Week of Feb.22

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Monday– warm ups- Context Clues

Biography presentations begin! Great job Alexis and Kyle!!

Tuesday– warm ups- Context Clues; Corrective Reading Lesson 52 textbook

Wednesday– warm ups, Finish Lesson 52 in textbook; Biography presentations

HOMEWORK- NEW ED HELPER handed out, due next WED.!

Thursday– warm ups; Lesson 52 in workbook; Biography presentations finished; MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TURNED IN GRAPHIC ORGANIZER and works cited.

Friday– warm ups collected for grading; fluency checks, partner fluency

Week of Feb 8-12

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Warm ups- Main idea continued.  Turn in for grade on Friday 2/12

Edhelper due 2/11/16- New edhelpers will be given out when we return from Feb. break!

homework- bring biography costume for presesentation

Monday– warm ups; Lesson 51 in Corrective Reading; begin Lesson 51 workbook; fluency drills- 85 words per minute from lesson 51

Tuesday-warm ups; finish workbook Lesson 51; continue fluency drills; biography research needs to be completed by Friday.

Wednesday– warm ups; fluency drills- 6th graders go to ASO ;

Thursday– warm ups, biography research and research posters, create biography note cards for your presentations.

Friday– warm ups collected, biography poster folders need to be finished by end of class.  Pictures, heading, information facts printed and glued .  See templates which were provided in class the last 3 weeks. Present biography reports after the break.  Use rubric for guidelines. PRACTICE PRESENTING TO YOUR FAMILY!!! (3-5 minute presentation, use note cards, do not read from your graphic organizer.  Print works cited with your 2 online sources!! Turn in biography graphic organizer! 🙂

Have a wonderful break!

Week of Feb 1-5

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This week:

Ed helper is due on Wed. 2/3

Warm ups -Main Idea will be collected on Friday

Monday-Main Idea warm up; Lesson 50 workbook; begin finding images for biography report after used a minimum of 2 online sources

Tuesday- warm up (MI); Mastery Test 5; continue finding images for biography report; print pictures in media center

Wednesday– warm up; Research- Flocabulary video; continue  biography report

Thursday– warm up, review research notes – Why does a source need to be valid and reliable? What is plagarism?; continue biography report

Friday- warm ups collected.  Begin Lesson 51 in book