Week of Dec. 14th

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Last week we worked on the mid-year assessments all week.  There was no homework or warm ups.


Monday- reading comprehension story

Tuesday- Warm ups- context clues #1-2; Corrective reading Lesson 45 and workbook page

Wednesday- Warm ups # 3-4; fluency drills Lesson 45; Begin Lesson 46

Thursday- warm up #5- TURN IN FOR GRADE; Finish lesson #46 in workbook

Friday- choral reading

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  HAVE A RESTFUL BREAK and read a story of break!

Week of Nov. 30

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Monday– Warm up; Partner Phrase fluency drills

Tuesday– Scholastic Action vocabulary and comprehension on Alien story

Wed.- warm ups #4-6; Corrective Reading Lesson 42 and workbook; fluency drills

Thurs.- warm ups; Corrective Reading Lesson 43 and workbook; fluency drills (graded in Synergy)

Friday– warm ups (collected) context clues practice game

homework– re-do Treaty of Versailles assignment