6th grade READ 180





Immigrant project-

We have been busy for over one week working on an immigrant project.

Students have been working hard each day of early release to work on their immigrant research and paper. The classes are doing very well with finding interesting facts to share with the class.  I can not wait to see the final project presentations!

Project guidelines:

  • Research a famous immigrant, taking notes with the graphic organizer
  • Type or hand write rough draft paragraph (following rubric checklist)
  • edit rough draft (does each sentence beginning vary? use COPS checklist to help you edit
  • type final draft with any changes (paragraph can not be more than 12 point font, double spaced
  • PRINT final draft
  • Begin power point for immigrant presentation (this should have a MAXIMUM of 3 slides and 3 images) The power point should use talking points to refer to while presenting (not sentences) FONT color and size will be discussed for easy reading
  • Practice your presentation (use note cards if necessary.  You will not be reading off power point or paper.  You are sharing your immigrant with the class.  Length, rehearsal and content will be discussed next week!

Week of Oct 23- Discuss rubric for immigrant presentations.  Dress like your famous immigrant, include necessary facts, practice, practice, practice!

Monday Oct. 23 will be last day to work on immigrant project in class.  If you need additional time, please go to Mrs. Hardin’s room during homeroom to work on the project! Sign up for presentation day on Monday, presentations begin Thursday!

Tuesday and Wednesday- READ 180 computer software and independent reading nook

Thursday- presentations begin! Computer software/reading nook rotation

Friday- presentations continue! Computer software/reading nook



HERE for ELLIS ISLAND TOUR- use headphones!



Week of 10/9

Monday- Block 4 began to research and tour Ellis Island.  What did you read?  What did you learn?

Block 5- Finished Ellis Island tour; Introduction to immigrant project.

Tuesday and Wednesday- Select a famous immigrant (from the list) and begin taking notes on the graphic organizer provided.

Thursday- media center to continue taking notes and write a summary of the famous immigrant

Friday- Continue writing rough draft of summary and begin typing into word. (10 sentences minimum)





Week of October 2-6

We have been catching up on a variety of assignments this week before the quarter ends!

  1. Reading Counts tests- finish independent reading book, turn in completed graphic organizer, turn in reading log (yellow sheet) TAKE test on computer.  IF you score a 70% or higher you passed the test!
  2. Complete end of workshop R SKILLS TEST
  3. Computer rotations to finish a computer segment- put your sticker  🙂 on the poster when you have completed an entire segment (reading zone, word zone, spelling zone, writing zone, and success zone)

Workshop ONE- “The New Americans”

Skill:Main idea/details

Week of 9/18-

Monday- review reading 2 for test Wednesday; practice finding main idea and details; “I have who has” vocab. game

hw- test on Workshop One begins Wednesday and will continue Thursday for extended time

Review for test: vocabulary terms; School  Before Soccer (reading 1), Fitting In (reading 2), Immigration Boom (reading 3)

Tuesday- review of reading 3; “I Have Who Has” game

hw- test tomorrow; Review for test: vocabulary terms; School  Before Soccer (reading 1), Fitting In (reading 2), Immigration Boom (reading 3)

Wednesday – Summative Assessment Workshop One

hw- none

Thursday-Summative Assessment Workshop One continued

Friday- if needed 20 minutes to finish test (extended time); computer and reading nook

hw- Happy September break 🙂


Week of 9/13- 9/16- WORKSHOP ONE TEST begins Sept. 20


Wednesday- Whole group- Word Challenge p. 20/ sg. p. 21 Synonyms/antonyms

hw- finish study guide for vocabulary of workshop.  You must be able to use the words correctly in a sentence. (context clues)

Thursday– R2/R3 (sg. p. 21) Synonyms/antonyms

hw- study vocabulary

Friday– finish any work on Reading 2 or Reading 3/computers/reading nook (graphic organizer and reading log needs to be updated!)

hw- re-read Reading 1- School Before Soccer!


Week of Sept. 5-8

Monday- NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday— Whole group lesson “The New Immigration Boom!” p. 16-17; Rotation 1 (Sg. p. 17)

Wednesday- Reading Comp. ticket for reading 2;   Rotation 2/3 (sg. p. 17)

ThursdaySTUDY guide for vocabulary handed it!  Write your own sentence to be sure you can apply the definition to the word.

Whole group Lesson (reading 3 cont’d “The New Immigration Boom!) p. 18-19; Rotation 1 (sg. p. 18)

hw- begin study 10 vocabulary words (study guide handed out)

Friday– Rotation 2/3 (sg. p. 19)

hw- study vocabulary for workshop one!




Week of 8/28-Sept. 1- Workshop One/Skill: Main Idea and Details

Monday– Media Center Destiny lesson with Mrs. Baker; book checkout

hw- none

Tuesday– Comprehension check- Freddy Adu

Whole group lesson “Fitting In” p. 12; Rotation 1 (small group p. 13)


Wednesday Rotation 2 or 3 (small group p. 13)

Thursday- Whole group lesson p. 14; Rotation 1  (small group p. 15- Main Idea and Details organizer)

Friday- Rotation 2 or 3 (small group p. 15)

hw- review workshop vocabulary


Week of 8/21-8/25

Monday- Eclipse Schedule- There is no make up work

Tuesday- Whole group p. 10 “School Before Soccer”; Rotation 1 (small group p. 11- Main Idea/Details)

Wednesday- Rotation 2/3(small group p. 11- Main Idea/Details)

Thursday– Quiz on What do we do in Read 180?  Finish vocabulary p. 9 (if needed)- grades are in Synergy for those who have completed.  Remember capitalization/punctuation is graded.

Friday– finish p. 9-11 if needed; computers/reading nook



Week of 8/14-8/18


SKILL- main idea/details/fluency

Monday- Begin whole group instruction p. 10 (fluency/main idea); Rotation 1 (small group. p. 11)

hw- none

Tuesday- Rotation 2 (small group p. 11, computers OR reading nook); Rotation 3 (small group page 11, computers, OR reading nook)

Wednesday- WHOLE GRoup instruction p. 12 (fluency/main idea); Rotation 1 (small group p. 13)

Thursday– Rotation 2 (small group p. 13, computers OR reading nook); Rotation 3 (small group page 13, computers, OR reading nook-

Friday- Computers or reading nook, student goal  setting and checking


Welcome to Durham! So much to see around the building, so many new faces!

This week…...

I can’t wait to get to know each of you! Monday we will start learning about one another. You will bring home the Cobb County folder with forms to return and your Durham agenda. By the end of the week we will understand our own study habits and determine the best was to prepare to study for middle school! But most exciting for you… LOCKER day is on FRIDAY!. Bring back your forms ASAP to get your locker assignment!

So get ready— because here we go!