Week of April 20- April 30

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Ed helper homework will resume the week of 4/25/16!

After Georgia Milestone testing we began a novel by Roland Smith, Sasquatch. Students typed and turned in an assignment on “Before” reading Chapter 1. Students were also given the vocabulary words for the novel. The vocabulary graphic organizer includes how the word is used in the context of the sentence/story. Student will need to draw a picture that reflects the definition.
Students also turned in the warm up on Locating the Answer.

Monday- Read Chapter 3 in novel aloud. New ed helper homework passed out to the class.

Tuesday- Continue reading Chapter 4 and 5

Wednesday- After finishing chapter 5, student s will answer comprehension questions using the computer. Students need to use Co-writer to aid with spelling (hand-in folder).

Thursday- continue comprehension questions and turn in to hand-in folder; fluency checks

Friday- Read chapter 6 in novel; fluency checks