April 9



MONDAY:  1)  Go over Energy Test from Friday

2)  Go over schoology quiz on Intro to Waves

3)  Wiggler lab

TUESDAY:  1)  Complete and go over wiggler lab

2)  Go over intro to waves notes

3)  Longitude and Transverse wave worksheet

4) Drawing waves worksheet

WEDNESDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over  remediation practice

2)  Stamp and go over drawing waves worksheet

3)  Give out vocab list

4)  Wave problem worksheet

5)  Work on flash cards if time permits

THURSDAY:  1)  Stamp and go over wave problem worksheet

2)  Demo’s: Beat frequencies, shatter glass (resonance), human hearing

3)  Review for content quiz tomorrow

4)  Energy Remediation Quiz

FRIDAY:  1)  Go over behavior of waves schoology quiz

2)  Go over behavior of waves power point notes

3)  Characteristics of Waves quiz



MONDAY:  Finish lab calculations on Wiggler (Resonance Lab)

TUESDAY:  Energy Remediation practice worksheet / Finish drawing waves worksheet from class

WEDNESDAY:  Remediation quiz tomorrow / Wave behavior video, note taking guide and quiz due by Friday 8:20 am

THURSDAY:  Study for content quiz tomorrow – characteristics of waves

FRIDAY:  Study flash cards

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