrective reading workbook Lesson 40, Ch. 3 Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (audio) – Sequencing events practice

Wednesday- Warm up- Context Clues; finish sequencing and answer questions on Ch. 3; story audio Ch. 4-5; Ch. 5 in packet ***New ed helper due Nov. 4***

Thursday- Corrective reading Lesson 41; audio story Ch. 6-7, answer comprehension questions

Friday- Edgar Allen Poe


Homework– Ed helper due Wed. 10/28; new one due 11/4

October- Conference week

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Block 3– Ed helper due on Friday, due to conference week schedule!


We read about Edgar Allan Poe and answered questions about his life.  We also added similies to out figurative language book.  Students should now have 2 idiom and 1 simile with pictures and literal meaning of the words/phrases. We also watched a short video of his life.

We will be reading “A TellTale Heart” written by Edgar Allan Poe.

Continuation of the story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll, Chapter 2 will continue this week, with fluency practice.