About READ 180

  Welcome students to 2018-2019 school year! Read 180 is scheduled for Block 4 and 5 students. Here is some information that may help familiarize you with the READ 180 program at Durham. A class syllabus will be given out the first full week of school. Please review the syllabus, sign and return it for teacher records.



Read 180 is an intensive reading program designed to increase the reading levels of each student.  The program directly addresses individual needs through differentiated instruction, adaptive and instructional software, high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

The READ 180 Instructional Model provides a simple way to organize instruction and classroom activity. The session begins and ends with whole-group teacher-directed instruction. Between the whole-group meetings, students break into three small groups that rotate among three stations.  These stations are Small Group Direct Instruction, Modeled and Independent Reading, and READ 180 Software.


Read 180 is a reading and writing program that aims to raise student reading and writing levels, as well as academic achievement.  It includes the following components:

  • Reading Inventory (RI) – The Reading Inventory is a computer-based test that assesses student reading level for program placement. The students will take the test several times throughout the year to measure progress.
  • Computers – Students use topics on the computer to practice reading comprehension, spelling, proofreading and word attack skills. Each topic guides the students through a variety of activities including a video, the Reading Zone, Word Zone and Spelling Zone.  Students must complete activities in each zone in order to reach the Success Zone and move to the next reading passage.
  • Reading Area – Students read in class every day. Students select books and chart their progress in a reading log.  Writing activities accompany each book, and students complete them as they are reading. Students use the Reading Counts program to take quizzes on the computer.  When a student completes a book and its writing activities, she/he takes a quiz to test knowledge of the book.
  • Small and whole group (Mini-Lessons/Quizzes) – Teacher-led mini-lessons focus on reading strategies and skill practices, and quizzes are given to gauge student understanding.