Week of 9.17

AGENDA…. MON/TUES:  Continue working on rough draft/review rubric/review timeline posted to blog/check agenda for due dates WED:  Pe [...]

Update to blog – Springboard Login “PAGE” added

Please use the Springboard Login “Page” for easy access to our class book [...]

Language Review Monthly Activity – TIMELINE

The following are checkpoints for the above assignment: Weeks 1 & 2 will be checked 9.14 Weeks 3 & 4 will be checked 10.5 – AS [...]

Narrative Writing Summative Assessment TIME LINE & INFO

We are currently working on our Narrative Writing Summative Assessment The due date for this assignment will be October 5      ALSO DUE O [...]

Addition to Class/School Announcements

Please check this page for an updated announcement regarding student absences   [...]

Week of 9.10

AGENDA…. MON:  Continue with the personal narrative pre-write – Review dialogue quiz results and incident/response/reflections [...]

Week of 9.4.18

  AGENDA…. MON:  HOLIDAY TUES:  Dialogue practice/Language Review concepts activity – students will receive a sheet with [...]

Week of 8.27

AGENDA…. MON:  Read “Flipped” /Mark Text/focus on how author develops characters/point of view/answer text dependent que [...]

Week of 8.20

    AGENDA…. MON:  The Circuit – Sequence of Events Table/Review Narrative elements -Dialogue/Sequencing/Conflict/Set [...]

Week of 8.13

This week we began working in our Springboard books.  The students will leave these books in the classroom. HOMEWORK:  Please know that ho [...]
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