Week of March 28

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ed helper due on Wednesday! Next week we will not have a homework!

Monday- warm up Main Idea #6
Review perspective and Point of View; Corrective reading Lesson 55 in textbook

Tuesday- warm up #7; practice online Georgia Milestone; edulastic.com (skateboarding)

Wednesday- warm up #8; Lesson 55 in workbook; edulastic.com (practice)

Thursday- warm up #9; mood and tone lesson; Corrective Reading lesson 56 in textbook

Friday- warm up collected, point of view/perspective practice

Week of March 14

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homework for week: edhelper is due on March 16- 🙂

Study research vocabulary words for test on Tuesday!

Monday– warm ups Drawing Conclusions; partner fluency drills, review of research vocabulary

Tuesday– warm ups- Drawing Conclusion; fluency drills for Lesson 53;  research vocabulary test

Wednesday- warm ups- Drawing Conclusions;  finish short answer test questions, Begin Lesson 54 in textbook


Thursday– warm ups- Drawing Conclusions; finish Lesson 54 in workbook; teacher fluency practice; Flocabulary (point of view)

Friday– collect warm ups for week; Perspective and Point of View Lesson