December 6



MONDAY:  1)  Go over electricity quiz

2)  Stamp and go over Unit 2 of exam review sheet

3)  Stamp for Ohm Zone lab

4)  Notes on equivalent resistance and electrical power

5)  Work some ER problems together

TUESDAY:  1)  Video:  Magnetism and E & M with questions

2)  Circuit worksheet

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over units 1 and 3 of exam review

2)  Stamp and go over remaining problems on equivalent resistance worksheet

3)  Go over circuit worksheet from yesterday – front side

THURSDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over unit 4 exam review

2)  Stamp and go over back side of circuit worksheet

3)  Discuss electrical safety and magnetism

4)  Review for ER quiz

FRIDAY:  1)  Equivalent Resistance quiz

2)  Stamp and go over Review sheet



MONDAY:  Exam Review – unit 1 (including definitions) / Finish equivalent resistance worksheet

TUESDAY:  Exam Review – unit 3 ( including definitions) / finish circuit worksheet

WEDNESDAY:  Exam Review – unit 4 ( including definitions) / Back side of circuit worksheet

THURSDAY:  Study for equivalent resistance quiz / complete worksheet for practice for quiz

FRIDAY:  Unit 5 and unit 7 of exam review for Monday / study for electricity and magnetism test

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