Week of Jan. 25

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Homework:  Ed helper due 1/27!  New ed helper due 2/3

Warm ups this week- Locating The Answer- COLLECTED FOR GRADE ON FRIDAY!

Monday-Lesson 49 book; fluency checks

Tuesday-sub0 Read Rainforest and complete Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 in packet

Wednesday– Lesson 49 workbook, fluency checks, biography research

Thursday– BIOGRAPHY online research with graphic organizer (cobb digital library: Biography in Context AND Britcanica School Middle .  You need at least 2 online sources for note-taking on your graphic organizer

Friday-Finished and collected warm ups.  Began Lesson 50 in textbook and started workbook, Lesson 50.

Week of January 11

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BRING EAR BUDS daily! GET Syllabus signed by Friday!

Monday- warm up- Drawing Conclusion #8; Corrective Reading Lesson 46; fluency drills

Tuesday-warm up- Drawing Conclusion #8; Corrective Reading Lesson 46 in workbook; edhelper classwork

Wednesday-warm up- Introduction to Biography research

Thursday-warm up- Drawing Conclusion #8; Corrective Reading Lesson 47; fluency drills; biography research

Friday-warm up- Drawing Conclusion #8;(turn in for a grade)  Corrective Reading Lesson 47 workbook; fluency drills; biography research continued



Week of Jan. 5

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Welcome back students!  Hope you had some great time with family and friends and are all well rested!

As discussed in class, you WILL NEED to bring to class ear buds to class!!


Tuesday– warm up (drawing conclusions #7); review of reading class expectations, timed fluency drills with phrases and Lesson 45

Wednesday– warm ups (drawing conclusions , complete 2,3, 4), Log into Scholastic Action and listen to Dec. article about sled dogs.  Listen to vocabulary power point twice and then article twice.  Completion “What you know” and vocabulary for the story on pages 4-8. (If you don’t finish, time will be given on Friday)

Thursday– Assessment -SRI assessent in computer lab off media center; check out a library book, if time allows.

Friday– warm up (drawing conclusions, complete number 5 and turn in for a grade) Finish any work from Scholastic Action magazine and watch video on sled dogs when finished.