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Week of May 15th

Monday– Loch soundtrack  in media center(you are all so creative!)

hw- none

Tuesday- finish novel 🙂

Wednesday- discussion of novel; work on storyboards for Loch  soundtrack

hw- none

Thursday- overall test on Loch; storyboard

Friday- MEDIA CENTER for soundtrack 🙂


Week of May 1

Monday- Completed Reading Inventory (RI); finish comprehension check for chapter 1-3.

hw- study for vocabulary test tomorrow

Tuesday- Vocabulary PART I TEST; read chapter 4

Wednesday- Finish Chapter 4 and questions

hw- none

Thursday– Vocabulary Part II definitions; Read Chapters 5-6

hw- none

Friday- Finish chapter 6-7

hw- none


Week of April 17th-

Monday- Magazine finishing touches! Tomorrow must be done! Do you have your individual research typed and special features typed?  Do you have your works cited done? Is your group doing Wildcards?

Tuesday- Final touches to magazine- turn in to link below

turn in your sway HERE


Turning in a Sway:

Wednesday- Milestone testing ELA;

Blocks 3, 1, 5, 7- ; work on roundtable graphic organizer; complete character chart on Loius- DUE ON FRIDAY!

Thursday- ELA Milestones, blocks 3, 2,4,6; read about Japanense internment and watch video to complete the graphic organizer; character chart on Louis due Friday!

Introduction to new novel- Loche

Friday- I will be testing 8th grade milestone.  You will have a sub; finish Unbroken Epilogue; Vocabulary on new novel Loch; TURN IN UPDATED CHARACTER CHART ON LOUIS Monday! (since I won’t be in class!)


Welcome back from Spring Break!  🙂

I sure enjoyed my time off with my family! Hope you did  too.

Monday–  began individual research for group magazine project- use rubric and follow requirments

USE MACANVIA in cobb digital library database for good sites to use!

hw-Twitter summaries will be collected tomorrow!

Tuesday– continue individual research for magazine project (ARE YOU FOLLOWING YOUR RUBRIC?) You began either your SWAY or publisher formatting for your magazine.  Some of you need to get parent permission for office 365 (throught parent-vue) then your shared folder should be there if you created it today with Ms. Pranther and me!

hw- finish any research for special feaures or individual research and bring to class tomorrow

Wed- get research types into SWAY or Publisher, including special features, and wild cards (if your group will be participating)- remember you can complete UP TO 4 wild cards only!

hw- research for wild cards

Thursday– put all components together for group magazine project (individual grade, group grade, wild cards)

hw- if you shared your project with your group- add finishing touches!

Friday finish typing all components of magazine project- CHECK YOUR RUBRIC!

hw- none




Week of March 27 

Monday- Finish Chapter 25.  Read Chapter 26-28

hw- Twitter summaries Ch. 21-23

Tuesday- Read  Chapters 29-31

hw- vocabulary Part IV test THURSDAY!

Wednesday- What is PTSD powerpoint; Read chapters 32-34

hw- vocabulary test tomorrow, twitter summaries 25-31 due MONDAY

Thursday- vocabulary Part IV test; read chapters 35-36

hw- Twitter summaries 25-31 due MONDAY

Friday-finish book and epilogue!

HW-Twitter summaries 25-31 due MONDAY


Week of March 20

Monday- Analogies warm up, 1940’s magazine; discussion of rubric and requirements, Read Chapter 18 together

hw- none

Tuesday– Analogies warm up, twitter summary Chapter 28,  Discuss Geneva Conventions 1949, Read Chapter 19

hw- none

Wednesday– Analogies warm up, Read Chapter 20-21

hw- none

Thursday- Analogies warm up, Read chapter together 22-23; Update Twitter summary (ch. 21, 22)

hw- none

Friday- Turn in analogies #1-10, twitter summaries Chapter 21, 22.  Read chapter 23-25 silently

hw- none


Week of March 13-17

Monday– Analogies; twitter summaries for chapter 13, 14, 15, 16

Read Chapter 17 and discuss differernces in mental strengths

hw- finish analogies

Tuesday– Analogies; Read comprehension for Part III

Discuss Socratic Seminar

hw- none

Wednesday- Analogies collected; Socratic Seminar

hw- none

Thursday– Vocabulary Part IV; finish Socratic seminar (if needed)

hw- none

Friday– Read Chapter 18

hw- none



Week of 3/6

Monday– Twitter summaries Chapter 7-10; Finish stream of consciousness poetry; Share poetry; Read chapter 11

hw- none


Tuesday-  Read Chapter 12-13; art of manliness site- life on a raft

hw- none

Wednesday- Read chapter 14; BOOK FAIR! 🙂

hw- none

Thursday- Discovery channel shark video

hw- none

Friday– Analogies; update anchor charts

hw- none


Week of Feb 27th-

Monday- videos of B-25 and begin taking notes. See below

B-24 Liberator Past and Present:

B-24 Liberator

Click on the link to watch the video. As you watch, look for details about the plane that stand out to you. Think about safety, maneuverability, weaponry. After watching the video, write a paragraph detailing your observations – “Why was the B-24 called a Flying Coffin?”

hw- finish paragraph!



eek of February 13-

Monday- Unbroken Chapters 3-4

hw- Part One vocabulary assessment

Tuesday- Part One vocabulary Assessment; analogies; Chapter 5

hw- analogies

Wednesday- field trip for many students; Bring pleasure reading book to class, analogies, anchor chart updates

hw- anchor chart updates

Thursday-comprehension questions ch 1-5; vocabulary Part II note-taking

hw- none

Friday- pictures of Louie carosal activity “What do I see?” 

hw- enjoy your break!


WEEK of FEB. 6th:



Monday– Begin analogy warm ups – Notes: How are words related?

Introduction to author:

After watching the video, you will write a 1-2 paragraph reflection summarizing what you learned about the author, the book, and Louis Zamperini. The following questions may help guide your thinking as you write.

1. Why does the author, Laura Hillenbrand, rarely leave her home?

2. How long has she battled this disease?

3. How long did it take for her to write the book Unbroken?

4. What “hooked” the author about Louis Zamperini?

5. Louis Zamperini sent Laura Hillenbrand a gift. What was it and why did he say he sent it to her?

6. What insights did you gain about Louis Zamperini from the comments made by Laura Hillenbrand in the video interview?

7. What do you think Laura Hillenbrand feels about her subject? Does she exhibit any author bias? In this case, would you say any bias on her part was positive or negative?

hw- research related vocabulary test tomorrow- use your notes to study!


Tuesday– Complete Touchstone 3

Research related vocabulary test! 🙂

Write paragraph about the author. (see above questions)

hw-  Finish author paragraph

bring book Unbroken and colored pens


WednesdayUnbroken Vocabulary Part I- note-taking

Read chapter 1 in novel!

hw- bring novel to class daily


Thursday- Unbroken Chapters 2-3

FridayUnbroken Chapters 4-5

hw- study Unbroken Vocabulary Part I



Block 3

Week of January 30

Monday- Pre-assessment using analogies; Discuss introduction, thesis statement, conclusion

hw- none

Tuesday- Finish typing outline, print and turn in for grading

hw- WRITE INTRODUCTION (5 sentences to type into paper tomorrow)

get any additional research notes needed for paper (interesting facts)

Wednesday- Begin typing research paper (no contractions, no personal pronouns, no opinions, no questions)

hw-Write CONCLUSION to TYPE into paper tomorrow!

study research vocabulary terms TEST NEXT TUESDAY (URL, works cited, search engine, etc..)

get any additional research notes needed for paper (interesting facts)

Need help on conclusion?!





Thursday- Continue typing research paper (INCLUDING INTRODUCTION?CONCLUSION); print works cited

hw- study research related vocabulary terms  TEST NEXT TUESDAY (URL, works cited, search engine, etc..)

get any additional research notes needed for paper (interesting facts)

Friday- Finish typing research paper (print and TURN IN! 🙂 STAPLE IN THIS ORDER: Rubric, Final copy, works cited, outline, 50 research notes



Week of January 23

Monday- computer lab: categorize and organize notes

Category examples:’Place, Histroy, People, Interesting Facts, Other ; organize order of notesd A, B, C, D, etc..

hw- book report due 1/27- FOLLOW RUBRIC

Tuesday- finish categNOTES IF YOU ARE MISSING CATEGORY information!

hw-book report due 1/27- FOLLOW RUBRIC; finish categorizing by tomoroow

Wednesday-50 notes graded (did you use 5-7 words, paraphrase information, do you have 50 notes or more?)

Media center lesson- Digital Citizenship with Ms. Crandall

hw- book report due 1/27- FOLLOW RUBRIC

Thursday– write out outline using correct format and write topic sentences.

hw- book report due tomorrow- FOLLOW RUBRIC; topic sentences and handwritten outline due tomorrow!

Friday- Write introductions and thesis- no personal pronouns, no questions in the paper!

hw- outline, topic sentences, introduction/thesis completed by Monday

WE BEGIN NOVEL STUDY Feb 6th.  We will be annotating!

Get your book today! 🙂


Monday-MLK (no school  ) Week of Jan. 16

Tuesday- Begin 50 notes of research on AUSTRALIA using Culturegrams in Macinvia

hw- Book report due 1/27; PLAGARISM TEST ON FRIDAY! (review notes)

Wednesday/Thursday- Continue Research note-taking using 5-7 words (cave man!)

hw- Book report due 1/27; PLAGARISM TEST ON FRIDAY!

Friday- PLAGARISM quiz; finish Australia 50 notes and turn in for grading!



Mon.Tues- SNOW DAYS!

Wednesday- BOOK report requirements were handed out.  Book report is due to class on Jan 27th!

Begin discussion on “What is research”

Thursday- Research Related Vocabulary terms 1-11

Friday- Finish Notes; watch plagarism videos and take notes





___________________Welcome Back! _So glad to see all the smiling faces today! :)___________

Week of Jan. 5

Thursday- Complete Breakout for Dystopia/Utopia in groups and print clue for class!

Friday-Submit final clue and directions for Breakout.  Media Center Check out

MONDAY WE WILL START LEARNING ABOUT the research process and begin our research for a research paper!

                                  Coming up in FEBRUARY-NEW NOVEL:



Week of Dec. 5

Monday and Tuesday- practice plot elements using Pixar short films

follow links here:



Wednesday- quiz on point of view

Thursday- surprise activity in Media Center!


Week of Nov. 14- We are going to finish our novel and it is bitter sweet! 🙂

Monday- read chapter 25 together; post on “fakebook” chapters 20-24

Tuesday– Katniss Growth Chart- Part III

finish chapter 26-27

Wednesday- Turn in Katniss Growth Chart; finish book !! 🙂

Complete review sheet for test tomorrow

Thursday- Overall test on Hunger Games! Take notes on plot

Friday- finish note taking; practice plot elements



Week of October 31-

Monday- Video on Edgar Allen Poe with question guide

hw- none

Tuesday– Chapter 18; discuss symbolism of Rue’s death

hw- none

Wednesday- Read chapter 19 with a partner; Post to “fakebook chapters 10-18

hw- Fakebook posts due Chapter 10-18 with images/friends

Thurs– Reading reponse questions in groups from Part II of the book

hw- Fakebook posts due

Friday- Read chapter 20-21 independently.  Comp. time questions

hw- none



Monday– Hunger presentations on Hunger

-Students will complete a “glows and grows” for each presentation.

HW:  Update “Fakebook” status for chapter 10-14 (use graphic organizer, if needed)


TUESDAY– Hunger Presentations finish

Read chapter 15-16 independently and update “fake book” (students who have finished may use a computer to create a Fakebook page )

BE SURE TO SAVE THE ENTIRE CODE to re-assess the page another day!


WEDNESDAY- Create Fakebook using computer

-Post  for chapters 10-16

Hw- none


THURSDAY– Read chapter 17 w/partner

Update fakebook for chapter 17

Hw- none


FRIDAY- Read chapter 18 together – Discuss

Hw- none




Monday– discussion on hunger and Public Service Announcement( PSA).  We watched Jeff Bridges PSA and discussed what makes a goo dPSA

hw- vocabulary test #2 on Thursday

Tuesday-media center: research a subgroup on hunger in America

hw- vocabulary test #2 on Thursday

Wednesday– Media center research; begin brainstorming

hw- vocabulary test #2 on Thursday

Thursday– vocab test story

Friday _Continue reading Hunger Games ch. 10-11