6th grade READ 180

Week of August 20

Parents we are in desperate need of kleenex for the class.  If you can donate kleenex or individually wrapped candy (for rewards) I would MUCH APPRECIATE IT!

Students needing a re-take of the Routines Quiz need to plan on coming to a review session on WEDNESDAY at 8:30.  Students will be picked up from the cafeteria at 8:30!

MONDAY- All students received their workshop packets and vocabulary sheet for the workhop “The New Americans”.  This was placed in the whole group/small group section of the reading binder.  This binder comes to class each day and does not stay in the locker! Be sure not to loose your binder, as your “reading textbook” is now inside your binder!

Block 4- with the fire alarm going off we didn’t have a chance to start the whole group lesson, so we will do that tomorrow.  We did get to work on some vocabulary for the workshop.

Block 5- We watched the anchor videos for the Workshop “The New Americans”.  Then we choral read p. 8 and began rotations: small group, independent reading, reading nook.  Tomorrow we will continue the rotations.  Each rotation is 20 minutes, so make sure you move quickly and get to work right away at the start of the rotation.

Tuesday- Rotations: small group p. 9 (+vocab graphic organizer), computers, reading nook (3 bullet point summary on reading log)

hw- none

Wednesday- Whole Group lesson page 10; rotations: small group (p. 11); computers, reading nook (3 bullet point summary on reading log)


Thursday-Rotations: small group p. 11 , computers, reading nook (3 bullet point summary on reading log)

hw- none

Friday– goal setting, finish any pages 8-11 from the week, computers, reading nook

Week of Aug. 13

Thank you for attending Open House on Monday.  If you have any questions, please email me!

Wednesday/Thursday– We practiced rotations: computer and reading nook (reading log/graphic organizer). tomorrow we will take a quiz on the routines of the classroom.

hw- none

Tuesday– we read the reading nook book and began our reading log.  We also reviewed the rotations for the quiz on Friday.

hw- none

Wednesday- Practice writing a reading log summary with who, what, when, why, where.  We will aslo be assigned a computer and begin the READ 180 software.

hw- none

Welcome back 2018-2019 School Year!

BLOCK 4 or 5 only

ELA- blocks 1,2,3- Slade

Read 180 blocks 4,5- Slade

Week of August 6-

Monday- we discussed Read 180 technology /equipment usage and the computer software. Please sign up for Remind.  There are several students/parents who still have not signed up.  Those that have, I gave a special treat to your student today!

Tuesday- We continued talking about the computer software zones: reading zone, word zone, spelling zone, success zone, and writing zone.  We also began talking about reading book nook and how to pick the book that matches the students’ lexile score.

hw- none (just check the blog and sign up for Remind

** In class Wednesday and Thursday we will be taking the beginning of the year Reading Inventory. (RI)  This scores guides the reading nook and computer rotation in Read 180.

Thursday- students did a “Book PAss” rating books on their level (based on the RI score this week) Students decided which book they would like to start reading next week. We also finished organizing binders and the 4 tabs needs in class each day.  THE READING BINDER NEEDS TO COME TO CLASS EACH DAY!

Friday- discussion about the computers zones continued. (There are 5 instructional zones to complete ONE segment on the computer software- reading zone, word zone, spelling zone, success zone, and writing zone)

OPEN HOUSE AUGUST 13 @ 6:30 pm.  Parents will be able to follow your child’s schedule and briefly get an overview of each class. See you Monday!

Day 3- August 3

Today we made a schedule for the lockers and taped it into the locker.  We also made time to practice opening the locker multiple times!

hw- sign up for remind 101, get syllabus signed, and get a small 3 ring binder with 4 divider tabs for reading class.  These supplies are in addition to the ones on the supply list because it is a seperate class during the success block.  We will be organizing the reading binder next week and began filing papers into each section Tues/Wed.

Thank you for the many parents who have already signed up for the remind 101!  We still have many parents that need to sign up.  I will hand out a surprise Monday to those families who have signed up by class time! 🙂


Day 2- August 2

Today in class we reviewed the syllabus and began talking about classroom expectations.

Please read over the syllabus and return the 2nd page (blue colored) with your signature.  I am including the REMIND 101 code here so that you can be updated via text message of important updates. The blog is also a resource to use nightly.


Click the link below to get the remind 101 code FOR BLOCK 4 ONLY! Block 5 received the code in the agenda YESTERDAY1




____________________________________________________________________________________________I am so excited to meet you all at Sneak- a -Peek On Tuesday, July 31 from 12:30-1:30. This is where you will meet your homeroom teacher (which is also your first block class).  During this time I will be handing out schedules and paperwork that needs to be returned.

As you are preparing for the first day of school, please be at ease, we will help you to get to your classes and show you the way! 🙂  Lockers will not be given out immediately, so don’t bring ALL your supplies the first day or two.  You will only need a folder, something to write on (paper) and something to right with (pen/pencil).  Each teacher will discuss with you during class time  when to bring your supplies once lockers are distributed.

Lunch for ALL 6th grade is during 3h block, close to 12:00 noon. Your 3rd block teacher will let you know your lunchtime on Monday, Aug. 1st.

 2018-2019  Supply list for Read 180 – Block 4 and 5:

  • 3-ring binder
  • 4 dividers (reading nook, notes, growth goals, whole group/small group)
  • Highlighters
  • COLORED Pens/pencils
  • —————————————————————————————————————————————–




Week of May 14-

PLEASE WATCH VIDEO AND ANSWER the TWO questions for our digital citizenship lesson with Mrs. Baker on WEDNESDAY.

The following is a YouTube link so please let them know that they will need to access the video off campus





  1. Which topic in the video seems to be the biggest problem within a kids’ digital life today? Why do you think that? Give at least one example.
  2. Based on the topics in the video, which topic do you struggle with personally? What are some options that could help you?

Wednesday- Media Center- digital citizenship lesson

hw- none


Week of may 7- Sorry I have been out for two days and unable to post.  But Mrs. Hardin did give you the FINAL calendar fo the year! 🙂

Monday- Read/Annotate Ch. 10

hw- read theory; Annotate vocab for ch. 11; vocab test for 7,8,9 on FRIDAY

Tuesday- Read/annotate Ch. 11

hw-hw- read theory; Annotate vocab for ch. 112 vocab test for 7,8,9 on FRIDAY

Wednesday- Final Reading inventory for the year!  Show us how much you are growth– you have grown soooo much 🙂

hw-hw- read theory; Annotate vocab for ch. 11; vocab test for 7,8,9 on FRIDAY

Thursday-Read/annotate ch. 12

Friday- Vocab test for ch. 7, 8, 9

hw- annotate ch. 12- dUE MONDAY



Week of April 30th- Don’t forget your “colors” for annotating

Monday- Read/ annotate Ch. 7.  Chapter 8 VOCAB. annotation is due tomorrow

hw-  read theory due Friday, vocab for ch. 9 due WED.

Tuesday- Read/ Annotate ch. 8

hw-  read theory due Friday, vocab for ch. 9 due tomorrow.

Wednesday- Finish Ch. 8 annotation; inferences worksheet

hw- read theory due FRI;  Annotate vocab for ch. 10 due MONDAY

Thursday- Read/annotate Ch. 9

hw- read theory due FRI;  Annotate vocab for ch. 10 due MONDAY; complete vocab enrichment for CH 7 for tomorrow

Friday- computes, reading nook

hw- Complete vocab enrichments for ch. 8 for Monday; Ch 10 vocab. annotations due MOn.





Testing for 6th grade is over! 🙂

Continue novel study!

Monday- Annotate ch. 4- REMEMBER YOUR COLORS DAILY! (red, green, yellow, blue)

hw- read theory due Friday; vocabulary enrichment for ch. 1-2; TEST ON VOCAB  Ch. 1-4 FRIDAY!

Tuesday– Notes-taking on cause/effect; complete cause/effect on ch. 4; computers

hw: read theory due Friday; vocabulary enrichment for ch. 1-2; LWW TEST ON VOCAB  Ch 1-4 FRIDAY!

Wednesday-  LWW Comprehension Quiz ch 1-4; computers/book nook

hw-read theory due Friday; vocabulary enrichment for ch. 3-4; TEST ON VOCAB FRIDAY!

Thursday- read Chapter 5/annotate

hw-read theory due Friday; vocabulary enrichment for ch. 3-4; TEST ON VOCAB FRIDAY!

Friday- LWW Vocabulary Assessment ch 1-4; computers/book nook



Welcome BACK 🙂 PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE COLORS FOR ANNOTATION IN CLASS; (red/pink, yellow/orange, green, blue)

New calendars handed out on Monday (white and colored copy)

Monday- discussed calendar and  homework assignments; discuss figurative language and take notes

hw- LWW Chapter 5 annotation of vocabulary/expressions due Friday 4/13

Tuesday- Friday- schedule changes due to am/pm testing

hw- LWW Chapter 5 annotations/expressions; vocabulary test in ch. 1-4 upcoming on 4/20!

Week of 3/26- We are begging to read novel!  Please bring colors to class.  You will need blue, red/pink, green, and yellow/orange to annotate your book!

Monday- Discuss setting of LWW, Read aloud Ch. 1/annotate setting

hw- Finish Ch. 3 vocabulary/expressions for LWW; read theory due Fri.

Tuesday- Vocab check; Continue setting annotation of ch. 1-2.

hw- Annotate vocabulary/expressions for Ch. 4 due THURSDAY; read theory due Fri.

Wed. -Answer questions for Ch 1 and complete setting worksheet

hw- read theory due FRI.  Ch. 4 LWW due tomorrow

Thursday- Milestone Practice on computers

Here is the link to preview the online format of the Milestone.


My students will experience the site in Reading classes today, but students and parents can go back through the site as many times as they would like!

hw- none

Friday- computer rotation;reading nook


Week of 3/19- We are now finished with Workshop 3 and will begin the novel study this week!  We will work on novel study Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Computer rotation and book nook rotation will continue on Thursday and Friday’s.

++++Students will be coming home with vocabulary homework from the novel to complete.  Please be sure your child completes the vocabulary and expressions to show for completion on the due date.  Students will receive a grade the day the work is due.  NO LATE WORK  IS ACCEPTED FOR THE VOCAB. GRADE!++++++

Monday– Reading inventory (RI) assessment

hw- read theory due Fri.

Tuesday- Introduction to author C.S. Lewis; vocabulary and expressions for Ch. 1-2 (use blue ink and underline complete sentence in novel, box around the vocab. word, and write into your book the definition)

hw- read theory due Fri., vocabulary for ch 1 and 2 due tomorrow

Wednesday- Discuss setting (time and place of a story); vocabulary “wardrobe”

hw- Ch 3 annotation of vocabulary/expressions due 3/27; read theory due FRI.

Thursday- computer rotation/book nook rotation

hw- read theory due tomorrow. Ch 3 annotation due Tuesday

Friday– computer rotation/book nook rotation

hw- Ch 3 annotation due 3/27; Ch 4 annotation due 3/29

Students were given a monthly calendar today for Workshop 3 on 1/4 (“Identity Crisis”) Skill: plot Elements.

The NEWEST calendar includes the HOMEWORK for all the dates.

Please look at the calendar with your child. (It is copied on blue paper) The homework is due at the beginning of the class period, with a quick comprehension check at the start of class which is graded.  Refer to the calendar for the other pages and dates.  Students were shown the assignments today and will write answers on the green workshop packet, except for the Read and Write and Summarize section.  These answers are to be placed on the white sheet provided by the teacher with the due dates written in.


Week of 3/12-

Monday- review readings for Workshop 3 test tomorrow

hw- read theory, re-read Workshop 3

Tuesday- Workshop 3 test

hw- read theory homework

Wednesday- finish test (if needed); rskills assessment

hw- read theory  homework

Thursday- rkills test

hw- read theory due tomorrow

Friday- computers/book nook rotations


Week of 3/5

Monday- Book Fair, book nook- NEW MARCH CALENDARS handed out.  NOVEL study begin March 20!

hw- read theory due Fri, vocab test on Wednesday, book nook test (reading counts) due by Friday with reading log and graphic organizer

Tuesday- vocabulary review! Click below for a quizlet game



hw-read theory due Fri. vocab test on Wednesday, book nook test (reading counts) due by Friday with reading log and graphic organizer



Week of 2/26- Welcome Back! 🙂

Goal setting: What are you doing to ensure you have your graphic organizer, reading log, and reading counts test taken by March 9?

Monday– Review readings 1-3/practice fluency with a partner

DATE CHANGE- Workshop 3 VOCABULARY TEST was moved to Wed. March 7

hw- read theory due Friday; book nook  test due MARCH 9

Tuesday- study guide handed out for vocab. test, p. 74 Whole group

hw- study guide definitions and sentences due by FRIDAY; read theory homework due FRIDAY

Wednesday- p. 75 Whole group’ book nook or computer rotation

hw- book nook test due MARCH 9; vocab study guide due Fri.; read theory due by FRI.

Thursday– book nook/computers/goal setting

hw- book nook test due MARCH 9; vocab study guide due Fri.; read theory due by FRI.

Friday- vocab study guide due date, book nook/computer rotation/goal setting

hw- study vocab for test on March 7

book fair-pgg1ja Book Fair Dates: Monday, March 5th – Friday, March 9th

Location: The Media Center

Shopping Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 8:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.; Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Shop the Online Scholastic Book Fair from Sunday, February 25th – Saturday, March 9th

Week of 2/12- * reminder read theory homework is due no later than Friday.  If you are out at the end of the week, please be sure you have it completed by 2/16.  No late grade will be taken. *

Thank you!

Monday- Whole group p. 70 and comprehension check ; small group p. 71/ computer rotations/reading nook

hw- read theory, p. 72 due Wednesday

Tuesday- sg. p. 71/computer rotations/reading nook

hw- read theory, p. 72 due tomorrow

Wednesday- Whole group p. 72 (comprehension check). small group p. 73/computer/computer rotation

hw- read theory

Thursday-  sg. p. 72/computer rotations/reading nook

hw- reading nook book due March 9; read theory due by tomorrow

Friday- computer rotations/reading nook



Week of 2/5- READ theory homework is due on Friday.  Please get it done early and don’t wait until last minute.

Monday– WG p. 66, sg. p. 67

hw- read theory homework due 2/9; p. 68 due 2/7.  Don’t forget to follow the directions on the Read and Write written answers

Tuesday- Comprehension check from 66; s.g. p. 67/computer rotations/book nook

hw- read theory; p. 68 due tomorrow

Wednesday- Comprehension check p. 68; Whole group page 68; sg. 69

hw- read theory due Friday

Thursday- sg. p. 69/computer rotations/reading nook

hw- read theory

Friday -reading nook/computes/goal setting


Week of 1/29

cw-WG p. 62; sg p. 63; rotation 1

hw- read theory homework due Friday 2/2; p. 64 in workshop packet due 1/31; reading counts test needs to be completed by 1/31

Tuesday- rotation 2/3

hw- read theory homework due Friday 2/2; p. 64 in workshop packet due 1/31; reading counts test needs to be completed by 1/31


p. 64 comprehension check, Sg. p. 65

hw-read theory due 2/2

Thursday- p.

Friday- catch up computers


Week of 1/22- Please refer to the calendar of assignments as we started this week with what was planned!  🙂

Monday- whole group p. 60, reading nook, computers

hw- read theory due Friday, book nook due 1/31

Tuesday– p. 61 (vocabulary target words graphic organizer for Workshop #3; computers, reading nook

hw- read theory due Friday, book nook due 1/31

Wednesday– oral cloze p. 60; vocabulary and graphic organizer p. 61; computers, book nook

hw- read theory due Friday, book nook due 1/31

Thursday– finish vocabulary (if needed); book nook’ computers

hw- read theory due Friday, book nook due 1/31


hw-  book nook due 1/31


Week of 1/8

Mrs. Hardin and I are really excited about our 6th graders starting Read Theory. Each week the kiddos will be required to take one “quiz” a week. Mrs. Hardin will be checking at the end of the day on Friday’s to input grades. If your student is not satisfied with his first quiz grade, he/she can take as many quizzes he wants each week and we will take the highest grade. Example: If he/she makes a 60 on Monday, but then takes a quiz again on Tuesday and makes a 90. we’ll put the 90 in the gradebook for the week. The first read theory quiz is due on Friday, January 12th. This week ONLY students are required to take a pretest when they log in and then complete a quiz. Please make sure your student does both! 

The link to the website is http:://readtheory.org/

Monday hw- read theory homework pre-test and quiz one due by class time on 1/12

Tuesday- handout new workshop packets, vocabulary sheet, and React and Write page for NEW WORKSHOP! Read book nook or computers

hw- complete read theory homework due Fri. when you enter class.

Wednesday- complete p. 54 and 55/ computers/ book nook

hw– complete read theory homework due Fri. when you enter class.

Thursday- complete p. 56/57/ computers/book nook

hw-complete read theory homework due  when you enter class tomorrow.

Friday- catch up day : computers, book nook , p. 54-57

hw- none


Welcome Back and Happy New Year


Week of Jan 4

Thursday- review of classroom rotations/expectations; new calendar with additional homework complettion for reading theory

Review of segment status’ on computer rotations. review of book read for reading counts test.  If a student has not completed 3 DIFFERENT books  since August, the student need to work additionally outside of class time to get reading book nook test/reading log/and graphic organizer completed. A green student reading report went home today with your child’s current status.  Please sign and discuss with your student how and when they plan on working on another book in addition to the book that is due Jan. 31st.  As of Jan 31, students should have read and took a reading counts test on 4 or more books. If your child has a book repeated on the report this occurs when student re-take tests that they score below 70 percent on, but it is still just one book they read.

hw- none

Friday-LOGIN information for Read theory homework was taped into inside cover of agenda with student login and password to access readtheory.org

complete rskills test for any student who did not finish the rkills test from workshop 2 before Winter Break. selection of book nook for Jan 31st due date.

hw- get student book report signed and returned for class Monday!

New workshop begins Monday!


WEEK of De. 12

Monday- snow day 🙂

Tuesday– Review of vocabulary and readings 1,2,3.

hw- study vocabulary for test tomorrow; re- read Reading 1, 2 for test Friday

Wednesday- Reading inventory! Show us your growth!

If finished- computer rotation, book nook rotation

hw: study vocabulary for test tomorrow; re- read Reading 1, 2, 3 for test Friday

Thursday– vocabulary test; continue Reading Inventory and book nook

hw- review workshop for test tomorrow

Friday- Workshop test!


Week of Dec. 4- Are you using your calendar to complete your homework assignments?  Are you writing your React and Write and Summarizing by re-wording the question in the answer?  Are you capitalizing and punctuating your sentences?  Good, keep it up! 🙂

Monday– Whole group p. 44, Small group p. 45 (graded in synergy)

hw- none

Tuesday- Rotations 2/3 (small group p. 45, graded in synergy)

hw- study vocabulary for Workshop (you have all the words/images/definitions in your binder on green graphic organizer)

Wednesday– Whole group p. 46 (Word Challenge); small group p. 47

hw-study vocabulary for Workshop (you have all the words/images/definitions in your binder on green graphic organizer)

Thursday- Rotations 2/3 (computer/reading nook/small group) sg. p. 46

hw- study vocabulary for Workshop (you have all the words/images/definitions in your binder on green graphic organizer)

Friday- computers/ reading nook/goal setting/ Reading inventory

hw- Workshop vocabulary test 12/14; Summative Workshop test (Reading 1,2, and 3  12/15)


Week of Nov. 28th

Monday- Review of expectations of READ 180. Review of  reading 2 “Mountain on Fire”; discussion on sequencing key words

hw- p. 42 due Wed.

Tuesday- small group p. 41 (sequencing of the Big Blow Up); computer rotation; reading nook (graphic organizer, reading log)

hw- p. 42 due tomorrow

Wednesday- Whole group p. 42 – reading 3 “Hurricanes: The Monster Storms”; comprehension check #3 (graded for synergy average of reading 1,2, and 3); sg p. 43 (sequencing of events)

hw- p. 44 due 12/4

Thursday- rotations 2/3  -computer rotation; reading nook (graphic organizer, reading log)

hw- p. 44 due 12/4

Friday- C day- catch up; goal setting reviewws, fluency practice

hw- p.  44 due 12/4



WEEK OF Nov. 13

BOOK NOOK READING IS DUE 11/17 (turn in reading log, complete graphic organizer, and take reading counts test!)

Monday- Reading 1 comprehension check from homework p. 36

Whole group page 36, fluency practice, SG. p. 37 (sequencing)

hw- p. 38 due Wed.

Tuesday- Rotation 2/3 (sg. p, 37 sequencing)

hw– p. 38 due tomorrow

Wednesday- Whole group Reading 2 comprehension check, fluency practice, SG p. 39 (sequencing)

Thursday- Rotation 2/3 SG. p. 39

Friday-” C” day


Week of November 6-

Monday- Introduction to monthly calendar of classwork and homework.  Workshop 2 begins! “When Disaster Strikes”.  Note-taking on reading skill: Sequencing

hw- p. 36 due 11/13

Tuesday- no school

Wednesday– Intro. vocabulary for Workshop 2 p. 35

hw- p. 36 due 11/13

Thursday– computer rotations/reading nook (graphic organizer/reading log/reading counts test DUE NOV. 17

hw- p. 36 due 11/13

Friday- computer rotations/reading nook (graphic organizer/reading log/reading counts test) DUE NOV. 17

hw- p. 36 DUE MONDAY (be sure react and write/summarize is written on white paper provided in class)


Week of October 30th-

Presentations for immigration project continue through Friday!  We have had some great presentations last week with great interesting facts!

Monday- Take notes on Edgar Allen Poe.  Determine how his ideas in writing impact mood and tone of a story.

Tuesday- Read Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe; Happy Halloween

Wednesday, Thursday/Friday- presentations. computer rotation, reading nook (graphic organizer and reading log)


Immigrant project-

We have been busy for over one week working on an immigrant project.

Students have been working hard each day of early release to work on their immigrant research and paper. The classes are doing very well with finding interesting facts to share with the class.  I can not wait to see the final project presentations!

Project guidelines:

  • Research a famous immigrant, taking notes with the graphic organizer
  • Type or hand write rough draft paragraph (following rubric checklist)
  • edit rough draft (does each sentence beginning vary? use COPS checklist to help you edit
  • type final draft with any changes (paragraph can not be more than 12 point font, double spaced
  • PRINT final draft
  • Begin power point for immigrant presentation (this should have a MAXIMUM of 3 slides and 3 images) The power point should use talking points to refer to while presenting (not sentences) FONT color and size will be discussed for easy reading
  • Practice your presentation (use note cards if necessary.  You will not be reading off power point or paper.  You are sharing your immigrant with the class.  Length, rehearsal and content will be discussed next week!

Week of Oct 23- Discuss rubric for immigrant presentations.  Dress like your famous immigrant, include necessary facts, practice, practice, practice!

Monday Oct. 23 will be last day to work on immigrant project in class.  If you need additional time, please go to Mrs. Hardin’s room during homeroom to work on the project! Sign up for presentation day on Monday, presentations begin Thursday!

Tuesday and Wednesday- READ 180 computer software and independent reading nook

Thursday- presentations begin! Computer software/reading nook rotation

Friday- presentations continue! Computer software/reading nook



HERE for ELLIS ISLAND TOUR- use headphones!



Week of 10/9

Monday- Block 4 began to research and tour Ellis Island.  What did you read?  What did you learn?

Block 5- Finished Ellis Island tour; Introduction to immigrant project.

Tuesday and Wednesday- Select a famous immigrant (from the list) and begin taking notes on the graphic organizer provided.

Thursday- media center to continue taking notes and write a summary of the famous immigrant

Friday- Continue writing rough draft of summary and begin typing into word. (10 sentences minimum)





Week of October 2-6

We have been catching up on a variety of assignments this week before the quarter ends!

  1. Reading Counts tests- finish independent reading book, turn in completed graphic organizer, turn in reading log (yellow sheet) TAKE test on computer.  IF you score a 70% or higher you passed the test!
  2. Complete end of workshop R SKILLS TEST
  3. Computer rotations to finish a computer segment- put your sticker  🙂 on the poster when you have completed an entire segment (reading zone, word zone, spelling zone, writing zone, and success zone)

Workshop ONE- “The New Americans”

Skill:Main idea/details

Week of 9/18-

Monday- review reading 2 for test Wednesday; practice finding main idea and details; “I have who has” vocab. game

hw- test on Workshop One begins Wednesday and will continue Thursday for extended time

Review for test: vocabulary terms; School  Before Soccer (reading 1), Fitting In (reading 2), Immigration Boom (reading 3)

Tuesday- review of reading 3; “I Have Who Has” game

hw- test tomorrow; Review for test: vocabulary terms; School  Before Soccer (reading 1), Fitting In (reading 2), Immigration Boom (reading 3)

Wednesday – Summative Assessment Workshop One

hw- none

Thursday-Summative Assessment Workshop One continued

Friday- if needed 20 minutes to finish test (extended time); computer and reading nook

hw- Happy September break 🙂


Week of 9/13- 9/16- WORKSHOP ONE TEST begins Sept. 20


Wednesday- Whole group- Word Challenge p. 20/ sg. p. 21 Synonyms/antonyms

hw- finish study guide for vocabulary of workshop.  You must be able to use the words correctly in a sentence. (context clues)

Thursday– R2/R3 (sg. p. 21) Synonyms/antonyms

hw- study vocabulary

Friday– finish any work on Reading 2 or Reading 3/computers/reading nook (graphic organizer and reading log needs to be updated!)

hw- re-read Reading 1- School Before Soccer!


Week of Sept. 5-8

Monday- NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday— Whole group lesson “The New Immigration Boom!” p. 16-17; Rotation 1 (Sg. p. 17)

Wednesday- Reading Comp. ticket for reading 2;   Rotation 2/3 (sg. p. 17)

ThursdaySTUDY guide for vocabulary handed it!  Write your own sentence to be sure you can apply the definition to the word.

Whole group Lesson (reading 3 cont’d “The New Immigration Boom!) p. 18-19; Rotation 1 (sg. p. 18)

hw- begin study 10 vocabulary words (study guide handed out)

Friday– Rotation 2/3 (sg. p. 19)

hw- study vocabulary for workshop one!




Week of 8/28-Sept. 1- Workshop One/Skill: Main Idea and Details

Monday– Media Center Destiny lesson with Mrs. Baker; book checkout

hw- none

Tuesday– Comprehension check- Freddy Adu

Whole group lesson “Fitting In” p. 12; Rotation 1 (small group p. 13)


Wednesday Rotation 2 or 3 (small group p. 13)

Thursday- Whole group lesson p. 14; Rotation 1  (small group p. 15- Main Idea and Details organizer)

Friday- Rotation 2 or 3 (small group p. 15)

hw- review workshop vocabulary


Week of 8/21-8/25

Monday- Eclipse Schedule- There is no make up work

Tuesday- Whole group p. 10 “School Before Soccer”; Rotation 1 (small group p. 11- Main Idea/Details)

Wednesday- Rotation 2/3(small group p. 11- Main Idea/Details)

Thursday– Quiz on What do we do in Read 180?  Finish vocabulary p. 9 (if needed)- grades are in Synergy for those who have completed.  Remember capitalization/punctuation is graded.

Friday– finish p. 9-11 if needed; computers/reading nook



Week of 8/14-8/18


SKILL- main idea/details/fluency

Monday- Begin whole group instruction p. 10 (fluency/main idea); Rotation 1 (small group. p. 11)

hw- none

Tuesday- Rotation 2 (small group p. 11, computers OR reading nook); Rotation 3 (small group page 11, computers, OR reading nook)

Wednesday- WHOLE GRoup instruction p. 12 (fluency/main idea); Rotation 1 (small group p. 13)

Thursday– Rotation 2 (small group p. 13, computers OR reading nook); Rotation 3 (small group page 13, computers, OR reading nook-

Friday- Computers or reading nook, student goal  setting and checking


Welcome to Durham! So much to see around the building, so many new faces!

This week…...

I can’t wait to get to know each of you! Monday we will start learning about one another. You will bring home the Cobb County folder with forms to return and your Durham agenda. By the end of the week we will understand our own study habits and determine the best was to prepare to study for middle school! But most exciting for you… LOCKER day is on FRIDAY!. Bring back your forms ASAP to get your locker assignment!

So get ready— because here we go!